UK Prime abroad?

Do you have an Amazon Prime account in the United Kingdom? Are you currently out traveling and had planned to watch an episode of Transparent or maybe a good film included in your Amazon Prime subscription, but now you are not allowed because you are abroad. Or maybe you live outside the UK and want to gain access to UK Prime for the first time? What can be done? The… Read More »

Watch Cinderella on Amazon Instant Video

You have probably seen the original Cinderella film sometime and if you liked it, you should take a look at the new version of Cinderella which was in cinemas worldwide in the start of 2015. If you want to read more about the film, just read on, or head over to to watch the film there immediately. In Cinederella we can follow the patient, loving and kind Cinderella who… Read More »

Watch The Book Thief on Amazon Instant Video

The Book Thief is a fantastic story about a girl who is adopted into a loving family during the Second World War. This is when she learns how to read and her reading and love for books will make a great impact on her throughout her entire life. I have not yet seen The Book Thief myself, but I have had the film recommended several times from family members, so… Read More »

Watch Some Kind of Beautiful on Amazon Instant Video

A brand new film has been made available on Amazon Instant Video and the title is Some Kind of Beautiful and it is starring Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba. The film is a real standard, but still funny and romantic comedy, where Pierce Brosnan is the guy who simply never wants to get married but who only wants to enjoy life and enjoy all the girls the planet… Read More »

Watch Age Of Ultron on Amazon Instant Video

On September 8 The Avengers: Age Of Ultron will be made available online in HD on Amazon Instant Video, so if you are longing to watch this great upcoming film, or maybe you saw it in cinema and would like to watch it over again in your home as well, then this is your great chance. In Age of Ultron you can meet all your favorite super heroes again as… Read More »

Watch She’s Funny That Way online on Amazon Instant Video

The film was in cinemas only a few months ago, and you can now already watch She’s Funny That Way online on as an Amazon Instant Video. It is easy to watch this online from all across the world, just read the following article how you can get started and watch She’s Funny That Way online in a few minutes from now. In She’s Funny That Way you can… Read More »

Watch The Age Of Adaline on

I remember watching The Age Of Adaline in the cinemas earlier this year, and it was a really nice film. It was romantic and had a nice story, so one of my favorites, but I would rather watch The Longest Ride, which is a similar category film, though totally different if the goal was a very romantic film. In The Age Of Adaline we meet a lade who has stopped… Read More »

Watch Aloha online on Amazon Instant Video

Aloha is a romantic comedy with lots of famous actors playing, for example Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone and Rachel McAdams. I have not yet seen it, but it has now been placed on my list of films to watch, because it seems like a film that I might in fact like. If you have not yet heard about the film, then I suggest that you take a look at the… Read More »