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New titles on Prime Reading

Most people sign up for Amazon Prime because of the videos and TV series. I agree to that, but since the launching of Prime Reading that has turned into one of my favorite parts of Prime Reading as well. I have already read quite a lot of books that was “given” to me for free with my Amazon Prime account, and in February even more great books were added. The… Read More »

Do some Habit Stacking with Amazon Prime Reading

Recently I downloaded and read the book “Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less” from Amazon.com. It came for free as a part of Prime Reading, so why not? I always enjoy a good book, and the book about habit stacking easily caught my attention. It sounded like an easy book to read and since it was for free, why not? It was a real… Read More »

Do not forget to read those books!

If you want to stay young you need to get in the habit of learning. If you want to learn, you better get in the habit of reading books. If you want to read books, then you better have an Amazon Prime subscription! Henry Ford is known to have said that being old is more about a state of being than a number. You can be young and still be… Read More »

Prime Reading is here!

My Amazon Prime subscription just got better without me doing anything. Instead Amazon.com created Prime Reading which seems to be a brilliant service. I recently heard about the fact that Amazon.com launched a new product named Prime Reading on October 5th. My first reaction was to do a quick search in Google for “What is Prime Reading.” Luckily I find my answer right away. I quickly understood that Prime Reading… Read More »