Video Unavailable – Error 7035 on Prime Video

I just signed up for Prime Video and I could watch Amazon Original TV series, but once I tried to watch anything else I got the 7035 Error Message. What to do? There are lots of annoying error message that you might bump into at and any Amazon affiliated website. The newest website is Prime Video which is a big step in making all Amazon TV series global. But,… Read More »

Prime Video just went global – What is it about?

2016 is the year of globalization when it comes to online streaming. It started on January 6th with Netflix going global, and on December 14th Amazon Prime went global as well! I must admit that it came as a big surprise as Netflix launched in more than 100 new countries simultaneously in January. But, when the news was released yesterday that Amazon Prime (Prime Video) were to go global as… Read More »

Best movies and TV series to watch on this Christmas!

Are you preparing for Christmas with decorations and gifts? But, what are you going to watch on TV? Here are the best movies and TV series recommended by me on this Christmas! Watching movies and TV series together with family and friends on TV is an essential part of the Christmas spirit. You might of course play a game or simply chat, but watching something with someone you love… Read More »

Amazon Germany is now available in Polish and Turkish

Just like I discovered the chance to visit in English a few months ago, I just discovered how you can visit Amazon Germany in Polish or in Turkish! Do you think it sounds cool to shop from the German Amazon store in your own language? Most likely your native tongue is German, or at least you live in Germany at the moment. The German Amazon store is the preferred… Read More »

Netflix just followed in the footsteps of Amazon

When it comes to blocking VPN and SmartDNS services Amazon has followed in the footsteps of Netflix. But, when it comes to availability offline it is the other way around! It is almost funny to see how Netflix had to turn around on their “no-offline” viewing policy. It was, if I remember correct, in the start of 2016 that their press manager said that Netflix will not become available offline.… Read More »

When will Doctor Strange come to Amazon?

Last week I watched Doctor Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch in the cinemas. Now I want to watch it again. When will Doctor Strange come to Amazon? Sometimes I have the feeling that everything Marvel touches turns into gold. All their crazy movies about superheroes of all kinds turn so popular. I do not like all of them, and earlier this year I also wrote about the fact that Deadpool never… Read More »

Can I watch Inferno on Amazon?

Inferno is the name of the newest Robert Langdon movie from Ron Howard. I watched it in the cinema, but if you missed out on it, can you watch Inferno on Amazon instead? I am quite a big fan of Robert Langdon and the Dan Brown books. Not because they are fantastic pieces of literature, but because they are easy to read and they run in a high pace. Luckily… Read More »

Can I watch The Accountant on Amazon?

I watched The Accountant with Ben Affleck in cinema not long ago. When can I expect it to arrive to Amazon? Can I watch it right away? I must admit that watching The Accountant was an interesting experience. I did not expect much from the movie, but I of course hoped that it would be a film worth watching. As I left the theater I felt quite amazed. I had… Read More »

Coming to Amazon Prime in December 2016

December is the Christmas month and a month where families come together to watch movies together. Will Amazon Prime help your family have a good time together in December? I have already created an article presenting the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime, so if you want to watch a brilliant movie that will bring Christmas to your home, check out that list. As you scroll through this list presenting… Read More »

The best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime 2016

Christmas is right around the corner and we are all looking for the ultimate Christmas atmosphere. Maybe watching a Christmas movie on Amazon Prime will do the job for you? I have recently written an article on the best Christmas movies on US Netflix in 2016. I must admit that the list of movies available there that deals with Christmas is terrible. I therefore had great hopes that whatever would… Read More »