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When will Doctor Strange come to Amazon?

Last week I watched Doctor Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch in the cinemas. Now I want to watch it again. When will Doctor Strange come to Amazon? Sometimes I have the feeling that everything Marvel touches turns into gold. All their crazy movies about superheroes of all kinds turn so popular. I do not like all of them, and earlier this year I also wrote about the fact that Deadpool never… Read More »

Can I watch Inferno on Amazon?

Inferno is the name of the newest Robert Langdon movie from Ron Howard. I watched it in the cinema, but if you missed out on it, can you watch Inferno on Amazon instead? I am quite a big fan of Robert Langdon and the Dan Brown books. Not because they are fantastic pieces of literature, but because they are easy to read and they run in a high pace. Luckily… Read More »

Can I watch The Accountant on Amazon?

I watched The Accountant with Ben Affleck in cinema not long ago. When can I expect it to arrive to Amazon? Can I watch it right away? I must admit that watching The Accountant was an interesting experience. I did not expect much from the movie, but I of course hoped that it would be a film worth watching. As I left the theater I felt quite amazed. I had… Read More »

Can I watch Westworld on

Westworld is the brand new HBO series creatod by and for HBO. Don’t have access to HBO? Would you like to watch Westworld on I have watched the first episodes of Westworld and I must admit that I am not at all impressed. I did not get caught up with the story and comparing it with Game of Thrones I would say that Game of Thrones was much more… Read More »

Get Labor Day discount on Amazon Tap

Amazon Tap is the wireless speaker from Amazon which has some great functions. At Labors Day 2016 (September 5th) you can get it at a very discounted price from Amazon Tap is a very cool gadget, or a loud speaker, that will serve you well in your home. It is cordless and comes with a charger and rechargeable batteries, meaning that you can bring it with you around in… Read More »

Watch Mothers and Daughters on Amazon

Are you in the mood for a film in honor of mums? Ready to get bored like crazy? You can now watch Mothers and Daughters on It isn’t everyday that you are introduced to a film that has a fantastic 7% score on Rotten Tomatoes, but that is the truth about Mothers and Daughters. Luckily the real relationships between mothers and daughters are way better than in this film,… Read More »

Now you can watch Allegiant (Divergent Series) on Amazon

The third film in the Divergent series is named Allegiant. It can now be rented or bought on, so if you haven’t seen it yet, this is your chance. The Divergent series is very similar to The Hungar Games in several, even though the story is quite different. I remember watching the first film. I did not have big expectations, but I ended up surprised in a positive way.… Read More »

Batman v Superman on Amazon

We had to wait a while for it, but now you can I can watch Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice on Amazon. And you can not only buy it, you can also rent it. In this film we meet Ben Affleck as Batman, a guy who is having his fears about the might and power of Superman. What would happen if Superman would turn his back on the good… Read More »

House of Cards season 4 is on

If you are a fan of the original Netflix series House of Cards, then you will be pleased to know that you can now buy the entire fourth season on I would of course ask myself the question first if it is worth spending 30USD to buy the fourth season of House of Cards on, when a monthly fee for Netflix is about 10USD. In other words, you… Read More »

Watch The Martian on Amazon

Are you in the mood for watching The Martian online? You can start watching The Martian online right away on Is it worth watching? The Martian is a fantastic film telling the story of a fantastic astronaut played by Matt Damon who ends up stranded on the planet of March under terrible circumstances. Left behind by his crew and colleagues he tries to make a living while waiting for… Read More »