What to do about error 9068 on Amazon?

Customers have been complaining about the 9068 error message on Amazon for a very long time. It is a streaming error that frequently shows up as users try to watch content from other providers on Amazon, often using a Roku or similar streaming devices.

So, what can you do about this? As you might know, there are easy fixes to other error messages on Amazon, like the VPN error messages and so. But, what is up with the 9068 error message?

Error 9068 on Amazon

Honestly about error 9068

The discussion has been going on about this error message in Amazon forums for a while, and there doesn’t seem to be any quick-fixes available at all. Some have said that casting the content to the TV makes things work (instead of watching them on the TV), it has been recommended to deregister the device you are using and the registering afterward, it has been recommended to do a factory reset on your device, and so on.

These are safe bets, and you can always try it. It is also useful to turn of your device and leave it off for a minute, before trying over again. If your error comes with the CBS application, try uninstalling it and reinstall it.

But to be honest, I don’t have a 100% fix. You can try to contact the Amazon support as they might have more insight, and hopefully, they will manage to help you.

If you have had the trouble and faced the error 9068 on Amazon and found a fix, please write a comment to let the rest of our visitors know about it.

What is error 1042 on Amazon? What to do about it?

Have you gotten the error message 1042 as you try to watch videos on Amazon.com? Does the error message tell you the following:

HTTP Proxy Not Supported 
Your device’s Internet connection is using an HTTP proxy which prevents playing your video. Please close or disable any proxy programs and try again. For further assistance, please contact Amazon Customer Service at www.amazon.com/videohelp and refer to error 1042.

Have you seen this message? What is the problem? Is there anything you can do about it?

error message 1042 on Amazon

If you get this error message and have absolutely no clue about what it means or what might cause it, you might have some trouble. Are you using your Internet connection at home, or are you using an Internet connection at a workplace, or maybe at a cafe, in a hotel, or somewhere else?

A first step is to check your IP address. Take a look at the result and see if it reflects your actual location. If it does, you better contact Amazon support. If you see a different place than your current location, you are most likely using a VPN or a proxy server that is blocked by Amazon. Maybe you don’t know about that, and if that is so, ask someone who knows more about computers and the network that you are using than you do.

Are you using a VPN or a proxy?

If you are using a VPN or a proxy, this is most likely causing the error. What is the solution to the problem? The solution is to use a VPN that works with Amazon, and that will let you stream the available content without the 1042 error message, nor any of the other annoying error messages (like the 4601 error).

Which VPN should you choose? I recommend that you use the VPN services of ExpressVPN. This is a brilliant VPN provider thas has worked without stop with Amazon Instant videos and Amazon Prime videos for years. They also work with different Netflix regions and popular streaming sites such as BBC, ITV, CBS, NBC, Fox and others, so it is great value.

Visit the ExpressVPN website(and watch Amazon Videos online)

There is no need to worry with ExpressVPN. After all, they have a 30-day full refund policy. In addition, if you sign up and purchase a 12-months subscription using the button above, you will get three extra months of usage for free!

Are you trying to watch Amazon videos abroad?

If you simply try to watch Amazon Prime videos abroad, you can also get the 1042 error message. If that is you, the solution is once more to use the VPN services of ExpressVPN. You can read more about streaming Amazon Prime abroad here at amazonprime.fromabroad.org.

I hope these instructions have helped you and that you will be able to watch Amazon Prime videos without the 1042 error message within a few minutes from now.

If you still need further help or have a question, use the comment field and I will do my best to help!

In which countries can I find a local Amazon Store?

Are you going abroad and wonder if there is a local Amazon store in the country you are moving to? Or are you wondering if there is a local Amazon store in the country you are currently in?

Amazon is one of the biggest companies in the world when it comes to selling products and Jeff Bezos has done an awesome job making his company a giant in the business world. It is a fact that Amazon is the biggest place for selling and buying products in the United States, and many people would like to have access to a similar store in the country they are currently in. So, in which nations can you currently find an Amazon store that you can buy from and have the products sent directly home to you within days?

