Watch Amazon Prime from abroad

Amazon Prime is the fantastic product of and it is getting more and more popular for each day passing by. Back in 2013 they already had more than 10 million subscribers, and that is a number rapidly growing. It is still not as popular as Netflix, but it is still great and in many ways far better than Netflix.

I will divide this article into three parts.

Watching Amazon Instant Videos from abroad?
Before continuing, if you are here and you want to find information on how you can watch Amazon Instant Videos from abroad, I recommend that you read this article that I have written on the topic instead!

Watch Amazon Prime from abroad

How to watch Amazon Prime from abroad?

Most people with a registered Amazon Prime account lives in the United States. In other words, it is very likely that those of you reading this article are Americans with an Amazon Prime account currently located in another nation of the world. There are also people with Prime accounts in Austria, in the United Kingdom, Germany and Ireland, so this information will also be valid for you, telling you how to watch Amazon Prime from abroad.

Why can’t I watch Prime abroad?

As you subscribe to Amazon Prime in a nation, let us say the United States, you get access to all movies, series, music and services included in the Amazon Prime provided by This is a product available in the United States, but if you live in for example Spain you will not even be able to sign up for Amazon Prime, because it is unavailable in the nation.

Therefore as you go on a holiday to for example Spain and want to watch Big Bang Theory or maybe a good film on your Amazon Prime account you will not be able to do so, because of copyright regulations. Amazon Prime only has the rights to broadcast products included in the Prime subscription to people located in the United States, so as you go abroad, you will loose those rights, even if you have a valid subscription. What a pity, huh? One of the screenshots below will show you what you might see if you try to watch Amazon Prime overseas.

Location restriction (1005)

This video isn’t available due to geographical licensing restrictions. For more details, please refer to Amazon Instant Video Terms of Use.

Service Area Restriction

Service Area Restriction on Amazon Prime – If you see this message read on to find out how to get rid of it!


This is what can be read on the Amazon Prime website concerning watching Amazon Prime from outside the United States.
Due to licensing agreements, you must be located in the U.S. or Puerto Rico (with a billing address and payment method from the U.S. or Puerto Rico) to stream Prime titles.

What can be done to fix this problem and still to be able to watch Amazon Prime and enjoy your current subscription?

The solution is to get yourself an American IP address (or a German, Austrian, Irish or UK, all based on in which nation you have a subscription. An IP address is your virtual address, and it will tell any website where you are currently located. As you visit the Amazon website they will control your location, and if you are outside the nation in which you have a subscription, you will see an error message like the one mentioned earlier. The solution is therefore to get an IP address in the nation in which you have an account, and luckily that is very easy to get!

Get a new IP address and watch Amazon Prime from abroad

To get yourself a new IP address and to watch Amazon Prime or Amazon Instant Videos the solution is to use the VPN services of PureVPN. This is a great service and what they do is that once you subscribe to their services they will let you connect to their servers located worldwide. As you connect to a server in the UK your online traffic and movements will be made through that server, making it look as if it origins in the United Kingdom, and not as where you are currently at. In other words, if you connect to a server in the United States, you will get yourself an American IP address, and thus you will be able to “trick” Amazon Prime, and you will be able to enjoy your Amazon Prime subscription at once!Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

So, visit the PureVPN website, sign up for one month, six months or for a year, download their client and connect to a server in either the United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany or Austria, and enjoy your Amazon Prime subscription in a few minutes.

7 day full refund policy
If you are not satisfied with PureVPN, or it for some reason should not work, they do have a seven day full refund policy, meaning that there is no risk at all in trying their services. The refund is only valid if you have used less than 3  GB of bandwidth.

A little video from YouTube showing how you can watch Amazon Prime with PureVPN

How to get an Amazon Prime account if you live in a nation where it is unavailable?

I will not write a very long answer to this one, because it is very easy and the principle is the same as when you want to watch your Amazon Prime account from abroad. All you need to do is to get yourself an American IP address, which you can easily get using PureVPN. Then you create a new profile and as you then visit with your new profile and with your American IP address (that you will get as you connect to a US server using PureVPN) you can sign up for Amazon Prime at once. Make sure to enter a US address on your profile (if you do not have one, just do a search for Walmart Los Angeles, Marriott New York or whatever, and just use that address information). As a payment card it seems to me as if you can use just any VISA or MasterCard, so it is not required that it should be an American card. Visit PureVPN website(big discounts available right now)

Once you have succeeded in signing up, just start watching Amazon Prime at once, and do not forget that you need to use the VPN connection in the future as well every time you want to watch your Amazon Prime subscription.

