Does PrivateVPN work on Fire TV?

Are you thinking about whether or not PrivateVPN is the VPN provider you are going to use on your Fire TV? Or have you bought a VPN subscription with PrivateVPN, and now you wonder if you can use it on your Fire TV or on your Fire TV Stick as well?

Last week, I wanted to give PrivateVPN a try on my Fire TV Stick. It was really easy to install their application, and I quickly got it up and running. But, as I tried to log in with my username and password, I got this error message about an error. I had no clue what to do, so I contacted their support.

I got a very quick answer, and I discovered that I had a different VPN connection running. As a result, I couldn’t log in with PrivateVPN while I had a different VPN connection running. I quickly disconnected from the ExpressVPN server, logged in with PrivateVPN and connected.

PrivateVPN and Fire TV Stick

Did PrivateVPN work well on the Fire TV?

To be honest, it worked perfectly. I could easily connect to any of their servers, and if I connected to a Netflix friendly server in Canada, I could just open the Netflix application and stream all the available content on Canadian Netflix.

In the same way, I could connect to an Amazon Prime friendly server in the USA and stream Amazon Prime content, and I could let the list go on.

PrivateVPN has good speeds on their servers, meaning that I didn’t experience much latency either using the service.

CyberghostVPN is another VPN that I have used with the Fire TV. They have a function that automatically connects to one of their VPN servers as the Fire TV comes to life and uses certain WiFi networks. This is useful if you always want to use a VPN, but to be honest, it isn’t really needed. At first, I thought I missed this function with PrivateVPN, but I really don’t. After all, I change VPN servers frequently (as I want to access different Netflix regions and so), and that is why I can just as well connect manually to a server in the country I am interested in.

Visit the PrivateVPN website(working very well with Fire TV)

In other words, I am very satisfied with my testing of the PrivateVPN service on my Amazon Fire TV Stick. I have also used it to watch FuboTV, Hulu, and some more services, and I didn’t have trouble at all.

If you want to give it a try, click the button above. If you have any PrivateVPN experience that you want to share, write a comment. You can also read a PrivateVPN review in the IP Address Guide.

Do not forget that PrivateVPN also can be used as you try to stream Amazon Prime on your laptop, your computer, your tablet or your phone while abroad. You can simply pick Amazon Prime as your requested service, and the application will automatically connect you to a server in the United States working with Amazon Prime. It is really smooth and easy.

One could say that the application isn’t the nicest out there. A lot could be done with it to make it look nicer. But, I would much rather have an ugly application that is working well, than a beautiful application that doesn’t really do the job.

I hope some of your questions have been answered in this article. If you have any further questions or comments, write them in the comment field. I will do my best to answer within 12 hours, at most 24 hours.

Have a wonderful day and enjoying watching content online on your Fire TV using the VPN services of PrivateVPN!

What are the differences between the Fire TV Stick generations?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a brilliant tool for those who want to transform their boring TV into a streaming platform with all sorts of opportunities. But, there has happened quite a lot with the Amazon Fire TV Sticks throughout the years, and since the 1st generation was released in 2014, until the 3rd generation was released in October 2018, quite a lot has happened. What are the main differences between the different Amazon Fire TV Sticks?

First of all, how can you find out what Fire TV Stick you have in your possession? You can most likely do the dating job yourself, because if you bought it between the autumn of 2014 and 2016, you probably have a Generation 1 Fire TV Stick. If you bought it between the autumn of 2016 and the autumn of 2018, you probably have a 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick, and if you have bought it late in 2018 or in 2019, you have a 3rd generation stick.

But, there is another way to find the version of your Fire TV Stick, and that is to read the following article in the IP Address Guide. There you can see pictures of the different controllers, and the remote is actually the key to identifying the generation of your Fire TV Stick.

An Amazon Fire TV Stick (First generation)
An Amazon Fire TV Stick (First generation)

What are the main differences between the Fire TV Stick generations?

If we want to make it short, there is the normal evolution of computer technology that is also taking place in the world of the Fire TV Sticks.