Countries with a local Amazon store
Countries with a local Amazon store

Countries with a local Amazon store

  • United States
  • Germany
  • United Kingdom
  • Italy
  • France
  • United Arab Emirates
  • Turkey
  • Spain
  • Argentina
  • Netherlands
  • Mexico
  • Japan
  • India
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • China

That is a total of 17 different countries, and I have a feeling even more nations will come in the near future. If they have been pioneering stores in so many countries, then there are lots of other countries waiting for them as well. It might be that Russia and Putin might have little interest in Amazon moving in, but what about other big nations in Europe such as Poland?

If your country isn’t on the list above, then you can still order products from Amazon and have them delivered to your home address. It might take longer time and cost you some more, but if you follow the instructions in this article on how to get Amazon products forwarded to your home address, you will find all the information you need to get started.

Can I bring my Prime subscription with me abroad?

If you have bought an Amazon Prime subscription in one of these nations and decide to go abroad, what will happen then? You can still use your Prime reading subscription, you can listen to Prime music, and you can watch a limited amount of Prime Video content (only that which is Amazon original content available abroad). If you want to watch other content available with your Amazon Prime subscription you will need to use a VPN that works with Amazon Prime in order to stream all the available material.

I hope all these questions have been answered and that you are ready to face tomorrow knowing the answers to these questions.

If you have further questions or maybe you want to inform me about a local Amazon store that has opened in a new country, please write a comment and let me know about it!

Can I stream to Chromecast with the Prime Video app on Android?

A few days ago, I bought myself a Prime Video subscription in Hungary in order to watch some original Prime videos. That was all fine and nice and I was preparing to cast the content to my Chromecast so that I could watch the TV series and movies on my TV. But, the Chromecast symbol never showed up…

If you have used a Chromecast before, you probably know how easy and convenient it is simply to cast the movie or the TV show or the YouTube content to your TV, and a few seconds later, you can watch the content on your TV instead of on your little Android screen. So, why isn’t the icon showing up in your Prime Video application? But, let me first answer and tell you how you might be able to stream the Prime Video content on your TV with Chromecast, even though it isn’t supposed to be possible.

No Chromecast symbol in the Prime Video app for Android.
No Chromecast symbol in the Prime Video app for Android.

How to stream Prime Video content on your TV with a Chromecast

It is way more complicated than it should be, but it can be done. First, you can simply mirror the screen of your Android device, but this is a really lousy solution considering the low resolution used on your Android phone or tablet. As a result, the content you will see on your TV will be impossible to enjoy.

But, a way better method is to open Prime Video in your Chrome browser on your computer. Now, there you can stream with a much better resolution, and if you have a Chromecast running, you will actually be able to cast the content from your browser to your TV.

You are not casting the content itself (like you would with other streaming services), but you are casting all the activities on your computer and what is seen in your Chrome browser. As a result, you will still see the actual video on your computer as well, but at the same time, you can see it on your TV in an acceptable resolution and quality.

So, the second option is by far the best if you are eager to stream Prime Video content to your TV with a Chromecast.

Prime Video is made for Amazon Fire TV’s

If you have an Amazon Fire TV (Stick), you will have a much easier job. Since Prime Video is made for this Amazon service, you can simply run the app and start whatever content you are interested in streaming. But, if you have signed up for Prime Video because there is no Amazon store in your country, you will most likely not have access to the Amazon Fire TV either, making this a lousy option.

The battle between Google and Amazon

What is causing this stupidity and hardship? Well, there is a battle between Google and Amazon, meaning that you cannot buy the Chromecast on Amazon.com. This is because Amazon would much rather have you use their very own Fire Stick. So, why would they add support for the Chromecast in their own streaming app if they do not support it in their very own store?

I find this to be childish behavior, and it makes Prime Video hard to use if you are a Chromecast fan. In fact, it is so hard to use that I believe many people will cancel their subscription (or never sign up in the first place due to this).

Would you like to stream Prime Video content using Chromecast as well? Have you found some better solution to get it done? Or will you cancel your subscription unless Amazon comes up with a Chromecast solution? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Can I watch Line of Duty on Amazon Prime?

