The Stinky & Dirty Show on Amazon Prime

Looking for a show to watch with your children? Something like Bob the Builder. Then you should check out the Stinky and Dirty show, a new TV series available on Amazon Prime. The Stinky & Dirty Show is a television show for pre-school aged children written and developed by Guy Toubes which was released last year. The television program is based on the books by Jim and Kate McMullan. The… Read More »

Obvious Child now on Amazon Prime

There are always new films added to Amazon Prime, meaning that with a membership you can watch them for free. A brand new such films is Obvious Child. To find out more about watching Amazon Prime and Instant Videos from outside the US, read this article. The Obvious Child is an American romantic comedy written and directed by Gillian Robespirre which premiered in 2014. The Obvious Child stars Jenny Slate… Read More »

A Walk Among the Tombstones on Instant Video

A Walk Among the Tombstones is an average American action drama stars Liam Neeson which was released in 2014. You can now watch it on Amazon Instant Video. The movie is based on a novel by Lawrence Block A Walk Among the Tombstones. The story takes place in New York where Liam Neeson plays an ex cop, Matthew Scudder who is working as an unlicensed private detective doing favours for… Read More »

The Wolf of Wall Street on Amazon Prime

The Wolf of Wall Street was one of the most awaited movie and definitely the highlight of 2013. Now you can watch it for free with your Amazon Prime subscription, and if you do not have a subscription, you can pay to watch it with Amazon Instant Video. The Wolf of Wall Street is an American biographical dark comedy drama film which was released in 2013, produced and directed by… Read More »

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on Amazon Prime!

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit has been made available to Amazon Prime members, meaning that you can watch it for free online if you have an Amazon Prime members. Read on to find out more about the film. The Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit is an American action thriller directed by Kenneth Branagh. The main character in the movie Jack Ryan is based on a character created by author Tom Clacy. The… Read More »

The Maze Runner on Amazon Instant Video

The movie Maze Runner is based on the first book of an apocalyptic science fiction trilogy which was published in 2009. The main character of The Maze Runner is Thomas who wakes up one day in a community of boys with his memories erased. Now you can see it on Amazon Instant Video. They are trapped on a field with a giant maze around them and they look for the… Read More »

The Hundred-Foot Journey on Amazon Instant Video

If you like food, and I guess you do, then you might like The Hundred-Foot Journey. This is a nice family film about food and love, and about using the best possible ingredients for the best possible result. Get to know the Indian family who moves to Europe chasing their dream of success. After an accident they end up in France, and here they decide to open their very own… Read More »

How to watch Amazon Instant Video from abroad?

I would like to watch films available on Amazon Instant Video online, and I am willing to pay for them, but because of my location I am not able to. Recently Fury and Nightcrawler was added to Amazon Instant Video, but I can not watch them. What can I do? If you are located outside the United States and want to watch Amazon Instant Video there is one thing you… Read More »