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Watch Baywatch on Amazon Prime

Would you like to get the beach feeling this summer without going to the beach? It is possible, just watch Baywatch on Amazon.com, included with your Prime subscription. The Baywatch movie from 2017 hasn’t received a lot of good reviews. To be honest, there are not many movies that have a critics score of 17% on Rotten Tomatoes, but the Baywatch movie has accomplished that. Now, it should be mentionedā€¦ Read More »

Bad Neighbors 2 on Amazon

The sequel to Bad Neighbors will be released in Amazon stores around the world in September. It can already be bought on Amazon.co.uk, it will be released on Amazon.de on September 15th and on Amazon.com at September 20th. I did not really enjoy the first Bad Neighbors movie a lot. It had some good jokes and touched some truths about marriage and some of the challenges married couples might faceā€¦ Read More »