Why is Amazon Prime such a good service?

You may ask why sign up for Amazon Prime when there are lots of other good streaming services available online such as Netflix, Hulu and services provided by Google and Apple. The answer is easy! Amazon Prime is great, they have lots of new titles and TV series (making it much fresher than for example Netflix). In addition they will let you stream music as well, making it work kind of like Spotify, but you do not need an extra subscription for this to work. So it is both a music and a video streaming services at one.

Brand new from September 2015 is that you as a Prime subscriber can download the films to your devices (not to Windows) and watch the film offline which is totally awesome and that is a function that beats a knockout on for example Netflix!

Besides these facts you will also get the right to upload unlimited photos as you subscribe to Amazon Prime, and thus store your images and photos online. You also have a two-day shipping for free policy and last, but not least, you will get access to lots of books and materials online for free in the Amazon library. For this to work you need to have a Kindle and then you can download one book for free a month.

I guess you are in a hurry already to sign up for Amazon Prime already if you do not have an account yet. Have fun and enjoy watching Amazon Prime from abroad!

28 thoughts on “Watch Amazon Prime from abroad

  1. Christine

    I have a UK IP address as I live in Wales. I will be travelling next week, first to China then Australia and Singapore. I planned to start the Amazon Prime free trial before I leave so I can watch TV and movies on my iPad2 on my travels. I have read several reports today about Amazon Prime (and Netflix) and this does not seem to be possible. Most posts advise that a USA IP address be created. Is this necessary for me? Please can you advise this aged pensioner with little technical savvy …… or should I just return the pricey new earphones I have just bought to enable me to watch my iPad with no outside interference!

    Thanks – Christine

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      Hello! It is correct that you need an IP address in the USA for Amazon Prime to work abroad. But, that is quite easy to get, so you can really just follow the instructions in the article above and made a HideMyAss subscription, as this will help you wherever you are in the world to get an American IP address, which will make it possible for you to watch Amazon Prime when in China, Australia and Singapore.

      Enjoy your travel and enjoy watching Amazon Prime abroad!

  2. Christine

    Thanks, Christine. I will do some more research on this and see just how complicated it is (and if it is costly) and I can always access Amazon Prime on my travels.

    Regards – Christine

  3. Reed

    Hello! – Two-part question for you:
    1) What if I want to watch via my PS3? Would the VPN still work or does it need to be run from a PC?
    2) Is there a way to toggle on and off the VPN service? I would only want it in place when actually using Amazon Prime Streaming.

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      Hello! The VPN would work, but to watch it on PS3 is a bit complicated, because you will then need to change your router to make sure that all traffic sent through it is using the VPN connection. Or you can use a Windows computer and share the VPN connection used in Windows, and setup your PS3 to use that connection, but that is also a bit complicated. If you use it on iOS, Windows or Android you simply connect when you want to use it, and when you are finished watching you disconnect from the VPN server. In that way you only use the VPN to watch Amazon Prime Streaming.

  4. alicycing


    I am a Prime UK customer and am jealous of the the various movies that can be viewed on the US Prime site. Can I ‘toggle’ my membership between the two using a VPN, like HideMyAss if I have a UK account but use a US server? I have seen this being done successfully on Netflix before.


    1. Christine Wilson Post author


      unfortunately Prime does not work like Netflix where this actually works. With Prime you will need a different subscription for the different nations, so if you want to enjoy Amazon Prime in the States you will have to register over again in the States and buy a Prime membership there (and of course use the VPN service like HideMyAss to get an American IP address for this to work in the UK).

  5. Susan platt

    Good day I have a English fire stick but I am visiting France for 1 month will I need a new IP address and do I have to register my account in France for the month

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      Do you have a UK Fire Stick and a UK user that you want to use in France? Do I understand it correctly?

  6. ted

    Dumb question, but…

    I’m in the US with a US Amazon Prime membership. We want to stream something that’s available on Amazon Prime UK.
    I’ll need to get a separate Amazon Prime account in the UK (i.e. pay another $99 or so) and then stream using VPN?

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      Not at all a dumb question, but all honor to you, because you have understood it completely! So yes, you will need a separate UK Amazon Prime subscription and a local IP address in the UK for this to work. But, do not forget that the first thirty days of your Amazon Prime trial is free, so if you watch whatever you want within thirty days, then you can cancel your subscription afterwards. More about UK Prime abroad in this article:

  7. Rupesh

    I live in Singapore. If I change IP Will it affect my current local subscriptions?

