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An Upload review – is the new Amazon series worth watching?

Upload is the name of a brand new Amazon original series. This is an entertaining story about a man who is sent into a virtual reality based on a decision made by him and his girlfriends a few minutes before his death (or what would have been his death).

I watched the Upload trailer, and I actually considered the show to be quite promising. That is why I quickly got started with the show after its release. I still haven’t finished the show entirely, but with two episodes left to go, I still feel like I am ready to write my short and concise Upload review to share my thoughts with my readers.

Upload review
Nathan in the Amazon Original series Upload

What is Upload all about?

A man is about to die, at least so he believes. He is taken to the hospital, and there is one option to do an upload. If you decide to upload, you will live on in a virtual reality, but if you die, then it is too late. As a result, you will have to make your decision before you die. So, our new hero is there in the hospital, and a decision needs to be made quickly.

All sorts of messages are given to him by the people at the hospital, and also by his girlfriend. So, what is he to do? If he dies, then it will be too late. But, what if he would survive the event? In the end, he goes for the upload and lives on in Lakeview, the perfect place to spend eternity.

The new virtual home is like a game. You live on and everything is possible. But you will have to pay for certain extras. This is a service provided by a company, and in the company, they do all they can for their uploads to be happy. That is why they have agents working and helping their uploads. And guess what, our new hero has an agent (angel) watching out for him that he ends up liking a lot.

But, what’s going on? Is it possible with a romantic relationship as an upload? Would our guy have died? Why did his car really break down? There are lots of questions, making this into a little bit more than just a pure comedy.

Upload Amazon
Nora and Nathan in Upload on Amazon

What makes Upload worth watching?

I have enjoyed the eight episodes I have seen so far, and I look forward to watch the last two episodes. I have a feeling that the series will be continued, but no matter what, this is a story that makes fun of many of the virtual reality ideas we have today, and it shares with us a funny way to think about eternity, that is, a life after our eventual death.

Upload is created by Greg Daniels, the man behind The Office (with Steve Carell), and also the man who is behind the upcoming Netflix original series named Space Force (with Steve Carell). In other words, this is a guy who knows how to make funny TV series, and I have got to say that he has been successful once again with Upload.

Nathan Brown, the main character in the story (the guy who is uploaded in the start of episode 1), is played by Robbie Amell. Maybe you haven’t heard about him before, and that is actually not so strange. He has had some smaller and bigger roles in other shows, but I guess this is his international breakthrough to many of us.

Nora, the angel (agent) who takes care of Nathan is played by Andy Allo. You have maybe seen her earlier in Chicago Fire, and she also had a part in Pitch Perfect 3. But, once again, this is probably her big breakthrough as a main role character in a TV series or in a movie.

Even though the series is led by two characters without a long history, it makes them credible and enjoyable to watch, and Amazon didn’t have to pay as much as if they would have had to if they chose some hot star from the top list in Hollywood. But, I don’t really miss those big names, because Andy Allo and Robbie Amell do a very good job playing their characters.

All in all, Upload is amusing…

This might not be my favorite show of all time, but Upload does a great job entertaining me with its 10 episodes. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a try for two episodes. You will quickly notice if this is something for you or not.

Where to watch Upload?

Upload is an Amazon Original series. In other words, you can watch it with your Amazon Prime subscription and with your Prime Video subscription. If you don’t have any of those, you will not be able to stream Upload. After all, you cannot find this series on Netflix, nor on Hulu, nor on HBO Now.

In other words, get yourself a Prime Video or an Amazon Prime subscription if you do not have such a subscription yet.

How did you like Upload?

Have you seen Upload? How did you like the series? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Can I watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Amazon Prime?

Brooklyn Nine-Nine is a show loved by millions around the world. The seventh season of the show is just finished airing on NBC in the United States, and it has been a great success once again.

For some reason, FOX canceled this popular show after five seasons. But, it only took NBC less than 24 hours to get the rights to the show, and thus, it continued on NBC in the United States. Even as the seventh season has come to an end, it is incredibly popular, and people all around the world are paying attention to the show. You cannot watch Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix in the United States, but you can watch it on Netflix in certain countries. In some countries, you can watch the first five seasons, in others, you might stream the first six seasons. But, if you want to watch all the seven seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Netflix, you will need to live in Canada or follow the instructions in this article to get access to Canadian Netflix.

Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Amazon Prime?

Would you like to watch Adam Samberg as Jake Peralta on Amazon Prime? If you do a quick search for Brooklyn Nine-Nine on, you will quickly realize that you can watch it on, but it is not included with your Prime subscription.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine on

As you can see at the picture above, you can stream the different episodes of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on Amazon, but you will have to buy the rights to do so. You can either buy a complete season at once, or you can buy the single episodes. However, this will be quite expensive, considering that the price of a season is 25 USD. As a result, it will cost you 175 USD in total if you want to purchase all seven seasons of Brooklyn Nine-Nine on That is very expensive!

That is why it will give you much better value for your money if you follow the instructions in the article I referred to, which will give you access to all the movies and TV shows available on Netflix in Canada.

What can I get for 175 USD?

Instead of paying 175 USD on Amazon, buy the cheapest Netflix subscription available (if you don’t have one yet). The price for this is 120 USD for an entire year. You can then buy a subscription to SurfsharkVPN for 2 years, and the price is 44USD. In total, you are still lower, but you will now have a Netflix subscription for one year, and you will have a VPN subscription available for two years.

Visit the Surfshark website(and get ready to stream)

Now you can use SurfsharkVPN and connect to a server in Canada. You can then watch all the content on Netflix in Canada, including Brooklyn Nine-Nine season 1-7. If you connect to a server in Germany, you can stream the movies and TV shows on German Netflix. In the same way, you can enjoy lots of content available on Netflix.

Isn’t that perfect? If you have any comments or questions related to this, use the comment field and I will do my best to help and answer as quickly as possible.

Is Brooklyn Nine-Nine for me?

If you like humor and cop shows, this is a perfect combination. It is a harmless show, making it ideal for families. It is completely free of sex and violence, which should come as a bonus to many people who just want to have a good time in front of the screen.

Give the first couple of episodes of season 1 a try, and you will soon discover if it is for you. Do not forget, that based on studies, you will need to watch 4-5 episodes of a show before you are really able to make a decision. In other words, give Brooklyn Nine-Nine a try and you will soon find out if this is a show for you or not.

How did you enjoy the seventh season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Do you feel as if the show has improved since it moved to NBC, or did you like it better when it was on FOX? Or is the show the same as always? I would love to hear your thoughts!

10 titles to watch on Amazon Prime while in coronavirus quarantine!

Many of us are stuck at home these days. Most of us are completely healthy and well, but we stay inside to slow the virus down and to protect ourselves and those we love. So, what are we to do while inside all day? You should absolutely use the time to do something useful, like learning how to play an instrument, study some art-history, or maybe pick up a hobby you haven’t had time to entertain in years. But, when you are tired and just want to watch something on Amazon Prime, what should you actually watch?

Here I have gathered ten titles on Amazon Prime that I believe will help time fly and give you a great time while streaming. You will for sure not find all the movies and TV shows interesting, but I have tried to include something for those will all sorts of tastes.

If you need help watching Amazon Prime content abroad, check this article at

coronavirus on Amazon Prime

Ten movies and TV shows to watch on Amazon Prime during your coronavirus quarantine

The Boys

The Boys is a quite new Amazon TV series that shows us that not all superheroes are nice. It is a very surprising show because of this, and it is entertaining, surprising, and packed with action at the same time. Since it is a TV series, you will have lots of episodes to watch, meaning that you will spend a full day binge-watching if you want to get through it all in one single day.

So, how can normal people stop a bunch of evil superheroes? That is the question, and you will find the answer if you decide to watch The Boys on Amazon Prime during your quarantine.

The Boys

Jack Ryan

This is my favorite Amazon Original action series. John Krasinski plays the role of the analyst Jack Ryan. He gets into trouble all the time, and he is awesome at discovering clues and solving problems that often include high-ranking politicians and leaders. There are currently two seasons of Jack Ryan ready, and both of them are great.

Jack Ryan never reaches the intensity of 24 (with Kiefer Sutherland aka Jack Bauer), but it is as close as you get it on Amazon Prime.