As a result, the processor is getting better and better (faster and faster) with the never generations of the Fire TV Stick. Not only is it getting faster, but the remote itself is also getting better. In the first generation the amount of buttons were limited. In the 2nd generation, you got the chance to use the Alexa Voice Remote, and in the third generation, you can turn on your TV with the remote and also control the volume. That is actually quite useful, so I am happy about the upgrade to the latest Fire TV Stick remote.

The most recent generation also has support for 4K (if you buy the more expensive version of the Fire TV Stick).

There are even more differences worth noticing.

The first generation of the Fire TV Stick had 8GB of space for internal storage (whereof 4,5 GB could be used by the user) and 1 GB of memory. It also had support for Bluetooth 3.0.

The second generation of the Fire TV Stick had exactly the same size of internal storage space, and it also came with 1 GB of memory. But, it came with support for Bluetooth 4.0.

The third generation didn’t come with more storage space, but the most important upgrade was the fact that it came with 1,5 GB of memory, something that can clearly be felt as you use the device. It is much faster than its predecessors.

These are some of the differences between the different generations of the Fire TV Stick.

Which generation is your Fire TV Stick? Are you satisfied with the Fire TV Stick? Or would you rather use a Google Chromecast or some other smart-device? Or maybe just buy a Smart TV right away instead of trying to transform your TV into a smart TV using a Fire TV Stick?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

How to watch Hulu (Live TV) on Fire Stick abroad?

Do you have a Hulu subscription and an Amazing Fire TV (Stick)? Would you like to enjoy it and watch the content while abroad, but all you get is a message telling you that the content is unavailable at your current location? That is a bummer, but you are in luck – there is a solution to your problem!

The Amazon Fire TV and the Amazon Fire TV Stick are brilliant tools that you can bring with you on a travel, connect it to a TV, and suddenly you will have access to lots of fantastic content, no matter where you might be in the world. And if you have a Hulu subscription, and especially if you have a Hulu Live TV subscription, there are fantastic opportunities waiting for you. With Hulu Live TV you can stream CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, lots of sports channels, news channels and more live, meaning that you can pay attention to what is happening in the United States, even though you might be in India, in Egypt, in Brazil, or maybe in Australia.

But, what can you do about the error messages that you get because you try to watch the content outside the United States?

Can I watch Hulu on my Fire TV Stick abroad?
How to watch Hulu Live TV on a Fire TV Stick abroad?

Watch Hulu on your Amazon Fire TV device abroad

To enjoy the content and the subscriptions you might have to streaming services in the USA while abroad, you will need to use a VPN. This is a tool that will help you drive the traffic on the Amazon Fire TV through a tunnel that is connected to a server in the USA, and thus all devices and websites will believe that you are located in the USA. In that way, you will be able to unblock all the streaming services in the USA that you have been used to enjoy.

For a long time, it was really complicated to get this to work. The first generation of Amazon Fire TV (Sticks) didn’t really support VPN services, and thus you had to setup the VPN connection directly on your router which was complicated, and almost impossible at times, especially for those in an apartment or in a hotel somewhere in which they didn’t even have access to the router.

But, now it is easy, and this is what you need to do!

Enjoy Hulu on your Amazon Fire TV abroad

To get this working, you need to sign up for the VPN services of PureVPN. This is a brilliant VPN provider, and guess what – they have an application in the App Store on your Fire TV (Stick) that you can download. Now all you have to do is to connect to a server in the USA with the PureVPN application on your Amazon Fire TV, and you will be able to stream all your favorite streaming services in the USA again, including Hulu and also Amazon Prime content.

Click the button above and sign up for the VPN services of PureVPN. You can then download their application to your Fire TV Stick and login with your credentials. After that, connect to a server in the USA and you are ready to go.

And did you know? You can use PureVPN on five devices at the same time. In other words, you can have the VPN running constantly on your Fire TV, and then at the same time use the VPN service on your mobile device, on your computer, on your iPad, and even at one more location – all at the same time. That is kind of brilliant, isn’t it? Why would you want to use PureVPN on your other devices as well?

With PureVPN you can unblock streaming services all across the world. You can, for example, watch BBC live streams in the UK using PureVPN. You can also watch ZDF in Germany, Tenplay in Australia, and popular streaming services in the USA like Fox, NBC, HBO Now, and more.