Line of Duty is one of the most popular BBC series in history, and it has received fantastic feedback worldwide. The fifth season of Line of Duty just finished airing on BBC iPlayer in the UK, and now fans are waiting for the upcoming season 6. But, if you haven’t watched any seasons of Line of Duty yet, is it possible to stream Line of Duty on Amazon Prime? Can you watch Line of Duty for free if you have an Amazon Prime subscription?

Let me just say, I hadn’t even heard about Line of Duty before I watched the Jed Mercurio show named Bodyguard on Netflix. I was totally amazed by the story, and since I liked it, I was recommended to watch another Mercurio production as well, Line of Duty. At first, I wasn’t that enthusiastic about the show, but after watching half the first season, I was hooked up, and since then I haven’t really managed to stop. But, I haven’t been watching Line of Duty on Amazon Prime, but instead, I have been streaming Line of Duty on Netflix.

But, maybe you don’t have a Netflix subscription, but you do have an Amazon Prime subscription. Can you stream Line of Duty on Amazon Prime in the USA?

Watch Line of Duty on Amazon Prime
Can I Watch Line of Duty on Amazon Prime

Is Line of Duty on Amazon Prime?

Even though you can stream quite a lot of BBC shows on Amazon Prime, like the BBC series Fleabag and also the ABC Murders, you CANNOT stream Line of Duty with your Amazon Prime subscription. As you see on the picture above, it is possible to buy the different episodes, or you can buy access to the full season at once, but there is no way to stream it just by having an Amazon Prime subscription.

But, there is something called an Acorn package available on Amazon Prime, and if you have this, you can stream all the Line of Duty episodes in season 1, 2, 3 and 4 on Amazon Prime (probably also season 5 soon).

You can watch all the Line of Duty episodes on Amazon with an UMC or an Acorn TV subscription.
You can watch all the Line of Duty episodes on Amazon with a UMC or an Acorn TV subscription.

As you can see, the price is 5 USD per month for both the packages, but first you get a 7-day free trial. Now that is more than enough to watch the first four seasons of Line of Duty, considering that one season consists of 5 episodes all lasting 60 minutes. So, if you watch one season a day (5 hours a day), you will have plenty of time to finish in one week, without paying anything at all for the subscription.

How to watch Line of Duty on UMC or Acorn if I am abroad?

If you have a subscription to UMC or Acorn TV, it still will not work if you are located outside the United States. So, what can you do to bypass such regulations and to make the Amazon website believe that you are located in the United States? It can be fixed quite easily, and the full instructions can be found at amazonprime.fromabroad.org. That article is really easy to read, and you can stream all content available with your Amazon Prime subscription, with your UMC or Acorn subscription, included with your HBO subscription on Amazon, or just Amazon Instant Videos you have bought within a few minutes from now by following them.

Are you ready to stream Line of Duty online? If you have any questions or comments, write them beneath!

Is Holby City on Amazon Prime?

Are you following the events taking place at Holby City Hospital? The TV series has been running on BBC since 1999, and it has a big amount of fans in the UK.

Holby City is currently running with one new episode released every single week, throughout the entire year. Thus, there is a total of 52 episodes released every year, and by the end of 2019, more than 1000 Holby City episodes will have aired. For some reason, I strongly dislike such soap operas lasting for such a long time myself, as they often have to repeat neverending stories and obvious happenings to make the story going. But, if you are a fan of Holby City, you will for sure look for ways to stream Holby City online. Can it be done on Amazon Prime in the UK? Can you stream Holby City on Amazon Prime in the United States?

You can find a lot of information about Holby City on Amazon Prime
You can find a lot of information about Holby City on Amazon Prime

Holby City on Amazon Prime?

Well, I have been to Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk to check for anything they might have on Holby City. They do have some cool effects, but they do not have any episodes of the show. In other words, the only place where you can stream Holby City is on BBC iPlayer in the UK. If you want to watch Holby City on BBC abroad, that can also be done by following these instructions.

Are you eager to find out more about Holby City? The Wikipedia page about the TV series is very much up to date, so you can find more about the series there.

Is BBC iPlayer the only place to stream Holby City?