Brittany Runs a Marathon

Brittany is fat and not at all in good health. In the middle of this, she makes the decision to run a marathon. It can almost be compared to suddenly getting a big vision for your life in the middle of your coronavirus isolation. Yes, it is often in such situations that dreams are born, and this movie might encourage you and cheer you up on a tough day. Will Brittany succeed running the marathon? That remains a question that you will find the answer to whenever you decide to watch this movie on Amazon Prime.


Does it sound cool to watch a movie with a car that can turn into a robot? A little girl stumbles upon this car, and little does she know about it before she starts to polish the car and it suddenly turns into a robot. This is a great action movie for teenagers, and also for adults interested.

This isn’t an Amazon Original movie, meaning that I cannot guarantee that it will be around for a long time. But, at the time writing, you can watch Bumblee on Amazon Prime, included with your Prime subscription.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Would you like to be cheered up? The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is one of the most entertaining comedies of this present day. It isn’t exactly like How I met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, The Young Sheldon, and similar shows. Instead, this is a comedy that is packed with great jokes, but it is delivered in a paper of a serious world in which women aren’t accepted in the same way as their male colleagues.

The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel is available with three seasons on Amazon Prime. In other words, this will give you loads of hours with good jokes and laughter in front of the TV during your coronavirus quarantine.

What to watch on Amazon Prime during the coronavirus?
What to watch on Amazon Prime during the coronavirus?

Wild Kratts

Do you have some kids at home? Would you like them to maybe learn something while they are watching and relaxing in front of the TV? Wild Kratts is the perfect solution. This is almost like a nature show, only that it shows you two animated characters as they solve trouble involving animals. There are, of course, some bad guys involved in the how, but still, this is a perfect action-series for kids who want to have fun and learn at the same time.

You Were Never Really Here

Do you want to watch something even more depressing than the coronavirus? Then you should watch You Were Never Really Here. This movie stars Jaquelin Phoenix, the man who just received an Academy Award for his role as Joker in the movie Joker. He was amazing as the Joker, but in this movie, it is just depressing. But, if you like the guy, and if you like dark movies in which we see Jaquelin Phoenix in one of his classical and depressing roles, then this is perfect for you. In other words, if you like strange movies with Jaquelin Phoenix, this might be it!


Would you like to watch a romantic movie on Amazon Prime during the COVID-19 isolation? Overboard is a romantic comedy, telling the story about a woman who works as a cleaning lady. She hasn’t had much luck so far in life, and it gets even worse as she meets a spoiled guy on his yacht. It is everything, just not love at first sight. It couldn’t be further from the truth.

However, things will change throughout the movie, and this will give you a chance to watch a romantic comedy that will cheer up your heart and your soul!

Mission Impossible: Fallout

The most recent movie in the Mission Impossible series with Tom Cruise can be streamed on Amazon Prime. The awesome thing is that you can watch this movie without watching the earlier Mission Impossible movies, and still have a great time and enjoy the full story of the movie.

Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) is the crazy secret agent who is capable of doing the most incredible tasks, all with the help of his friends. The stunts are wild, and the scenery of the movie is stunning. In other words, this is a two-hour-long adrenaline kick with lots of action, and beautiful scenery from Paris, and also from the Preacher’s Pulpit in Norway (the end of the movie).

Mission Impossible Fallout

A Simple Favor

Are you a fan of Anna Kendrick? In this movie, she plays the role of an innocent mother who meets a very special lady as she takes her girl to school. Her friend is mysterious, she is wealthy, and she has a special effect on her. But, then one day, she is gone! What happened to her? Anna Kendrick is in the middle of the entire story as she digs for the truth.

This is a typical thriller that comes down without being too scary, but at the same time, it has some interesting twists and it should be able to entertain you for a couple of hours.

Those were some suggestions for movies to watch on Amazon Prime during your Coronavirus isolation/quarantine. Do you have other suggestions or maybe ideas for what people should watch on Amazon Prime in these days?

I would love to hear your thoughts and suggestions!

Can I watch Amazon Prime movies and other content in Argentina?

I am going on a trip to Argentina, and I would like to ensure that I will be able to watch Jack Ryan and some other content on Amazon Prime while there. Is this possible? Do I need a VPN to watch Amazon Prime content in Argentina?