To make things even better (and safer), PureVPN has a 31-day full refund policy to make sure that you are satisfied with what you pay for. If you aren’t satisfied, you can have your money back.

Can I watch all Hulu content abroad with PureVPN?

Based on our tests, the answer is yes. You can watch all the on-demand programs, and also all live streams. There might be one or two live streams that are geographically limited to certain locations in the United States that cannot be reached, but that is unusual, and you should not really bump into this.

Troubleshooting with Hulu on Fire TV abroad

Why doesn’t the VPN connection seem to work? My IP address doesn’t change!

If you read through the article, you will notice that the oldest version of the Fire TV Stick (Generation 1) doesn’t support VPN connections. What generation do you have? Look at your remote. If it doesn’t have an on/off button and no voice recognition, then it is an old generation Fire TV controller, meaning that the VPN will not work on your Fire TV.

The Hulu Live TV content is still blocked when using a VPN

As mentioned in the article earlier, it might be that certain TV networks make their content available only in certain parts of the United States. In other words, the live stream would work, even if you were in the United States, simply because of your location. But, this is happening very seldom, so go ahead and try another live stream instead, and you should see that it is working properly.

Enjoy all the benefits of your Amazon Fire TV abroad

You do not have to suffer and feel bored, even when abroad! You can watch all your favorite shows on NBC, Fox, ABC, Hulu, American Netflix, FuboTV, and more using PureVPN on your Amazon Fire TV.

If you should have any trouble, a question, or maybe you just want to say thanks for the help – use the comment field beneath. I would love to hear from you!

Get a free Fire TV Stick right now!

Would you like to get a free Fire TV Stick? Who wouldn’t? Well, it ain’t gonna be completely free, but if you ever considered signing up for DirecTV, now is the time!

DirecTV is one of the leading services for those who want to cut the cables and watch all their stuff online. They are brilliant in many ways, even though I personally would use Fubo TV much rather than DirecTV. But, if you are in the mood for giving DirecTV a try, then you can now sign up and as a gift you will get a Amazon Fire TV Stick for free as a gift from Does it sound great? You can read more about the offer right here.

Free Fire TV Stick

This is in fact a very nice offer, as it gives you the chance to try either a month of DirecTV for free, or simply to get a Fire TV stick for free. The price of the two product are somewhat similar, meaning that you could consider this getting one of them for free. Not long ago I enjoyed a similar offer from HBO Now, only that was even nicer. They gave me a Google Chromecast for renewing my cancelled HBO Now subscription. I renewed for one month (which cost me 15USD) and for this price they sent me a Google Chromecast (which has a value of 35USD). So yes, thank you and I really appreciate that Chromecast.

Right now I feel tempted to get one more Fire TV Stick, but since I already have one, I do not really need to get one more, so I guess I will skip it this time. But, if you are interested, go ahead and give it a try.

If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick and wonder how to use it abroad, follow the instructions in this article.

If you want to enjoy this offer, but do not have an address in the USA to which DirecTV can send you the Fire TV Stick, then you should read the following article about how to get a temporary address in the USA (and have the post sent there forwarded to your address elsewhere in the world).

Amazon Fire TV Stick don’t see my WiFi network

I recently faced a challenge as my Amazon Fire TV Stick couldn’t see my WiFi network. My computer could see and connect to the WiFi network, so could my phone, but my Amazon Fire TV Stick did not even see the WiFi network. What did I do to make it work?

Amazon Fire TV Stick not seeing my WiFi network
What can be done if Amazon Fire TV Stick does not find your WiFi network?

This is a problem that I have had and what I did to make my Amazon Fire TV Stick see my WiFi network was to actually change the Authentication Method for the WiFi network from WPA2-Personal to WPA-Auto-Personal. I just did so and saved the settings on my router and at once afterwards I could discover the network also on my Amazon Fire TV Stick. And in addition I could find it and connect to it on my iPad which had not worked earlier.

That was in other words what I had to do as a result of my Amazon Fire TV Stick not discovering my WiFi network at all. If you face the same problem this can be worth trying, but I can of course not guarantee that you will actually succeed as you follow these instructions.