As far as I know, yes! And you better hurry up, because the episodes only remain available online for thirty days, meaning that you need to watch constantly if you do not want to miss out on any of the episodes.

It might be that this wasn’t the answer you were looking for, but at least it is an answer!

If there is some other content on Amazon Prime that you want to watch, go ahead and do so instead. In a few days, the BBC series Fleabag will come with its second season to Amazon Prime and that will for sure be a highlight. The story is really cool, and even though we had to wait a long time for the second season to arrive, it will come very soon, so go ahead and enjoy the show.

For more information on how you can watch Amazon Prime in the United States abroad, click the link.

Can I pay for my Hulu subscription on Amazon?

Do you have a Hulu subscription that you would like to pay for with your Amazon account? Maybe you have a lot of Amazon gift cards that you want to use to pay for your Hulu subscription, or maybe there is another reason. But, what is the answer and what is the solution?

I have been looking for an answer to this question myself for a while, and for that reason, I have looked everywhere for possible answers. I have read some people saying that you can pay for the Hulu subscription if you sign up for Hulu using an Amazon device (like a Fire tablet), so I gave this a try. But, no matter what I did, I did not find the chance to pay for the Hulu subscription with my Amazon account.

The results of doing a search for Hulu on Amazon

I looked if I could possible sign up with Hulu through the Amazon web-store, but all you can do is to find the Hulu application, but there is no way to sign up for Hulu anywhere at Amazon.com.

What is the answer to the question?

In other words, there is no current way to pay for your Hulu subscription with your Amazon account. That is a pity, because it would be helpful for those who want to pay for Hulu without an American issued payment card (for example). As a result, I do not really know of any working method that will let you pay for Hulu from abroad.

I will keep on looking, and if I find out something, I will do my best to update this article.

Do you know something that I don’t?

If you know of a way to actually pay for a Hulu subscription using your Amazon gift card balance or your Amazon account, please write a comment and let me know how it can be done.

What to do if you are unable to sign up for Hulu?

What should you do if you are unable to sign up for Hulu because of a lack of payment method? Do you have to live your life without Hulu? Maybe you will have to do that, but you can still watch a lot of content online.

Did you know that you can watch all the NBC shows available at the Hulu website on the NBC website (for free). You do not need to pay anything in order to watch these. And it is really easy. If you are in the USA, you can watch them all at once. If you live outside the United States, you will need to get an American IP address using the VPN services of ExpressVPN.

If you click the button above and sign up for ExpressVPN for 12 months, you will even get three months for free as a gift. You can use the subscription at three different computers at the same time, and they even provide you with a 30-day full refund policy. And yes, you can use ExpressVPN to watch Amazon Prime from abroad, to watch Hulu from abroad, and to watch NBC content from abroad. In addition, you can stream lots of international TV channels with ExpressVPN, including BBC, ZDF, ProSieben, Rai, TF1, NRK, SVT, and lots of other channels.

But, the NBC website isn’t the only good solution. You can also watch lots of CBS shows at the CBS website, and if you didn’t know it – you can actually sign up for CBS in the United States (CBS All Access) without an American payment card. You can read more about how it can be done in this article.

CBS is the network that broadcasts shows such as The Big Bang Theory, The Young Sheldon, Scorpion, NCIS, and lots of other shows.

Besides these, you can also watch lots of shows at the CW TV website using ExpressVPN (for example Riverdale and Supergirl), and lots of other shows.

So, maybe you do not need the Hulu subscription after all?

Can I purchase Amazon Instant Videos with Gift Card balance?

You probably know that you can purchase all sorts of content at Amazon.com with your VISA or MasterCard, not matter where the card is issued in the world. But, if you try to purchase an Instant Video or maybe rent a movie, you will quickly get into trouble.

Just a few minutes, I wanted to check whether or not I can use my Amazon Gift Card balance to rent a movie on Amazon.com. Well, the truth is – I cannot! That is really a pity, not only for me, but for Amazon as well. Imagine this, you get this present from someone, an Amazon Gift Card with the value of 20 USD and now you want to spend it watching a movie online. But, only then you discover that you cannot do so. And why? Because you cannot use your Amazon Gift Card for purchasing and renting Instant movies. You can buy DVD’s and so on, but you cannot watch the instant content. Isn’t that kind of unfair?

