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Do you have trouble with Amazon Prime? Can you not get Amazon Prime to work, or do you have problems with payments or some other Amazon Prime related topic? In this category we will try answering such questions related to Amazon Prime and watching it from abroad!

Video Unavailable – Error 7035 on Prime Video

I just signed up for Prime Video and I could watch Amazon Original TV series, but once I tried to watch anything else I got the 7035 Error Message. What to do? There are lots of annoying error message that you might bump into at and any Amazon affiliated website. The newest website is Prime Video which is a big step in making all Amazon TV series global. But,… Read More »

How to watch Amazon Prime movies on Apple TV?

Do you have an Apple TV and want to watch Amazon Prime movies and Amazon Instant Videos? How can it be done? This is the answer! I am really sorry to give you this answer, but the truth is that you can not watch Amazon Prime movies on Apple TV, and you can not watch Amazon Instant Movies either. But, there is still a way. Go to the bottom of… Read More »

Purchase Error while purchasing HD Movie

Do you get the following error message as you try to buy or rent movies on The message from is quite clear and it tells you and me that we need a credit card, a payment card, issued by a bank in the United States for this to work. So, if you are living somewhere else and do not have a credit card issued in the United States,… Read More »

Get rid of Error 4601 on Amazon

Would you like to watch a film on but when you start you get error message 4601 telling you that this video isn’t available due to geographical licensing restrictions? Would you like to watch the film anyway and thus get rid of the 4601 error message? This is what you need to do! The videos available at, or be it or are only available in the… Read More »

Can I watch Amazon Videos offline in Windows?

I have earlier written articles on the fact that you can now watch Amazon Instant Videos purchased and Prime videos offline using the Android application for Amazon Videos. But, what is up with Windows? Can I watch Amazon Videos offline in Windows as well? The answer to that question is really a no, because there is no such application available for Windows in which you can download Prime and Instant… Read More »