Have you tried the mini-projectors available at Amazon?

Are you in the mood for watching a good Prime movie on your wall tonight? Why not purchase a mini-projector which will turn your room into a cinema? Maybe you haven’t even heard about mini-projectors, but keep on reading to find out more about what it is. You do not have to be very smart to understand that a mini-projector is a small projector. So yes, it is smaller than… Read More »

Can I watch Netflix original content on Amazon?

Netflix and Amazon are great rivals fighting for every single customer. They are the giants in the streaming world, and it makes the question very interesting: “Can I watch Netflix original content on Amazon?” Have you ever been to a restaurant where you could choose between Pepsi Cola and Coca-Cola? The answer is probably no. The reason is simply, because when a restaurant makes an agreement with one brand, they… Read More »

Rent and buy Trolls on Amazon

Feel like streaming Trolls online at Amazon.com tonight? Wonder how to rent and stream the movie outside the United States? It is easy! Trolls is the name of the 2016 animation movie from Dreamworks. This is a company with a strong name in the animated movie business, and that is why the expectations were high as Trolls came to the theaters back in 2016. The reception has been quite mixed,… Read More »

Free books with Amazon Prime in February 2017

I just write about new books available with Prime Reading, but do not forget that every month you also get to choose from six books which you can download and own for free with your Prime subscription. While you only borrow books on Prime Reading, you can download one free book and own it for a lifetime with your Amazon Prime subscription. Every month you can choose between six books,… Read More »

New titles on Prime Reading

Most people sign up for Amazon Prime because of the videos and TV series. I agree to that, but since the launching of Prime Reading that has turned into one of my favorite parts of Prime Reading as well. I have already read quite a lot of books that was “given” to me for free with my Amazon Prime account, and in February even more great books were added. The… Read More »

24: Legacy is now on Amazon.com

We did not have to wait for a long time before 24: Legacy came to Amazon.com. If you want to watch the newest episode and the new season, but it and watch it as an Instant Video on Amazon.com right away! The 24: Legacy premiere took place on Fox just after the Super Bowl on February 5th. I did not look so much forward to the Super Bowl, but I… Read More »

Coming to Amazon Instant Video in February 2017

I have already written about what’s coming to Amazon Prime in February 2017. But, what movies and TV series will be made available on Amazon Instant Video? Maybe you wonder what the difference is between Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime? The answer is easy. With Amazon Prime content you can stream it for free since it is included in your subscription. New content is however to “hot” to include… Read More »