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Have an evening free and want to watch a good film on Amazon Prime? In this category we will share tips and advices that will help you get a good evening and write about different ways in which Amazon Prime will help you have a good time!

No unblocker and proxy error at

Are you tired of the M7111-1331-5059, M7031-1111 or similar error codes at Netflix? Would you like to watch a film available in another Netflix region, but can’t? Give Amazon Instant Video a try instead! It is getting very hard to change your Netflix region nowadays and I have written quite a  lot about that at That is why I also want to say that it is much easier and convenient… Read More »

Get ready for Mockingjay 2

Mockingjay 2 will be released and made available on in a few days from now and if you have not seen the film yet you for sure have great expectations. It is not at all my goal to ruin your expectations, but I must say that I had great expectations myself before watching Mockingjay 2, but as the film was finished I almost felt as if I would have… Read More »

How does the Amazon Prime free trial work?

Are you curious about Amazon Prime and would like to give it a try? How does the Amazon Prime free trial work? Do I need to pay and ask for a refund, or will I only be charged after thirty days? Is it worth using Amazon Prime? Before signing up for a new service we often have lots of questions on our mind and that is why you are here.… Read More »

Top Christmas films on Amazon

Soon the whole world starts preparing for Christmas which is one of the most special and unique period of the year. One of the best ways to get into the festive spirit is to watch Christmas related shows or movies, but what are the best Christmas movies? In this article we will list the five most entertaining and popular Christmas films which you can watch with your family, friends or… Read More »

How to forward packages from Amazon to my country?

Are you a person who would simply love to order something from, or, but you have one big problem! What you want to order is a great product, but Amazon will not ship it to your current destination? What can be done? Luckily there is a solution to these problems and it is very easy to fix this! Because, there are so called mail forwarding services in… Read More »

How to watch Amazon Prime and Instant Videos in Europe?

There are some nations in Europe in which you can find an Amazon store with Instant Videos and also Prime subscriptions available, but what can you do if you want a Prime subscription or watch an Amazon Instant Video, but it is unavailable in your nation? Maybe you are located in Spain, in France, in Portugal, in Greece, in Hungary, in Romania, in Poland, in Czech Republic or maybe in… Read More »

Enjoy Amazon Prime in China, India and Russia

Do you want to watch and enjoy an Amazon Prime membership or maybe an Amazon Instant Video in China, India or Russia, but you have already found out that it is not possible because you are located outside the US. What can be done about that? To be able to watch Amazon Instant Videos or sign up for an Amazon Prime membership you will need to get yourself an American… Read More »

Can I read Kindle Books in Windows?

If you like a good book then you have for sure considered getting yourself a Kindle. But, if you do not have a Kindle you might want to enjoy read a good Kindle book anyway. Prime members will find this especially interesting as they can download one new hotshot free Kindle book every month, and in addition read more than 500,000 Kindle book from the library for free. But, can… Read More »