Learn about blockchain on Amazon Prime

There are lots of movies and TV series to watch if you have an Amazon Prime subscription. Last week I wrote about how you can see Minecraft gameplay as well with your Prime subscription. But, did you know that you can also watch videos explaining you the blockchain technology?  I always have a good time visiting Amazon.com to find treasures included in my Amazon Prime subscription that I did not… Read More »

Are you a fan of Minecraft? Watch it on Amazon Prime!

Did you know that you can watch Minecraft gameplay included with your Amazon Prime subscription? At the moment there are four episodes available, all of them lasting around 10 minutes. I love playing video games, but if there is one game that I cannot stand, it is Minecraft. Since I am a gamer from old times, it feels as if the graphics are stuck in the 90’s, and it feels… Read More »

Stream Vikings with Amazon Prime

Lots of people have recommended Vikings to me. They told me it was a great TV series, and for that reason, I just started streaming the first season. I did not know that you could stream Vikings on Amazon Prime, and so I streamed Vikings on Netflix instead. But, after streaming the first five episodes I thought time was ripe to write an article here in this blog, and as… Read More »

Coming to Amazon Prime in February 2018

My Amazon Prime subscription will expire in February 2018 and looking through the list of titles coming to Amazon Prime in February 2018, I will not miss it much! I have active subscriptions to quite a lot of streaming services, for example, Hulu, Netflix, Amazon Prime, and from time to time HBO Now and some more. I must admit, that the streaming service I almost never touch and use is… Read More »

Can I watch The Affair on Amazon Prime?

The Affair is a TV series produced by Showtime. It will soon enter into its fourth season, but if you haven’t seen it at all yet, can you stream it with Amazon Prime? Someone recently recommended The Affair to me, and for that reason, I watched some episodes in the first season. I checked it out, and I must admit that it is a nice TV series, even though I find… Read More »

Don’t get depressed because of FUD

Have you heard about FUD before? It is an abbreviation often used in the cryptocurrency world, and it means “Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt.” This is what makes the market turn red, and on red days, it is easy to become depressed and feel bad. So, what can you do if you sit with lots of values in cryptocurrencies, and you have just discovered that what you own is worth 25% less… Read More »

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel at Amazon Prime

A brand new musical series can be streamed at Amazon Prime now. It looks very good and it sounds good. Want a good combination of good music and humor? Watch The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel at Amazon Prime. Among the famous actors in the TV series we meet Tony Shalhoub, a guy most of us know better as Mr. Monk. So far the Amazon Original series has received lots of praise… Read More »

Happy new year!

The new year is here, and 2018 is no longer somewhere in the future, but it is right here, right now. What are you gonna do in 2018? Watch a great movie? There are lots of fantastic stuff you can do if you have an Amazon Prime subscription in 2018. Not only will you get fantastic discounts on products, early access to bargains, and the chance to listen to free… Read More »

Best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime 2017

Christmas is here in a couple of days. Are you looking for some content to stream on Amazon Prime that is suitable for Christmas? Here are some suggestions! I haven’t been so fond of Amazon Prime around Christmas earlier years. I have found the movies available to be boring and not interesting enough. Luckily, things are different in 2017. This year I have found plenty of movies that I would… Read More »

Give the gift of reading for Christmas

Are you looking for a great present to give someone for Christmas? Why not give them the present of reading? A subscription to Amazon Prime will give them access to lots of free books with Prime reading. I know there is a program at Amazon called Kindle Unlimited. It is maybe the perfect gift for someone who is crazy about reading. But, if you know someone who loves reading, but… Read More »