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription in the United States, you will actually be able to watch quite a lot of content online, also as you go to Argentina. The reason is simple – many of the Amazon Original programs are available all across the world because Amazon holds the rights to these programs worldwide. But, there are some videos and movies included with your Amazon Prime subscription in the United States that you cannot watch once you travel to Argentina, to Brazil, or any other country that is not the United States. When that happens, you will see a message telling you that the movie is not available in your country.

How to watch Amazon Prime in Argentina?

Now, if you only want to stream Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime in Argentina, you will most likely succeed. But, if you want to watch Mission Impossible, Bumblebee, Overboard, The Spy Who Dumped Me, or any other movie that is not an Amazon original, you will no longer succeed. The same is true if you want to watch a season of Mr. Robot or some other series that doesn’t come directly from Amazon.

What can you do if you want to get access to all content on Amazon Prime while in Argentina? That is when you need to use a VPN. But, not just any VPN.

Most VPNs are blocked by Amazon

If you purchase a VPN subscription to IPVanish, HideMyAss, or just some other random VPN provider, you will quickly discover that those services are entirely blocked by Amazon. Instead of streaming all your desired content online, you will see a message telling you that you are using a VPN.

But, there are some very few VPN providers that will give you access to the full Amazon Prime library, also when in Argentina, and here I will tell you a little bit about those.

Three VPN providers that will let you watch Amazon Prime in Argentina

Here I will give you the names of three different VPN providers that will let you watch Amazon Prime in Argentina.

When you have decided amongst the three VPN providers, do as follows:

  • Follow the instructions on the website and download the VPN application to your device(s).
  • Run the application and connect to a server in the United States.
  • Reload your Amazon video application or restart your browser.
  • You should now be ready to watch Amazon Prime in its fullness in Argentina and in the rest of the world.

Unblock Amazon Prime with SurfsharkVPN

SurfsharkVPN is a very cheap VPN provider, at least if you purchase their two-year plan after clicking the button beneath. They will let you use their services for 2 entire years for less than 50USD, and that should be considered a fantastic deal.

  • SurfsharkVPN has a strict no-logging policy.
  • SurfsharkVPN has applications for Windows, iOS, Android, FireTV, and they also have browser extensions for Chrome and Firefox.
  • They have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • SurfsharkVPN can be used to unblock Netflix in 15 different countries, and also to watch BBC in the UK live online.
Visit the Surfshark website(and get ready to stream)

Click the button above to get the 2-year special deal from SurfsharkVPN!

Unblock Amazon Prime with IvacyVPN

IvacyVPN is really easy to use. You can just open their application and choose Amazon Prime from their list of supported services. It will automatically connect to you a server in the United States that works with Amazon Prime, and afterward, you can stream and enjoy Amazon Prime without limitations.

  • IvacyVPN is the cheapest solution if you only want a 1-month subscription.
  • IvacyVPN has special deals for long-term subscriptions as well.
  • They support Netflix in 5-6 different countries.
  • You can easily unblock TV networks such as NBC, CBS, BBC, ITV, and other channels with IvacyVPN.
  • They have a 30-day money-back guarantee.
Visit the IvacyVPN website(and get ready to stream)

Get all the best deals from IvacyVPN! Click the button above to visit their website.

Amazon Prime content in Argentina

Watch Amazon Prime in Argentina with ExpressVPN

Don’t you care much about money? ExpressVPN is the fastest VPN provider on the market, and they might be the best for watching Amazon Prime abroad. You can read more about ExpressVPN in this review, but some keywords about this service are great customer service, fast speeds, and amazing at unblocking!

  • ExpressVPN has a no-logging policy, and as they are based in the British Virgin Islands, your data are safe with them.
  • They have a 30-day full refund policy, with no questions asked!
  • ExpressVPN has applications for the biggest platforms, and they also have browser extensions.
  • You can easily use functions such as the kill-switch and split-tunneling within the VPN application.
  • They will let you access Netflix content in almost 10 nations.
  • They have no bandwidth limitations at all.
  • One subscription can be used on 5 devices at the same time.
Visit the ExpressVPN website(and watch Amazon Videos online)

Click the button above to get a special deal from ExpressVPN! If you use that button, you will get 3 additional months for free if you purchase their 12-months plan!

Which VPN will you use to watch Amazon Prime in Argentina?

