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New on Amazon Prime in October 2018

So, what is coming to Amazon Prime in October 2018 in the United States? If you are a fan of Amazon original content, this will be quite a good month with a combination of interesting movies and TV series showing up. The most interesting movie coming to Amazon Prime in October 2018 is You Were Never Really There. I have written about the movie earlier, as I got to chance… Read More »

Mr. Robot season 2 on Amazon Prime (US)

It is quite incredible, but 10 months after the second season of Mr. Robot arrived on Amazon Prime in the UK, it has finally arrived to US Prime as well. Mr. Robot tells us the story about the brilliant computer guy who is both working at a security company, while hacking and causing trouble outside work time. It is a very awarded TV series, and for that reason I streamed… Read More »

Coming to Amazon Prime in July 2017

Here is a complete list presenting all the newcomers and great stuff coming to Amazon Prime in July 2017. There might not be lots of highlights, but some are present. Mr. Robot season 2 will come to Amazon Prime. That should be a real highlight for Mr. Robot fans, but I doubt that there are any serious Mr Robot fans out there who haven’t streamed the second season yet. After… Read More »

Watch Mr. Robot with Amazon Prime in the UK

Mr. Robot just won some Golden Globe awards and I guess you want to watch the show if you have not yet watched it. But there is one problem and that is the fact that you can not find Mr. Robot on Hulu and Netflix. And you can not find it on Amazon.com yet either, only as Instant Videos, but if you have a Prime subscription in the UK or… Read More »

Watch Mr. Robot online on Amazon.com

Mr. Robot just won several Golden Globe awards and thousands of people are out there on the Internet looking for ways in which they can watch Mr. Robot online. Are you among them? Earlier it existed on Hulu, but it is not available there for everyone, it can not be seen on Netflix either… but you can watch it on Amazon.com. At the time I am writing this you can… Read More »