A Kindle Paperwhite (300 ppi review)

Black Friday is just history and I just got my hands on the brand new Kindle Paperwhite with a 300 ppi resolution. Since I normally use the cheapest Kindle I was curious to see whether I would want to change to the better one, to the Kindle Paperwhite 300 ppi, and now after testing the better Kindle for some moments I have made up my mind! There is also the… Read More »

Learn to cook on Amazon.com

Are you looking for an online cooking class in which you can actually look at a chef and listen to teaching on how to cook? Would you like to learn about different cooking methods, see them used in action and get a thorough introduction that will help you turn into a better chef? The solution is: “The Everyday Gourmet: Rediscovering the Lost Art of Cooking.” What I just described is… Read More »

Giant discounts on Fire tablets, Kindle’s and more!

Black Friday has come upon us and Amazon.com is celebrating this with giant discounts on their own electronic products. So, if you have been considering buying a Fire TV Stick, a Fire TV, a Fire Tablet, a Kindle or some similar product, then this is the day and this is the hour! These discounts are not only available on Amazon.com, but also on Amazon.de and Amazon.co.uk, so press the links,… Read More »

Watch Wishenpoof on Amazon

Wishenpoof is a children TV series produced for Amazon.com, meaning that you can only watch it on Amazon.com. The first season is online at the moment, and in it you will get to know Bianca, a girl who can make wishes come true. This is a really nice TV series and it is very fun, because if you have seen any of my YouTube videos about Netflix, then you might… Read More »

Watch Blindspot on Amazon Instant Video

If you like TV series with action, but without brutal violence and lots of sex, then Blindspot might be the TV series you are looking for. It first aired in the autumn of 2015 on NBC and turned into an immediate success. Now you can watch single episodes or buy rights to watch full seasons of Blindspot on Amazon.com. I must admit that Blindspot has turned into one of my… Read More »

Watch Dinosaur Train on Amazon Prime

This morning I looked for a children program on Amazon Prime and then I discovered that I could watch Dinosaur Train! If you buy the episodes one by one they cost either 2USD or 3 USD, but since I have a Prime subscription I can enjoy them for free, included in the package. In the Dinosaur train we meet the dinosaur family who frequently travels around the world, on the… Read More »

Best routers on Amazon.com

Would you like to buy a router on Amazon.com? Are you looking for a good router to use? Here are some suggestions for routers than you can buy on Amazon and that will be useful for you! Most people have a router at home which they use to spread the WiFi signal throughout the flat or house. This is very useful, but there are of course differences between the routers… Read More »

Shaun the Sheep: The Farmers Llamas on Amazon Prime

I was so happy to see here the other day that Shaun the Sheep has arrived to Amazon.com and to Amazon Prime, and not the standard episodes, but parts made especially and specifically for Amazon Prime. In other words, episodes that you can not see elsewhere, but only on Amazon.com. You can of course watch the normal Shaun the Sheep seasons on Amazon.com as well, but now you can also… Read More »

While We’re Young on Amazon Prime

While We´re Young is an American comedy and drama movie which was released in 2014 and it was directed, produced and also written by Noah Baumbach. The main characters of the movie are Ben Stiller, Naomi Watts, Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried. The story of the movie follows a couple, who makes friends with a younger couple in their mid 20s. You can now watch this film on Amazon.com and… Read More »

Can I buy Organo Gold products at Amazon.com?

Would you like to drink the best tea and coffee on the market? Would you like to buy some Organo Gold products, but you would rather buy it from somewhere else than the actual Organo Gold website? Wondering if it could be possible to buy Gourmet Black Coffee, Gourmet Black Mocca, Hot Chocolate, the Organo Gold red, green and black teas and more online on Amazon? The answer is yes…… Read More »