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Looking for news related to Amazon Prime? Are you looking for information on new films and TV series added to Amazon Prime? Or do you want to find other updated information? This is where you can find such Amazon Prime news!

Now you can watch Cafe Society on Amazon Prime

Cafe Society is the newest Woody Allen movie and you can now watch it for free with you Amazon Prime subscription in the United States. The movie was on the list of new titles coming to Amazon Prime in December 2016. Since then lots of new movies and TV series arrived in the start of January 2017, but unfortunately there were not lots of great titles among the newcomers. But,… Read More »

Coming to Amazon Prime in January 2016

Are you wondering what will come to Amazon Prime in January 2017? Not much! But, there will be some great Amazon original series coming with new seasons! Here you can find the complete list of content that will come to Amazon Prime in January 2017. TV series coming to Amazon Prime in January 2017 We’re Going on a Bear Hunt 1 Sneaky Pete *(AMAZON ORIGINAL) 1 Just Add Magic *(AMAZON… Read More »

Netflix just followed in the footsteps of Amazon

When it comes to blocking VPN and SmartDNS services Amazon has followed in the footsteps of Netflix. But, when it comes to availability offline it is the other way around! It is almost funny to see how Netflix had to turn around on their “no-offline” viewing policy. It was, if I remember correct, in the start of 2016 that their press manager said that Netflix will not become available offline.… Read More »

Coming to Amazon Prime in December 2016

December is the Christmas month and a month where families come together to watch movies together. Will Amazon Prime help your family have a good time together in December? I have already created an article presenting the best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime, so if you want to watch a brilliant movie that will bring Christmas to your home, check out that list. As you scroll through this list presenting… Read More »

The best Christmas movies on Amazon Prime 2016

Christmas is right around the corner and we are all looking for the ultimate Christmas atmosphere. Maybe watching a Christmas movie on Amazon Prime will do the job for you? I have recently written an article on the best Christmas movies on US Netflix in 2016. I must admit that the list of movies available there that deals with Christmas is terrible. I therefore had great hopes that whatever would… Read More »

Do not forget to read those books!

If you want to stay young you need to get in the habit of learning. If you want to learn, you better get in the habit of reading books. If you want to read books, then you better have an Amazon Prime subscription! Henry Ford is known to have said that being old is more about a state of being than a number. You can be young and still be… Read More »

Watch Love and Friendship with Amazon Prime

I recently received an email that a new movie was available with my Amazon prime subscription: Love and Friendship. That came as a big surprise! After receiving the email I quickly checked my list presenting the movies made available to Amazon Prime members in October 2016. I could not find Love and Friendship anywhere on the list. But, for some reason the movie was still made available to Prime members,… Read More »

TV Series and Movies coming to Amazon Prime in November 2016

There are some real goodies arriving to Amazon Prime in November 2016. Here you can read through the full list and read which titles I believe to be the most important. Every month I try to write articles presenting the new TV series and Movies that will come to Amazon Prime in the upcoming month. There are quite a lot of blogs online writing such posts, but since I have… Read More »

Prime Reading is here!

My Amazon Prime subscription just got better without me doing anything. Instead created Prime Reading which seems to be a brilliant service. I recently heard about the fact that launched a new product named Prime Reading on October 5th. My first reaction was to do a quick search in Google for “What is Prime Reading.” Luckily I find my answer right away. I quickly understood that Prime Reading… Read More »