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Get ready for Prime Day 2018

Every year, in the middle of the summer, Amazon is arranging their so-called Prime Day. On this day Prime members get access to fantastic offers, and of course, not so fantastic offers. In China, November 11th is the date of the so-called Singles Day. On this day enormous bargains can be made, and it might be the biggest shopping day in the world every year. But, Amazon is doing their… Read More »

Prime Reading expands to Germany and England

Prime Reading was first available in the USA only, but recently Amazon expanded and made their book lending service available in the UK and in Germany as well. When I first read about Prime Reading I was really enthusiastic about the service, and for that reason I wrote several articles about the service. I have even written some articles on books I have read borrowed from Amazon with Amazon Prime.… Read More »

Prime Day coming up on July 12th

Do you have a Prime subscription in USA, in Germany, in England or in another country? Make ready for an Amazon national day and what they call the biggest day for shopping in the year! On July 12th it is time for Amazon Prime day and on this day there will be chances to win great prices, there will be discounts on electronic devices and other products and new offers… Read More »