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Prime Reading expands to Germany and England

Prime Reading was first available in the USA only, but recently Amazon expanded and made their book lending service available in the UK and in Germany as well. When I first read about Prime Reading I was really enthusiastic about the service, and for that reason I wrote several articles about the service. I have even written some articles on books I have read borrowed from Amazon with Amazon Prime.… Read More »

Is it worth shopping from in Europe?

If you are living in a European country with no present Amazon store, then you might consider shopping from Is it worth doing so? Will you save money shopping from I am speaking out of experience when it comes to shopping from and other Amazon stores around the world. I am living in a European country without an Amazon store, and for that reason I have ordered… Read More »

Amazon Germany is now available in Polish and Turkish

Just like I discovered the chance to visit in English a few months ago, I just discovered how you can visit Amazon Germany in Polish or in Turkish! Do you think it sounds cool to shop from the German Amazon store in your own language? Most likely your native tongue is German, or at least you live in Germany at the moment. The German Amazon store is the preferred… Read More »

Do some Habit Stacking with Amazon Prime Reading

Recently I downloaded and read the book “Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less” from It came for free as a part of Prime Reading, so why not? I always enjoy a good book, and the book about habit stacking easily caught my attention. It sounded like an easy book to read and since it was for free, why not? It was a real… Read More »

Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation on German Prime

There are differences between the different Amazon stores and between what you get with your Prime subscriptions. Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation for example is only available on German Prime. Do you have a Prime subscription in Germany? If so, then you can go ahead and watch Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation there right away. It is quite brilliant that this film which is less than a year old can already be… Read More »

Best films om available with German Prime

Do you have a German Amazon Prime subscription and want to watch a nice film an evening this summer? I have just looked through some films available on German Amazon Prime and here are my recommendations. As I have all sorts of readers coming by this blog I will include some films perfect for children, for youngsters, for families, for elders and for those in love with some intense action.… Read More »