Rotten Tomatoes ain’t always right

As I was surfing around on Netflix I noticed this film from 2015 named Survivor with Pierce Brosnan and Milla Jovovich in the main roles. It sounded too good to be true with this film already being available on Netflix so I looked around and noticed that it only had an 8% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 5,6 rating on IMDB.

The 8% score on Rotten Tomatoes made me think that this was a film not at all worth watching. But, the IMDB rating of 5,6 is a quite average score, and you will find lots of films that I like with such a score and lots of films that I do not like with such a score or a much higher score. Even though I was hesitating I finally decided to give Survivor a go, especially since I do like good action films, and it did not take more than 10 minutes before I decided to watch all the film, because this was a film after my taste!

rotten tomatoes not right

I must say that Survivor is not a film I would watch again, but it shares some similarities with Jason Bourne films, except for the fact that a lady is a person everyone is hunting for. And to be honest, even though I liked the Jason Bourne films I would probably not watch those over again either. So this is not a classic, but if you want to watch a good action film and maybe see lots of clips from the beautiful city of London, then Survivor is great for that purpose and it for sure deserves better than its current 8% score at Rotten Tomatoes.

The film is not ultra violent either, but it is simply tense and you will want to watch it all the way to the end as you get going, so if you want to know more about the film or just watch it, read more on how to watch it online on Netflix in the current article.

For those who want to know more about the film then you can either watch the trailer or read more about the film at IMDB.

TV Series and Movies coming to Amazon Prime in November 2016

There are some real goodies arriving to Amazon Prime in November 2016. Here you can read through the full list and read which titles I believe to be the most important.

Every month I try to write articles presenting the new TV series and Movies that will come to Amazon Prime in the upcoming month. There are quite a lot of blogs online writing such posts, but since I have lots of visitors to this blog, I know that many of them appreciate these blog posts. Are you curious about what November will have to offer you as an Amazon Prime member? October came with some real goodies, but even cooler than the new movies and TV series, was the addition of Prime Reading, something you get for free included with your Prime subscription.

I will first give you the full list of TV Series and Movies coming to Amazon Prime in November 2016, and if you scroll down to the end of it you can read my comments on the new TV series and movies coming.

James Bond fans will enjoy the new movies coming to Amazon Prime in November 2016

What’s coming to Amazon Prime in november 2016?

A View to a Kill – November 1
Addams Family Values – November 1
Barbershop (2002) – November 1
Be Cool – November 1
Courage Mountain – November 1
Death at a Funeral (2007) – November 1
Deterrence – November 1
Diamonds are Forever – November 1
Die Another Day – November 1
Dr. No – November 1
Enter The Ninja – November 1
Erin Brockovich – November 1
Fatal Attraction – November 1
Fletch (1985) – November 1
For Your Eyes Only – November 1
From Russia with Love (1963) – November 1
Get Shorty – November 1
Goldeneye – November 1
Goldfinger – November 1
Good Advice – November 1
Happily N’Ever After (2006) – November 1
Happily N’Ever After 2: Snow White – November 1
Legally Blonde – November 1
Licence to Kill – November 1
Live and Let Die – November 1
Major League – November 1
Man with the Golden Gun – November 1
Matilda (1996) – November 1
Meet Joe Black – November 1
Mermaids (1990) – November 1
Moonraker (1979) – November 1
Never Say Never Again – November 1
Octopussy – November 1
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service – November 1
Rocky (1976) – November 1
Rocky II – November 1
Rocky III – November 1
Rocky IV – November 1
Rocky V – November 1
Rollerball (1975) – November 1
Rollerball (2002) – November 1
Rounders – November 1
Shadows and Fog – November 1
Terms of Endearment – November 1
the Addams Family (1991) – November 1
The Conversation – November 1
The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane – November 1
The Living Daylights – November 1
The Spy Who Loved Me – November 1
The Switch (2010) – November 1
The World Is Not Enough – November 1
Thunderball – November 1
Tomorrow Never Dies – November 1
Top Secret! – November 1
Up in the Air (2009) – November 1
Urban Cowboy – November 1
You Only Live Twice (1967) – November 1
A Monster with a Thousand Heads – November 7
Steve McQueen: The Man & Le Mans – November 7
The Haunting in Connecticut – November 7
Green Room (2015) – November 12
Almost Holy – November 14
Miss you Already – November 17
Patton Oswalt: Comedy Plus Tragedy Equals Time – November 17
Creed – November 19

November is a month for Rocky fans

It was just yesterday when I wrote an article on the movies and TV series that will come to Hulu in November 2016. And as always there are lots of similarities between the two lists. And just like Rocky Balboa will come heavily to Hulu in November 2016 he will also make his presence known on Amazon Prime. You can in other words stream all the Rocky Balboa movies with Sylvester Stallone as the main hero on Amazon Prime in November. In addition you can also stream Creed, the blockbuster movie from 2015 in which Rocky Balboa (aka Sylvester Stallone) has stepped out to become the coach of a brand new talent.

November is a month for James Bond fans

James Bond fans with a Hulu subscription can rejoice, and the same is true for James Bond fans with an Amazon Prime subscription. It is in fact a bit better on Amazon Prime as there are no commercials there. There will not be commercials on Hulu either, at least not if you have the commercial free version. But, if you have the cheaper version you will be interrupted by commercials, and thus it will be better for you to watch the James Bond films on instead. Here you can watch all James Bond films from the first till the last James Bond films with Pierce Brosnan. The first film is Dr. No from 1962 while Die Another Day is the last James Bond movie with Pierce Brosnan playing our superhero.

The Night Manager will come to Amazon Prime

If you haven’t seen The Night Manager yet you are in for a treat on in November. This is the brilliant TV series which won lots of awards. It features Tom Hiddleston in the role as a Night Manager at a hotel in Cairo. He falls in love in a later who is later killed and Tom Hiddelston wants to take down the killers. But, that ain’t an easy job and thus you can follow him in this fantastic TV series in eight episodes. In addition to Tom Hiddleston you can also enjoy the acting of Hugh Laurie who plays the bad guy Mr. Roper in a brilliant way. This is a real highlight, so make sure not to miss out on The Night Manager as it arrives to Amazon Prime in November 2016.


What do you look forward to in November 2016?

What do you look forward to on Amazon Prime in November 2016? Are you looking forward to the James Bond movies, the Rocky movies or maybe The Night Manager? Or are you looking forward to something completely different? Write in the comment field and let me know what you look forward to!

Watch Some Kind of Beautiful on Amazon Instant Video

Some Kind of Beautiful onlineA brand new film has been made available on Amazon Instant Video and the title is Some Kind of Beautiful and it is starring Pierce Brosnan, Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba.

The film is a real standard, but still funny and romantic comedy, where Pierce Brosnan is the guy who simply never wants to get married but who only wants to enjoy life and enjoy all the girls the planet has to offer. Things get a bit more complicated when children come into the world, and things get even more complicated as two of the girls he really like are sisters played by Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba. Another way the film is described and the story line says it like this: “A woman (Salma Hayek) starts to fall in love with a successful college professor (Pierce Brosnan) who had a baby with her younger sister (Jessica Alba).” Sounds interesting?

If you can not watch Amazon Instant Videos online because you are outside the United States, read the following article.

I have not yet seen this film myself, but it looks kind of cool, so I might watch it. I should also mention that it has not received much praise online so it has a 14% score by Metacritic. Despite the poor Metacritic score the IMDB users are a bit more friendly and the film score is currently 5,7/10 at IMDB.

Did you like the film? Watch the trailer and then watch the film itself later.