Watch Katy Perry and Prismatic on Amazon Prime

If you are a fan of Katy Perry then you would probably love to watch her latest show on Amazon Prime. That is why I am happy to tell you that Katy Perry: Prismatic has just been made available to Prime members, meaning that you can watch it for free with your current Amazon Prime membership. This is a show lasting for about two hours and according to the official… Read More »

Setup your router for Amazon Fire TV Stick!

If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, but live in a nation where you can not watch Amazon Instant Videos or subscribe to Amazon Prime and maybe not watch Netflix either, then it is time to fix the problem. The solution is setting up your router for the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The basic problem is that services such as Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Prime, Netflix and lots of… Read More »

How to buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick abroad?

It isn’t always that easy to buy an Amazon Fire TV Stick. The reason is simple, it isn’t available in countries in which Amazon Prime is not available. That is why you can currently order the Amazon Fire TV Stick in Germany, Austria and the United States. For us who do not live in any of these nations that means we have to be smart if we want this to… Read More »

Watch Catastrophe on Amazon!

There are some really nice series available for Amazon Prime members online, and such is Catastrophe which was first aired in 2015. You can watch it online right now, but if you have problems watching Amazon Instant Videos and Amazon Prime from abroad, read the following article for more information on how to do so. Catastrophe is a British television series which was first aired in 2015. The show was… Read More »

The Prince on Amazon Prime

The Prince is an American gangster thriller which was released in 2014 and it was directed by Brian A. Miller. The main characters in the movie are Jason Patric as Paul, Bruce Willis as Omar, John Cusack as Sam, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as The Pharmacy, Rain as Mark, Jessica Lowndes as Angela, Gia Mantegna as Beth and so on. You can now watch this film on Amazon Prime, meaning… Read More »

Transformers: Age of Extinction on Amazon Prime

Transformers: Age of Extinction is an American science fiction action movie that was released in 2014. Transformers: Age of Extinction is the fourth movie of the Transformers film series and if you want to watch it, you can now do so as an Amazon Prime member. Not an Amazon Prime member yet? Find out how to become one wherever you are located in the world here. The main characters in… Read More »

Enjoy Amazon Prime in China, India and Russia

Do you want to watch and enjoy an Amazon Prime membership or maybe an Amazon Instant Video in China, India or Russia, but you have already found out that it is not possible because you are located outside the US. What can be done about that? To be able to watch Amazon Instant Videos or sign up for an Amazon Prime membership you will need to get yourself an American… Read More »

Can I read Kindle Books in Windows?

If you like a good book then you have for sure considered getting yourself a Kindle. But, if you do not have a Kindle you might want to enjoy read a good Kindle book anyway. Prime members will find this especially interesting as they can download one new hotshot free Kindle book every month, and in addition read more than 500,000 Kindle book from the library for free. But, can… Read More »

Mockingjay Part 2 trailer released!

One of the films lots of people wait for in 2015 is The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 2. The film is to be released in November, and I do wait for it myself, even if I am really not that big of a Hunger Games fan. However, Mockingjay Part 1 was a film I liked much better than The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, so if the last film can get… Read More »