I have given you the names of three VPN providers that will help you watch Amazon Prime content to the max in Argentina. IvacyVPN might be the easiest to use, but all three are amazing at unblocking in general. So, go ahead and purchase a subscription, download the VPN client, and get ready to stream.

Do not forget that all of them have a 30-day full refund policy, so your money isn’t really at risk!

Would you like to get even more Amazon Prime related news and read more articles in the future? Make sure to look around here at to find lots of information. Would you like to know more about what’s coming to Amazon Prime in the coming months?

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Can I watch Uncut Gems, the Netflix original movie on Amazon Prime?

In the world of streaming services, it can sometimes be confusing to understand what can be streamed on which platforms? What is the reality when it comes to Uncut Gems? Can you stream the Adam Sandler movie on Amazon Prime?

Uncut Gems on Amazon

Uncut Gems is a masterpiece by Adam Sandler. I know, those words don’t normally fit into the same sentence, because Adam Sandler isn’t really known to be a guy for the masterpieces. He is the funny clown who takes part in low-budget comedies that make half the population laugh, while the rest just sits annoyed in front of their screens. But, when we start to write about Uncut Gems, it is time to forget about his past, and actually focus on the awesome job he did in the movie. Many people shouted Oscar when they considered the job he did in the movie, but the majority says that Adam Sandler has done so many lousy movies, that he cannot really be considered for an Oscar, simply because of his past. I hope that is just crap, because who cares about his past. If it is good, then it is good! Give the man an Oscar if he deserves one!

But, is Uncut Gems on Amazon Prime?

Now, in the middle of the streaming wars, one would believe that Uncut Gems would remain on Netflix alone as a Netflix original movie. But, this movie can actually be streamed on as well. It isn’t included with your Amazon Prime subscription, but if you are willing to pay, then you can both rent the movie or purchase the movie. How come?

This is not originally a Netflix original movie. It was shown in theaters in a few places, and it is an A24 movie (actually their highest-grossing movie ever). They might have sold it to Netflix so that they could make it available to their customers worldwide really quickly, but I guess it wasn’t really an “all-alone” Netflix deal.

Because, most other Netflix original movies like Birdbox, Murder Mystery, and A Marriage Story, cannot be found on Amazon at all. But, that is when we can see that Uncut Gems is an exception, making it not an entirely 100% pure Netflix production.

As a result, you can watch Uncut Gems on Amazon if you want to. It isn’t included in your Prime subscription, but you can purchase the movie or rent it!

What else to stream on Amazon?

Amazon is getting more and more about their very own original productions as well, just like Netflix. The content from other big providers is getting more and more limited, while the original stuff, that is what makes the platform interesting. There are some exceptions, but in general, look for those Amazon original productions like Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, Jack Ryan, Hanna, and other similar productions!

Have you seen Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler? How did you enjoy the movie? Would he have deserved an Oscar for his role as Howard Ratner, a Jewish jeweler and gambling addict in New York City? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Can I watch Amazon Prime in France using Ivacy VPN?

Would you like to enjoy the benefits of your Amazon Prime subscription in the United States while in France? Maybe you are planning what you are going to watch in the evening after a tiring day walking the streets of Paris, discovering the beauties of the Eiffel tower, and staring at Mona Lisa in the Louvre museum? But, how can you watch US Amazon Prime in France? Can Ivacy VPN be used for the purpose?

As you probably understand, it doesn’t really matter if you are in France, in Germany, in Belgium, or maybe in Australia. In the same way, you need to make the Amazon website believe that you are located in the United States in order to access all the content available and to enjoy all the benefits included in your Prime subscription. But, can Ivacy VPN help you do that?

Ivacy VPN and Amazon Prime – the big test

You might call it a big test, but it really isn’t. It is super-easy to discover whether or not you can use Ivacy VPN to stream Amazon Prime content abroad. You open their application and connect to a server in the United States. But, if you do that, you might actually get the 4601 error message. Does that mean that Ivacy VPN doesn’t work with Amazon Prime? Not at all! You just need to know where to look!

Using IvacyVPN to stream Amazon Prime in France

If you open the application and go to the streaming option in the menu, you will quickly see a long list of TV networks and streaming services that can be unblocked using the VPN services of Ivacy VPN. If you look closely at the picture above, you will most likely also see the image saying PRIME. What does that mean? Here you have an option you can click, and you will automatically connect to a server in the United States that works with Amazon Prime.

