Watch Jurassic World on!

Jurassic World is the latest film in the Jurassic World series and I remember watching it in cinema. I was not a big fan of the previous films and had little to no expectations to this film, but in the end as I left the cinema I realized that I had in fact quite enjoyed the last two hours of my life watching Jurassic World! Would you like to watch… Read More »

Is there an Amazon Global store?

Would you like to shop from but the goods you are looking for are not available? Are you looking for products that can be sent to your location right now? Is there such as thing as a global Amazon store? Yes there is, and if you want to do some shopping in the Amazon Global store then all you have to do is to press this link. That link… Read More »

Watch About Time on

About Time is the romantic comedy in which you can follow a family of guys with a special ability; they can travel in time. In the main role you can find Bill Nighy (also known from Love Actually) playing the dad of Tim (played by Domhnall Gleeson) and Rachel McAdams playing the beautiful young lady to whom Tim is very much attracted. If you want to watch About Time then… Read More »

Watch The Player on

The Player is the name of a brand new TV series produced by NBC, and it is one cool thing to watch. So far I have just watched the opening episode, but I am already looking forward to watching the second episode, and that says it all. Since it is autumn I do watch a lot of TV and premieres, and based on the first episode I normally decide whether… Read More »

Watch The Blacklist on Amazon Instant Video

The Blacklist is the TV series telling the story about Raymond Reddington, a most wanted fugitive, and Elizabeth Keen, a profiler who works for the FBI. Their stories are connected as Raymond Reddington walks into FBI to surrender himself, but he will only speak with Elizabeth Keen, for some reason! The Blacklist has turned into one of the most popular TV series produced by NBC and James Spader playing Raymond… Read More »

How to watch Amazon Prime and Instant Videos in Europe?

There are some nations in Europe in which you can find an Amazon store with Instant Videos and also Prime subscriptions available, but what can you do if you want a Prime subscription or watch an Amazon Instant Video, but it is unavailable in your nation? Maybe you are located in Spain, in France, in Portugal, in Greece, in Hungary, in Romania, in Poland, in Czech Republic or maybe in… Read More »

Major Amazon Prime discount – Today only!

Are you considering getting yourself an Amazon Prime subscription? Hesitate no longer, but get one today! Normally the price is 100 USD for one year with Amazon Prime, but today only you can get a subscription paying only 67 USD. That is a major discount, and very uncommon, so use the chance today to get your Amazon Prime membership! If you are located outside the United States and wonder how… Read More »

Watch Spy on Amazon Instant Video

Do you like a good spy film and even better if it is a crazy comedy at the same time? Watch Spy, a film with Jude Law, Jasom Stathom and Melissa McCarthy. In this film rumors are spread that someone is leaking intelligence to the wrong guys, and that is why all undercover spies are well known by the enemy. To still send out someone to find the bad guys… Read More »

UK Prime abroad?

Do you have an Amazon Prime account in the United Kingdom? Are you currently out traveling and had planned to watch an episode of Transparent or maybe a good film included in your Amazon Prime subscription, but now you are not allowed because you are abroad. Or maybe you live outside the UK and want to gain access to UK Prime for the first time? What can be done? The… Read More »

Watch Cinderella on Amazon Instant Video

You have probably seen the original Cinderella film sometime and if you liked it, you should take a look at the new version of Cinderella which was in cinemas worldwide in the start of 2015. If you want to read more about the film, just read on, or head over to to watch the film there immediately. In Cinederella we can follow the patient, loving and kind Cinderella who… Read More »