What’s up with the Amazon commercials in Murder Mystery, a Netflix original movie?

Yesterday, I got to watch the movie Murder Mystery on Netflix. It is a brand new Netflix original movie starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. I have got to admit that I had a great time watching it. That might disturb you or make you judgmental considering me and my feelings about movies, but I don’t really care. I had a great time stream Murder Mystery on Netflix, and the movie gave me some great laughs, especially the very last scene of the movie.

So, I enjoyed the humor and the movie itself. But, one thing that amazed me twice during the movie was the attention that was given to Amazon Gift Cards. In my mind, Amazon and Netflix are major competitors, and that is why Netflix would stay clear away from anything that would give any attention to their dear opponent. So, how come Adam Sandler walks around in a store to buy a present for his wife, only to zoom in on the Amazon Gift card several times, ending up buying one, and then later even discussing the Amazon Gift Card during the dinner at which he plans to hand over the present.

What's up with the Amazon Gift Cards in Murder Mystery on Netflix?
What’s up with the Amazon Gift Cards in Murder Mystery on Netflix?

I haven’t given away and big points of the movie by writing about this (so no worries), but I just remained amazed at this. Aren’t Netflix and Amazon opponents anymore? I don’t really understand this and have no clue as to how come this happened.

How did Amazon end up so clearly in a Netflix original movie?

It just had to be that way to make the joke come true…

You might say that it was just an important part of the movie and that it had to be this way for the intended joke to work out? Maybe that is so, but it still sounds strange to me. However, it might be a part of the freedom given to the director of the movie and the story writer, even though it is a Netflix original creation.

Amazon paid a lot to get featured in the movie…

We all know that companies pay to get featured in TV series and movies. We have often seen the Nintendo featured in The Big Bang Theory, we all know that the talk show host and his guests often will be served drinks where you can see the bottle clearly (working as a commercial) and people drinking a certain kind of bear on a warm summer day before getting into action.

The same might have happened with Murder Mystery on Netflix? Maybe Amazon used this to give their gift card’s some attention to Netflix viewers?

Maybe this was meant as a way to look down on those buying Amazon gift cards?

This is a third option that came to my mind. During the dinner in which the gift card came into discussion, the lady says that she clearly consider Adam Sandler to be the “Amazon Gift Card kind of guy.” That doesn’t exactly come as a compliment, meaning that it was a way of calling him a boring guy with no color or creativity. Was that the intention when they decided

What are your thoughts? Did you like the movie?

Have you seen Murder Mystery on Netflix? Did you like the movie? Why do you think the Amazon Gift Cards were given so much attention in the start of the movie? Was it a coincidence to get the point through, or was this a paid for commercial by Amazon?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this!

Can I stream Murder Mystery on Amazon.com?

You cannot stream the movie on Amazon.com at all currently. Since this is a Netflix original, I do not expect it to come very soon. Half a year ago, Netflix released Birdbox, and this movie still cannot be bought or streamed on Amazon.com, with or without an Amazon Prime subscription.

In other words, you better get yourself a Netflix subscription if you intend to stream this movie online sometime soon!

Rotten Tomatoes ain’t always right

As I was surfing around on Netflix I noticed this film from 2015 named Survivor with Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich in the main roles. It sounded too good to be true with this film already being available on Netflix so I looked around and noticed that it only had an 8% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 5,6 rating on IMDB.

The 8% score on Rotten Tomatoes made me think that this was a film not at all worth watching. But, the IMDB rating of 5,6 is a quite average score, and you will find lots of films that I like with such a score and lots of films that I do not like with such a score or a much higher score. Even though I was hesitating I finally decided to give Survivor a go, especially since I do like good action films, and it did not take more than 10 minutes before I decided to watch all the film, because this was a film after my taste!

rotten tomatoes not right

I must say that Survivor is not a film I would watch again, but it shares some similarities with Jason Bourne films, except for the fact that a lady is a person everyone is hunting for. And to be honest, even though I liked the Jason Bourne films I would probably not watch those over again either. So this is not a classic, but if you want to watch a good action film and maybe see lots of clips from the beautiful city of London, then Survivor is great for that purpose and it for sure deserves better than its current 8% score at Rotten Tomatoes.

The film is not ultra violent either, but it is simply tense and you will want to watch it all the way to the end as you get going, so if you want to know more about the film or just watch it, read more on how to watch it online on Netflix in the current article.

For those who want to know more about the film then you can either watch the trailer or read more about the film at IMDB.

Manchester By The Sea on Netflix?!?!

Last year I wrote a few articles about Manchester By The Sea, and I said, that it will probably never get to Netflix. I was wrong!

