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Do you have trouble with Amazon Prime? Can you not get Amazon Prime to work, or do you have problems with payments or some other Amazon Prime related topic? In this category we will try answering such questions related to Amazon Prime and watching it from abroad!

Can I watch Amazon Videos offline in Windows?

I have earlier written articles on the fact that you can now watch Amazon Instant Videos purchased and Prime videos offline using the Android application for Amazon Videos. But, what is up with Windows? Can I watch Amazon Videos offline in Windows as well? The answer to that question is really a no, because there is no such application available for Windows in which you can download Prime and Instant… Read More »

Can I use Amazon Prime in Spain?

I will travel to Spain for my upcoming holidays and simply wonder if I can use my current Amazon Prime subscription while in Spain? I guess I can not order products to Spain, but can I watch the Prime videos and can I watch Orange is the New Black episodes while in Spain? That is a brilliant question and the answer is both yes and no. The problem is that… Read More »

Error 2039 on – What to do?

“The claim code you entered isn’t working. Please ensure there are no spaces and try again. If this problem continues, please contact Amazon Customer Service at Video Help and refer to error 2039.” Since December 23rd and available until January 4th has launched a 75% discount on films that can be rented on their website. I wanted to use this great discount, but as I tried to redeem my… Read More »

Can I watch Amazon Videos on my Xbox abroad?

I have an Xbox and currently I also have an Amazon Prime subscription. I am moving to Spain next year and would like to watch Instant Videos and Prime videos on my Xbox, but I have heard that it is impossible in Spain. Is that true? Thank you for asking! It is kind of true that it is not working if you first try to watch Amazon Instant Videos on… Read More »

How to forward packages from Amazon to my country?

Are you a person who would simply love to order something from, or, but you have one big problem! What you want to order is a great product, but Amazon will not ship it to your current destination? What can be done? Luckily there is a solution to these problems and it is very easy to fix this! Because, there are so called mail forwarding services in… Read More »

Can I watch Amazon Videos offline?

Are you used to watching Amazon Instant Videos and wonder if it is possible to watch them offline? Recently I answered the same question related to Netflix and there the answer is no. So, how is Amazon when it comes to offline watching? This is a really interesting question and the answer is partly yes. You read correctly, the answer is partly yes! It is possible to watch Amazon videos… Read More »

Is there an Amazon Global store?

Would you like to shop from but the goods you are looking for are not available? Are you looking for products that can be sent to your location right now? Is there such as thing as a global Amazon store? Yes there is, and if you want to do some shopping in the Amazon Global store then all you have to do is to press this link. That link… Read More »