If you want to know more about the Amazon Fire TV Stick read the linked article, and if you want to know more about Amazon Prime, just look around here at my page.

How to mirror cell phone and tablet to Fire Stick or Fire TV?

Mirror COntent with Fire TVI have an Amazon Fire TV Stick and I really do like it. I always enjoy using it to watch content, but recently I wondered if I could use it to mirror content from my mobile phone (or tablet) as well. In other words, I wanted to show on my TV what was happening on my mobile phone. Is that possible with the Fire TV Stick or with a Fire TV?

The procedure to get this working is the same both for Fire TVs and for Fire TV Sticks so go ahead. First of all you will need to press your home button on the Fire TV (stick) control. Once at the home screen press home once more and choose to mirror the screen. You will now see the name of your TV and now it is time to find your tablet or your cell phone that you want to mirror to the TV screen.

Now before you continue it is important to know that not all cell phones and tablets support this, so for example the cheapest Fire 7 tablet from Amazon which I bought a few months ago do not support this. But, I also have a Google cell phone and with this I was able to mirror its content to my TV through the Fire TV Stick.

So, you can easily check if it is possible in this way.

  • Enter Settings on your tablet or cell phone.
  • Choose Display.
  • Some devices will here have a function named Mirroring. My Google phone has a function named Cast. Choose mirroring or cast. If no such option exist your device probably does not support mirroring.
  • If it do support mirroring then at once select to mirror to the Fire TV Stick which should show up.
  • On my Google Phone I did not see the stick at once, but I had to Enable Wireless Display in the options found after I pressed Cast, and then I found the stick at once and could start mirroring content!

I hope these instructions have helped you and that you will now be able to show content played on your mobile phone or tablet and have it shown on your big TV screen using the Fire TV or Fire TV stick as a mediator in a few minutes from now.

If you have questions or comments just write, but I can not guarantee that I will be able to help!

How to change nation of my Amazon Fire TV (Stick)?

move from amazon com to amazon ukAs I bought my Amazon Fire TV Stick I had an Amazon account in the US with an Amazon Prime account connected to it. Then just out of curiosity I wondered if I could change the nation of my Fire TV Stick so that I could enjoy the UK version instead with UK Prime possibilities and the UK apps made available. How did my research go?

At the Amazon help page they say that you can change the nation of your user and change the nation to the UK, and then you can change the nation. Instead of doing so I created a brand new user at registered with a UK address. As you come up with an address, make sure to follow the suggestions from so that the address ends up the way they suggest it!

You will also need to add a Credit Card to this account, as that is needed. I used my Entropay account number, but you can use any other card number as well, at last it seems so to me.

Now you can start your Amazon Fire TV Stick, and then go to Settings – My Account. There you need to disconnect, deregister, your current account, and then type in the information for the new account you just created. If you do this only then it might work, so give it a try, but for me it did not really try, because a last and very important step was missing… the UK IP address.

To fix this I could do two things…

  1. Setup a VPN connection directly on my router to connect to a VPN server in the UK, and thus all movements done online would be done with a UK IP address.
  2. Intead I used Connectify Pro on my Windows computer and shared a manual setup VPN connection as a WiFi network. In other words I connected to a VPN server in the UK, shared this connection using Connectify, and connected to that WiFi network with the Fire TV Stick.

I then restarted the Fire TV Stick and once I got back I could see the BBC apps, Sky apps, TV Player app and more. This is how I changed the country of my Amazon Fire TV Stick from USA to the UK, without actually staying in any of the mentioned nations.

Can I sideload BBC and other UK apps to US registered Fire TV Stick?

BBC newsIf you have a Fire TV Stick which is registered to your American Amazon account, you will also see apps related to the United States available inside the Fire TV Stick menu system. But, we all know that if you have the Fire TV Stick and the user registered in the UK, then you will see different apps connected to the UK available (such as BBC and more). But, if I want to get UK applications to my Fire TV Stick (sideload them) while using all the American applications as well, can that be done?

Based on my own testing the answer is that you can sideload for example the BBC iPlayer app from your Android device to the Fire TV Stick, but it will not work well, because this is not the app really made for the Fire TV Stick, but for Android devices. So, it will work and you can read more about sideloading Android apps to your Fire TV Stick here, but it will not work as good as the real Fire TV Stick applications do.