Manchester By The Sea is an Amazon Original Movie, and it is one of the most successful original Amazon movies so far. Casey Affleck won an Oscar statue for his performance as a highly depressed guy who has to move back to his hometown after his father dies. The film is completely depressing from start till end, but the critics often enjoy such stuff, so I guess that is the reason for its success.

Manchester by the sea

Well, back then I said that this movie will never get to Netflix, simply because it is an Amazon Original Movie. In the same way, Orange is the New Black will never become a part of the Amazon Prime package, as it is a Netflix original.

But again, I was wrong. Not about Orange is the New Black, but about Manchester By The Sea. The movie can now be streamed on Netflix. It cannot be seen on US Netflix, so I guess Amazon has secured themselves. Instead, it can be seen by people with a Netflix subscription in South Korea. The reason might be that Amazon will not set their foot in South Korea (probably), and then it feels quite okay to let people watch their original content, even if it has to be on Netflix.

Now, I highly doubt that Manchester by the Sea will ever be added to Netflix in countries in which there exist an Amazon store, and especially an available Amazon Prime subscription. But, I was wrong once, and I might turn out to be wrong again. Who knows?

For more information on how to watch Netflix abroad, visit netflix.fromabroad.org. There is no method for watching South Korean Netflix there, but you can read about how to watch quite a lot of other regions.

Are you interested in enjoying your Amazon Prime subscription abroad? Stay here at amazonprime.fromabroad.org instead.

Can I watch Netflix original content on Amazon?

Netflix and Amazon are great rivals fighting for every single customer. They are the giants in the streaming world, and it makes the question very interesting: “Can I watch Netflix original content on Amazon?”

Have you ever been to a restaurant where you could choose between Pepsi Cola and Coca-Cola? The answer is probably no. The reason is simply, because when a restaurant makes an agreement with one brand, they at the same time promise to not sell products of the opponent. That is why you will find restaurant with Pepsi products or Coca-Cola products, but seldom find a place with products from both brands. So, is the same true in the streaming world?

can i watch netflix content on Amazon
Can I stream Netflix original content on Amazon?

Can I watch Netflix Original content on Amazon?

Let me first approach the first part of the question. Can Netflix original content be streamed on Amazon? I will later also answer whether or not you can watch original Amazon content on Netflix. But, let me first start with Netflix content on Amazon.

At Netflix you will find a large amount of original productions and TV series, created for and by Netflix. Examples of such productions are Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Narcos, Hemlock Grove, BoJack Horseman, Fuller House, Master of None and lots of other series. These series are brilliant, because no matter which Netflix regions you might be in, these will for sure be available there. But, can you stream them on Amazon?

You will be surprised to discover that almost all Netflix original content will be available on Amazon.com. You will never find the content available in your Amazon Prime subscription, but if you are willing to pay, then you can buy the content either on DVD, Blu-Ray or pay for the rights to stream the content online. The answer is therefore yes! But, streaming the content is quite expensive, so for the same price you stream a season of House of Cards, you can enjoy three months with a normal Netflix subscription. For more information on how you can access Netflix content in different Netflix regions, visit netflix.fromabroad.org.

Can I watch Amazon Original content on Netflix?

That is the other side of the coin, and the answer does not come as a surprise. You can NOT stream Amazon original content on Netflix. How come? Amazon productions like Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, The Grand Tour and Sneaky Pete can not be seen on Netflix. Since Netflix comes without any “pay-per-watch” option, it is impossible to stream the Amazon content on Netflix. I can also say it like this. If Amazon original content would become available on Netflix, then the reason for subscribing to Amazon Video would disappear, and everyone would go to Netflix instead.

That is why you will need an Amazon Video (Amazon Prime) subscription if you want to watch the Amazon original content, while you do not need a Netflix account in order to stream the original Netflix content. But, let me repeat myself once more and say that it will be much cheaper to watch Netflix original content with a Netflix account than it will be buying it on Amazon.com.

Netflix just followed in the footsteps of Amazon

netflix-in-the-footsteps-of-amazonWhen it comes to blocking VPN and SmartDNS services Amazon has followed in the footsteps of Netflix. But, when it comes to availability offline it is the other way around!

It is almost funny to see how Netflix had to turn around on their “no-offline” viewing policy. It was, if I remember correct, in the start of 2016 that their press manager said that Netflix will not become available offline. This was just not a needed function, especially since Netflix just became available in nations all across the globe. But, there was an error in this thought. There are lots of places around the globe where Wi-Fi is still missing. And when you are out travelling it is often hard to find Wi-Fi. What are Netflix users to do then? Maybe sign up for Amazon Prime and watch Amazon movies offline instead? That is of course out of the question for Netflix, and thus they had to take action.

