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Free Prime books in August 2016

Every month you can get access to a Kindle book for free as a Prime member. The free book has to be chosen from a selection of six books, which will only be made available to the public in the next month. In this case this means that you as a Prime member can get access to books that anyone else visiting Amazon.com only can get access to in September… Read More »

Free Prime book in July 2016

Do you have your Amazon Prime subscription and want to enjoy it to the full? Do not forget about the upcoming Prime Day on July 12th and do not forget about the free Prime book you can pick every single month. Maybe you did not know about it yet, but every month Amazon lets you pick between six brand new books that you as a Prime member can download for… Read More »

Can I watch Amazon Videos offline?

Are you used to watching Amazon Instant Videos and wonder if it is possible to watch them offline? Recently I answered the same question related to Netflix and there the answer is no. So, how is Amazon when it comes to offline watching? This is a really interesting question and the answer is partly yes. You read correctly, the answer is partly yes! It is possible to watch Amazon videos… Read More »