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      No, it will not, but while you use the VPN to get a new IP address in another country you might not be able to visit all websites in Singapore which blocks content to people at other locations. But, to fix that again simply disconnect your VPN connection!

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      That is why I recommend that you follow these instructions and you will be able to watch access to Amazin Instant Videos, also in Ireland. You can use the described method both to watch Instant Videos in England and in USA and in Germany and so on!

  8. Robin Clarke

    I live in Australia, and want to use Amazon prime for some movies, on my smart to, and notice that we do not have Amazon Prime. What do I have to do

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      Hello! First you need to get yourself a subscription to PureVPN, as described in the article. Then you create an Amazon account at registered with an American address. Use PureVPN then to get an American IP address. You can then log in with your “American Amazon account”, buy an Amazon Prime subscription and start watching. You can also use PureVPN to get AMazon Prime on your Android, iOS and also on Smart TVs that support Amazon Video.

      1. Romayne


        You have written so well on this Amazon Prime viewing from abroad, but would you be willing to tell me what to do, Step 1, Step 2, etc.? I just arrived in Paris yesterday for 7 weeks. I am barely still under the 30 day trial period with Amazon Prime. I only have time for movie watching in the summer with my work/responsibility load in the year. I spoke with Amazon about the Family access on the same account. They told me when I was in France to set that up with my husband. He watches movies all the time online, so it would have been a wonderful pleasure for him.

        On this PureVPN, getting an American IP address, etc….my first question is, is this completely legal? My second question is, isn’t my IP address on my devices already American IP address since that’s why I live most of the year, purchased the devices, took the Amazon Prime account, etc.

        When I signed up for Amazon Prime, I did not find the customer service up to snuff on all this. They just seemed to read from the site as I could do. I need somebody to tell me, do this, then that.

        I would continue the subscription but don’t know how to navigate the adding my husband to my account, coupled with this new discovery of can’t watch the blasted movies out of the US anyway. I am tired from the year’s responsibilities and would be so grateful to have precise, easy step by step directions for my MBP, iPad, as well as my husbands MBP and iPad, where he resides regularly in France.

        I went a “complaint” email to Amazon about the poor explanation on the setting up the Family thing and received an email with very kind words like “give us another chance”, with the same links I had read on my own before and which other people working for Amazon had directed me to.

        Ok…I’m long winded…sorry..

        1. Christine Wilson Post author

          Hello, that was an awfully long question, and to be honest I have not really try the family thing yet, but here I will try to answer you quickly!

          – To use a VPN is completely legal and it is the most popular way available to secure your Internet connection. It might not have been made for the purpose of bypassing geo-blocks like this, but it can also be used for this purpose.

          – It is possible to connect two Amazon account (if you have different accounts with your husband) and share your Prime subscription. Or, you can simply use the same account (easier). It might be that it want work if you both try to watch at once, but not sure about that.

          – Really, get yourself a subscription to PureVPN, download their client for iPad and MBP (or Windows). Connect to a server in the United States and you will be ready to watch Amazon Instant Videos, also in France.

          Your IP address simply shows your present location, so it has nothing to do with your actual Amazon account to do.

  9. trinigirl

    Hi I live in Trinidad.
    How can I change my Panasonic Blu Ray player?

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      I don’t think I really understand the question 🙂

  10. Hans

    I live in Europe and I have been able to use Prim e in the US through cyber ghost (a different VPN provider), but not I get one of the messages you showed in the description….
    Do you have any idea why?
    I cannot login to my netflix account either 🙁
    Is there a reason you recommend purevpn?

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      I recommend PureVPN due to its large amount of servers, good speeds and because they have some of the lowest VPN prices on the market. It might be that Amazon Prime has started to block CyberGhost and that is causing the message. And they are probably blocked by Netflix as well. PureVPN can help you get access to Netflix in some nations and they can also help you get access to Amazon Prime when abroad!

  11. Jeff

    Hi I live in Australia.

    I use HMA (a VPN service provider).

    I don’t think Amazon accepts credit cards issued by banks in Australia. Am I right?

    How can I pay for my purchase of gift card from Amazon, please?

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      Hello! If I remember correct you can use your Australian bank card to pay for gift cards, but a Prime subscription and more, but Amazon will not let you pay for Instant Films with your Australian Card….


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