The result is that you can now download quite a lot of Netflix content in the applications for iOS and Android and watch it offline. It is just as easy to use as it is in the Amazon Videos application. I have written an article on this also on the Netflix from Abroad website, so if you want to find out more about how to watch Netflix offline and how it works, click the linked article.

Does this make Netflix better than Amazon Prime?

Of course not, but it for sure makes Netflix much better. The battle between Netflix and Amazon Prime is much more about content than anything else. Which platform has the content you want. I must admit that they are both great, but Amazon Prime still gives access to free music, free books and other advantages, in addition to the movies and TV series, so I am glad I do not have to decide between Netflix and Amazon Prime – I go for both of them!

House of Cards season 4 is on Amazon.com

If you are a fan of the original Netflix series House of Cards, then you will be pleased to know that you can now buy the entire fourth season on Amazon.com.

House of Cards on Amazon

I would of course ask myself the question first if it is worth spending 30USD to buy the fourth season of House of Cards on Amazon.com, when a monthly fee for Netflix is about 10USD. In other words, you can spend three months watching Netflix (with all 4 seasons of House of Cards) and lots of other great content, or you can buy the fourth season all by itself on Amazon.com. Now, I know which solution I would go for, but I will of course leave that entirely up to you. If you in addition have a subscription to different VPN providers you can also get access to lots of different Netflix regions, so there are for sure smarter ways to use those 30 USD than to buy the fourth season on Amazon.com.

Am I saying that you should not watch House of Cards season 4? Not at all! I am not a personal fan of House of Cards myself, but I know that it is super popular, so you should for sure go ahead and watch it. But, I am just saying that you might do smarter in watching it on Netflix instead of at Amazon.com.

If you do not agree with me, then you can visit Amazon.com and buy it there right away on DVD and Blu-Ray. It is not available as an Instant Video (yet), but it might come in the near future.


No unblocker and proxy error at Amazon.com

Are you tired of the M7111-1331-5059, M7031-1111 or similar error codes at Netflix? Would you like to watch a film available in another Netflix region, but can’t? Give Amazon Instant Video a try instead!

It is getting very hard to change your Netflix region nowadays and I have written quite a  lot about that at netflix.fromabroad.org. That is why I also want to say that it is much easier and convenient in many ways simply to watch the titles you are interested in on Amazon.com as Instant Videos instead. You could also consider an Amazon Prime subscription, but if you a first of all interested in blockbusters and new films, then the best and cheapest is simply to rent them as Instant Videos on Amazon.com.

Error Code: M7111-1331-5059
Leave the Error Code M7111-1331-5059 behind, and watch blockbusters on Amazon.com instead!

If you are located outside the United States I recommend that you follow these instructions which will tell you how to watch Instant Videos abroad. As you read those instructions you will find out how to get yourself an Amazon.com account, how to pay for Instant Videos without an American payment card and you can start renting films recently released on DVD for only a few dollars each.

Some Amazon.com rental price examples

  • Rent Mockingjay 2 for only 4USD
  • Rent The Big Short for only 4 USD
  • Rent Spotlight for only 5 USD
  • and so much more

You can of course also purchase the films and have permanent access to them if that is something you want to.

You will need a PureVPN subscriptiont to get yourself an American IP address which you will need in order to watch Amazon Instant Videos from abroad, but once you have that in order you are ready to watch Instant Videos and you can get access to the latest blockbusters way faster than you ever could at Netflix.

Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)And if you want to get access to lots of other content as well, then you should consider an Amazon Prime subscription which will give you access to a big library of movies and TV series, in addition to free Kindle book every month, access to free books in the Amazon lending library, unlimited photo storage online, access to Amazon Music (almost like Spotify) and so much more.

I hope I have given you some good ideas and that you will consider this, because this is way more convenient in most cases than fighting the proxy and unblocker error M7111-1331-5059, M7031-1111 or similar error messages on Netflix.

What do you think? Do you like my idea?

Watch Orange is the New Black on Amazon.com

Orange is the New BLackOrange is the New Black is the success series from Netflix and you can of course watch the episodes online on the Netflix website. But, if you would prefer watching Orange is the New Black on Amazon.com then that can also be done of course.

If you click the link above you can watch Orange is the New Black as an Instant Video on Amazon, but do not forget that you can also buy Orange is the New Black as a DVD and watch all the episodes on your TV screen using a DVD or Blu-Ray.

Am I a personal fan of Orange is the New Black? Not really, but still this has enjoyed a great success and for sure there is a reason for that, so if you want to watch Orange is the New Black online on Amazon.com or simply order it on a disc and watch it at home, then that can be done easily!

If you want to watch this as an Instant Video on Amazon.com but you are located in Europe or some other continent (which is not Northern America), then read the following article for more information on how you can watch Amazon Instant Videos and become a Prime member from abroad.