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Watch Death Wish on Amazon.com

Would you like to watch the action movie Death Wish on Amazon? It can be done, as it is available both for purchasing and borrowing! I just watched Death Wish, and it is a fairly good action movie with Bruce Willis. It isn’t a movie I want to watch one more time, but as a one-time-stand on a boring evening, it is a nice movie to watch. In Death Wish,… Read More »

The Prince on Amazon Prime

The Prince is an American gangster thriller which was released in 2014 and it was directed by Brian A. Miller. The main characters in the movie are Jason Patric as Paul, Bruce Willis as Omar, John Cusack as Sam, Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as The Pharmacy, Rain as Mark, Jessica Lowndes as Angela, Gia Mantegna as Beth and so on. You can now watch this film on Amazon Prime, meaning… Read More »