What can you do about this?

The truth is, you can pay for your Amazon Prime subscription with any sort of payment card online. That is neat. It doesn’t need to be issued in the United States, but it can origin from almost anywhere in the world (as far as I know). This will give you access to all the content available with your Amazon Prime subscription (you will still need a VPN that will let you stream Amazon Prime content abroad), but your payment card will work well. You will still have access to Prime Music, Prime Reading, and other great stuff on Amazon – but, you will not be able to purchase Instant content that isn’t included with your Prime subscription.

But now, what is the solution if you are desperate to buy or rent an Amazon Instant Video right away? To be honest, I don’t know what is the solution at the moment. You will need an American Payment Card of some kind, but the solutions that worked with this for some years, are not working anymore.

What would I do in this case?

I would, without a doubt, say bye bye Amazon, and rather go to Google Play Movies instead to find a solution there. It is quite easy to get an American Google Play account, and with this, you can easily purchase content and watch movies instantly on your Android device.

It is so much easier to rent and buy movies in the Google Play Store in the USA
It is so much easier to rent and buy movies in the Google Play Store in the USA

As a matter of fact, I just tried this – You can purchase a Google Play Store Gift Card on Amazon, which you can later use to get an valid US Google Play Store account, which can be used easily. Doesn’t that sound great?

You can read more about how you can get an American Google Play Store account in this article.

So, forget about renting and buying Instant Movies on Amazon, but instead, visit Google Play Store and watch the same content there. They also have great discounts available from time to time, so you might even save some money doing so!

Are you ready to get started?

If you have any comments or questions, please write a comment and I will do my best to help you out!

Can I pay for Amazon Instant Video’s with a Transfer Wise card?

It can often be hard to pay for American services if you do not have an American issued bank card. Recently, TransferWise launched their first payment cards, but can those be used to pay for American services?

I just got my hands on a TransferWise payment card, meaning that I have tried this in real life and it is based on my very own experience. There is no surprise in this, because the payment card from TransferWise still isn’t available to people in the USA. It can only be ordered in certain countries in the EU, and the MastarCard you receive at the moment is issued in the UK.

TransferWise has promised that an American issued card will be available later, but at the moment, it isn’t.

Can I pay with TransferWise card on Amazon.com?
Can I pay with TransferWise card on Amazon.com?

Can I pay for Amazon.com services with my TransferWise card?

The answer to that question is both yes and no. You can easily use it to pay for services for which you could also use any other VISA or MasterCard, issued wherever in the world. As a result, you can buy books, clothes, jewellery, and similar products with your TransferWise card issued in the UK on Amazon.com.

What you cannot purchase on Amazon.com with your TransferWise card is products that require you to have an American issued payment card. This is first of all true about movies and TV series, and also with some other products. In the same way, you cannot pay for your Hulu subscription with the TransferWise card, you cannot pay for CBS All Access, and neither can you pay for HBO Now.

This will for sure change when the American card will be issued, but since TransferWise requires you to have proof-of-address and so much more to actually get the card, we will probably not be able to get an American issued TransferWise card in the future (as long as we do not live in the USA), so we can probably forget about that.

Can I watch Prime videos with AstrillVPN?

AstrillVPN is a famous VPN provider, but can they help you if you want to watch Amazon Prime videos and other Amazon Instant videos abroad?

It is very annoying to sign up and purchase a VPN subscription, only to find out that it is blocked by Amazon. So, instead of doing that, why not find out before signing up about whether it will work or not? That is why I have created this article and the following YouTube video to let you know and give you advice before signing up.

But, instead of writing it all down, take a look at the short YouTube video beneath to see how if it works to watch Amazon Prime videos using the VPN services of AstrillVPN.

I have not tested all the servers of AstrillVPN in the United States, but based on the servers I have tested, I can clearly say that AstrillVPN does the job and works very well if you want to unblock Amazon Prime from abroad.

If you want to read more about Amazon Prime related news and tools working that will help you unblock Amazon Prime, visit amazonprime.fromabroad.org.