Child 44 on Amazon Instant Video

I remember seeing the trailers for Child 44 in cinemas earlier and thought that this could be a really interesting film to watch. At the same time I felt a disgust, because it is a brutal film (kind of) and as a parent I do not really enjoy such films. So what is the truth? I have still not watched Child 44, but maybe the time is here to see… Read More »

The Longest Ride on Amazon Instant Video

The Longest Ride is what I would call a fantastic film. The film share a lot of stuff with for example The Notebook, another of my favorite films, but somehow I liked this film a whole lot more. It is simply romantic and a really nice film to watch. In the film you can follow the couple who are really in love with one another, but as the guy loves… Read More »

How to change nation of my Amazon Fire TV (Stick)?

As I bought my Amazon Fire TV Stick I had an Amazon account in the US with an Amazon Prime account connected to it. Then just out of curiosity I wondered if I could change the nation of my Fire TV Stick so that I could enjoy the UK version instead with UK Prime possibilities and the UK apps made available. How did my research go? At the Amazon help… Read More »

Can I sideload BBC and other UK apps to US registered Fire TV Stick?

If you have a Fire TV Stick which is registered to your American Amazon account, you will also see apps related to the United States available inside the Fire TV Stick menu system. But, we all know that if you have the Fire TV Stick and the user registered in the UK, then you will see different apps connected to the UK available (such as BBC and more). But, if… Read More »

Watch Veep on Amazon Prime

As you may have noticed Amazon Prime in the USA is broadcasting most of the HBO TV series available, and as a result of this good partnership you can watch the different Veep seasons for free as an Amazon Prime member. But what is Veep about? Is it worth spending my time watching this show? In the main role you can find Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who we better know as Elaine… Read More »

Hot content available to UK Prime members

Normally all the articles here deal with what is happening at the US Amazon Prime, so that is why I thought it was about time to write a short article on some of the hot stuff available online to UK Prime members. After all, there are lots of goodies available to Amazon Prime members in the UK which are unavailable to members in the USA. Not long ago I read… Read More »

Can I use my UK Prime subscription to watch US Prime content?

The question at hand might seem like stupidity to many people out there, but this is a question that is very understandable if you have been working and using Netflix for a while. Because with one Netflix subscription you can easily watch Netflix in both the USA and in the UK, it is all a matter of your current IP address. In other words, if you have an American IP… Read More »