Another option could be to create a brand new user and register this with a UK address and so, and then use this user with your Fire TV Stick. But do not forget that you will need a UK IP address for this to work well with the UK apps. I have not tested this myself yet, but it sounds like something that will work, so I will test it and write more on this topic in the future!

How to sideload Android apps to Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Sideload Android appsDo you want to sideload some good Android apps to your Amazon Fire TV Stick? It is very easy, so just follow these steps and you will be ready to enjoy your sideloaded Android apps on your Fire TV Stick in a few minutes.

  • First of all you will need to download Apps2Fire application to your Android device.
  • Start your Amazon Fire TV Stick and go to System – Settings – Developer Options.
  • Enable ADB Debugging and enable Apps from unknown sources.
  • Visit System – Settings – About – Network.
  • Write down the IP address of the Fire TV Stick.
  • Open Apps2Fire on your Android device and enter the IP address of the Fire TV Stick.
  • You can now choose which applications you want to upload to the Fire TV Stick.
  • Once uploaded you will find these applications under Settings – Applications – Manage uploaded applications.

You might get some trouble running these applications, as they are not really made for Amazon Fire TV Stick. Since your TV is not using a touch screen, but Android apps are made for touch screens, you will not be able to use the menu system in a convenient way. There are different ways to fix this problem, but the quickest and maybe easiest is to use a Bluetooth mouse which can be connected to your Amazon Fire TV Stick easily. If you would rather just use your mobile device as a mouse then you can install Wukong Remote on your Android device and then you should have this working much better at once. It is still not perfect, but you will be able to move around inside the applications and start whatever function you are looking for!

Considering becoming an Amazon Prime member to enjoy your Amazon Fire TV Stick even more? Read more about watching Amazon Prime from outside US here!

Working for you as well? Write a comment to let us know you are grateful for these instructions. Not working? Ask your question, and maybe we can help!

Setup your router for Amazon Fire TV Stick!

Fire TV

If you have an Amazon Fire TV Stick, but live in a nation where you can not watch Amazon Instant Videos or subscribe to Amazon Prime and maybe not watch Netflix either, then it is time to fix the problem. The solution is setting up your router for the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

The basic problem is that services such as Amazon Instant Video, Amazon Prime, Netflix and lots of TV channels are made for watching and enjoying in the United States. In the moment you leave the nation and go overseas (or somewhere else) things will not work that good anymore. To get things working, this is what you need to do!

If you want to use your UK Fire TV Stick abroad or German Fire TV stick abroad, just change United States with Germany in all the descriptions in this article. The solution is the same.

Enjoy Amazon Fire TV Stick abroad

Here is what you will need to do.

  1. Make sure to have an account registered with an address in the United States.
  2. Get yourself a subscription to Unlocator (it is totally free for seven days, no payment information needed).
    Visit Unlocator website
  3. Confirm your subscription to Unlocator in email.
  4. Now you need to setup Unlocator on your router. The address to your router is normally or or Login and there you should setup the router to run with the DNS servers provided by the Unlocator SmartDNS service. For more information on how this actually works we recommend reading the tutorials on the Unlocator website.
  5. In the Unlocator control panel you can setup in which region you want to watch Amazon video. By default you will use, but if you setup in the control panel of Unlocator for to be used or, you can get access to those instead.
  6. Restart your router and connect to the WiFi connection provided by the router with your Amazon Fire TV Stick, and it should now be working.

This may sound very easy, and if you use Unlocator it should be easy. Hopefully it will work quickly for you, but if you have problems you can try asking here, but the best will often be to contact Unlocator directly so that they can help you.

If you simply want more information about watching Amazon Prime from abroad on a laptop, Android system or on iOS, read the following article.

Since Unlocator is totally free to try for seven days it is very easy to get started and no risk at all involved. You may need some technical insight to set it up on your router, but Unlocator has very detailed guides telling you how to setup their services on different routers, so it should be very easy for you to setup your Amazon Fire TV Stick for use outside the United States, outside the UK and outside Germany!