I Love Dick coming to Amazon on May 12th 2017

There are lots of great TV series coming from Amazon and one of the most anticipated TV series at the moment is I Love Dick which will premiere at May 12th 2017. I Love Dick tells the story about a couple moving to Texas. Their lives are not at all perfect and in their not so perfect marriage even more trouble comes as Dick arrives (played by Kevin Bacon). If… Read More »

Can’t renew my Amazon Prime subscription with Gift Card balance. What to do?

There is a normal problem on Amazon that people want to pay for services with their international cards, but can not. Amazon will often only let you pay for services with a US based payment card. When you do an international purchase of a book or maybe a DVD this doesn’t really matter. You can pay with cards from all across the world. But, if you want to rent a… Read More »

Prime Video vs Amazon Prime?

What is the difference between Prime Video and Amazon Prime? Which service is the best for you? Everything there is to know about Prime Video vs Amazon Prime? If you have a lot of insight on the topic of Amazon Prime vs Prime Video, then you might know already that there are some big differences. The biggest difference is the fact that Prime Video is supposed to be a service… Read More »

Get ready for the Joshua Tree tour with U2 in 2017

On January 5th the Joshue Tree tour from U2 was announced. This is a fantastic tour celebrating the 30 year anniversary for their album named Joshua Tree. During the tour they will visit lots of cities in the United States and around 10 cities in Europe. Now, if you want to get prepared for this tour and for one or more of the U2 concerts in 2017 then there is… Read More »

Do not forget about your free Prime book in January

With a new month comes free books for Amazon Prime members. This is not the same as Prime Reading where you can borrow free books (up to ten books at the time). Have you checked out the free Prime books for January? Have you decided which one to download yourself? If you have a Kindle it is brilliant that you can get a book for free every single month. You… Read More »

Now you can watch Cafe Society on Amazon Prime

Cafe Society is the newest Woody Allen movie and you can now watch it for free with you Amazon Prime subscription in the United States. The movie was on the list of new titles coming to Amazon Prime in December 2016. Since then lots of new movies and TV series arrived in the start of January 2017, but unfortunately there were not lots of great titles among the newcomers. But,… Read More »

Coming to Amazon Prime in January 2016

Are you wondering what will come to Amazon Prime in January 2017? Not much! But, there will be some great Amazon original series coming with new seasons! Here you can find the complete list of content that will come to Amazon Prime in January 2017. TV series coming to Amazon Prime in January 2017 We’re Going on a Bear Hunt 1 Sneaky Pete *(AMAZON ORIGINAL) 1 Just Add Magic *(AMAZON… Read More »

Last chance to do your Christmas shopping!

It is December 21st, which means you only have a few more days to finish your Christmas shopping in 2016. Are you ready? Or do you still have shopping left to do? As you might know Amazon is one of the biggest stores in the world and you can find almost anything at Amazon.com (or at Amazon.de, Amazon.co.uk or one of the other Amazon stores). The only challenge is to… Read More »

Now is the time to watch Star Wars: New Hope on Amazon

After watching Star Wars: Rogue One in cinema my most important urge afterwards was to watch Star Wars: A New Hope again. If you have seen Rogue One I believe you will have the same urge! It was an incredible experience to sit in the cinema and watch Star Wars: Rogue One. I will not spoil anything of the story, but there is little doubt that it was a fantastic… Read More »