Watch NBC with the NBC app for Amazon Fire TV (Stick)

By | March 2, 2016

NBC App Amazon Fire TVI have been waiting for a NBC app to be released for Amazon Fire TV for a while. Yesterday I searched for it by a coincidence and realised that it was released just around Christmas 2015.

So the NBC app for Amazon Fire TV has been available for some months, but I did not know about it before yesterday. What is important however is that it has arrived, making it very easy and cool to follow your favorite NBC series using the Amazon Fire TV (Stick). I am use the stick version and I could simply search for NBC and found the app at once and downloaded it to the stick. Afterwards I could launch the application and watch a whole lot of episodes from my favorite NBC series right away.

What is great about the NBC App for Amazon Fire TV is that you can watch far more episodes of the shows than you can just visiting the normal NBC website. It is also very neat to move between the different shows and I will for sure keep on using it. If you want to know more about the Amazon Fire TV Stick just press the link. If you want to know more about how you can watch NBC overseas, just press the link for that.

For me to be able to watch the NBC app using my Amazon Fire TV Stick I had Unlocator configured on my router, and thus I can easily change Netflix regions, watch Amazon Instant Videos and Prime videos, watch Hulu and now also watch NBC using the NBC app from Europe.Visit Unlocator website

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8 thoughts on “Watch NBC with the NBC app for Amazon Fire TV (Stick)

  1. Lori Hawks

    how do I watch The Voice new season 12 on NBC on the ?amazon fire tv stick

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      Hello, you need to have the NBC application installed on your Fire TV (Stick), and inside the app you will be able to stream the newest The Voice episodes. So far only one episode has been aired, but as new episodes are broadcasted in the USA, you will be able to stream them in the NBC application on your Fire Stick.

  2. Carrie Walker

    I want to watch This Is Us on my NBC app using the fire stick. It asks me to sign in with my TV provider account which is Dish. Why would I need to do that if I’m using fire stick not Dish? I don’t have a Dish online account

    1. Christine Wilson Post author

      They ask you about this, to confirm that you actually are a Dish user. You should simply contact your Dish customer service and ask them for the login and credentials you need in order to make this work!

  3. Juby

    I was able to CONNECT to NBC with my fire stick and no it will not connect how do fix this

  4. Billy Holmes

    I have the amazon fire (stick), how much is the fee for the nbc app once the free trial is over?

      1. Bill

        Live tv is not free on app if you don’t have a tv provider like xfinity, dish etc . You can watch tv shows and movies but not live tv after the trial ends. I don’t know how much it cost so I just go a hdtv antenna and was shocked to see how clear it comes in over the air for watching live tv


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