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Get ready for the Joshua Tree tour with U2 in 2017

On January 5th the Joshue Tree tour from U2 was announced. This is a fantastic tour celebrating the 30 year anniversary for their album named Joshua Tree. During the tour they will visit lots of cities in the United States and around 10 cities in Europe. Now, if you want to get prepared for this tour and for one or more of the U2 concerts in 2017 then there is… Read More »

Last chance to do your Christmas shopping!

It is December 21st, which means you only have a few more days to finish your Christmas shopping in 2016. Are you ready? Or do you still have shopping left to do? As you might know Amazon is one of the biggest stores in the world and you can find almost anything at (or at, or one of the other Amazon stores). The only challenge is to… Read More »

Prime Video just went global – What is it about?

2016 is the year of globalization when it comes to online streaming. It started on January 6th with Netflix going global, and on December 14th Amazon Prime went global as well! I must admit that it came as a big surprise as Netflix launched in more than 100 new countries simultaneously in January. But, when the news was released yesterday that Amazon Prime (Prime Video) were to go global as… Read More »

Best movies and TV series to watch on this Christmas!

Are you preparing for Christmas with decorations and gifts? But, what are you going to watch on TV? Here are the best movies and TV series recommended by me on this Christmas! Watching movies and TV series together with family and friends on TV is an essential part of the Christmas spirit. You might of course play a game or simply chat, but watching something with someone you love… Read More »

Now you can buy Finding Dory on Amazon

It feels like only a few weeks ago when Finding Dory could be seen in cinemas worldwide, but if you missed out on it back then, why not buy the movie instead on or elsewhere? Finding Dory is the follow up movie to the bug success Nemo. In this movie Dory is lost and she needs to be found. Will they succeed? There is a slight problem with Dory… Read More »

Watch Pure Genius on Amazon

A brand new TV series from CBS is called Pure Genius. It  had its premiere on CBS earlier this week, and now you can watch the pilot episode for free on Amazon. A pilot episode is very important, not only for the TV studios, but also for you. The success of a TV series will often be the result of a fantastic first episode, while a bad first episode will… Read More »

Watch The Nice Guys on Amazon

Recently someone recommend The Nice Guys to me. Watching it online is easy, because you can now watch The Nice Guys on Amazon. But, is it worth watching? The Nice Guys tells us the story of two private detectives who try to find out what has happened to a dead porn star, while looking for another girl. The two stories seems to be connected, but it ain’t as easy as… Read More »

VPN trouble with

I receive more and more comments from people who have VPN trouble with The trouble is not really with the VPN and not with, but the combination of the two of them. As you might know it has become very normal for TV companies and streaming services to block the IP addresses used by VPN providers. This is in order to keep the “copyright” laws intact, making sure… Read More »