What does this mean? It is super-easy to stream Amazon Prime abroad using IvacyVPN. Whether you are in Nice, in Bordeaux, in Paris, in Rheims, or maybe in Toulouse… IvacyVPN will help you access all your Amazon Prime content, including videos, movies, TV shows and more.

Visit the IvacyVPN website(and get ready to stream)

Click the button above to visit the IvacyVPN website and to get a major discount on their services. Do not forget that they always protect you with their 30-day refund policy. They also let you stream content on five devices simultaneously using your subscription, meaning that it will be enough for the entire family. IvacyVPN can also be used to unblock Netflix in several countries and so much more!

Once we’re at it… worth considering!

IvacyVPN is quite a lot cheaper than most of the VPN providers on the market. That is why you will get a longer subscription for less money, making this is a very good choice, if not the best, for those who want to stream Amazon Prime abroad.

Are you ready to give it a try? Click the button above to visit their website and to give it a try.

Have you already used IvacyVPN to stream Amazon Prime abroad? Are you satisfied? Do you have any questions or comments? I would love to hear from you!

What’s coming to Amazon Prime in March 2020?

Are you looking for some interesting newcomers on Amazon Prime in March 2020? Will Amazon give you some good reasons to sit down in front of your computer or TV to stream some movies and TV shows in March? Here you have the highlights and the full list of movies and TV shows coming to Amazon Prime in March 2020.

There are four titles that I consider to be very interesting that will come to Amazon Prime in March 2020. Well, one of the four hasn’t been entirely confirmed to arrive in March, but hopefully, it will!

Highlights on Prime in March

The Pale Horse – Agatha Christie, but not Poirot!

Are you a fan of Agatha Christie? Then you will be happy about the arrival of The Pale Horse, a story based on an Agatha Christie book that was published in 1961. It is not the traditional Poirot story, but many call it an attempt from Agatha Christie to create a light-fiction crime story, with a supernatural touch to it, much inspired by Dennis Wheatley, a very popular author living and publishing at that very time in history.

Instead of Hercule Poirot, we meet Ariadne Oliver, a detective who is investigating crimes and murders in that given period. If you like Agatha Christie and crime stories, this might actually be a treat for you!

The Pale Horse on Prime March

Blow the Man Down

This is an Amazon original story, that seems to become a great snack in March. Here we meet Mary Beth and Priscilla Connolly, two girls who have to cover up a crime they did. Well, they were forced to do so (kind of) as they met an evil man, but now they have to get rid of his body. With everything that happens, they also uncover lots of other crimes and problems in the city they live in, and this is a great movie for those who like the sound of what I have described so far.

Blow the Man Down

The Vast of Night

This is the movie that should arrive in March, but we haven’t received an actual date for its release yet. But, hopefully it will, as it sounds really good and very interesting.

Two persons sit by a radio station in the night when they suddenly get hold of a signal from a special channel, in which criminals tell about crimes and scary stuff. Their discovery has the potential of changing the town they live in forever, but things will, of course, turn more complicated, and much scarier as they try to move on with the information they have in hand.

The Vast of Night - hopefully coming to Prime in March 2020


Would you like to know how the drug business is done? Well, follow the production from the workers to the brokers, to the sellers. And yes, we are taken on a journey in which a family member has to follow this trail from the start till the end, in order to ensure that business happens the way it is supposed to. Yet another interesting Prime original movie coming to our screens in March 2020.

ZeroZeroZero - coming to Amazon Prime in March 2020

Everything coming to Amazon Prime in March 2020

March 1

Abduction (2011)
Cantinflas (2014)
Chilly Dogs (2001)
The Cooler (2003)
The Crazies (2010)
Danny Roane: First Time Director (2007)
Deck The Halls (2011)
The Descent (2006)
The Descent: Part 2 (2010)
Destiny Turns On The Radio (1995)
Eyes Of An Angel (1994)
Going The Distance (2010)
Good Morning, Killer (2011)
Henry’s Crime (2010)
Hide (2011)
Hornets Nest (2012)
Innocent (2011)
Kung Fu Panda (2008)
Lady In A Cage (1964)
Man On A Ledge (2012)
Night Of The Living Dead (2007)
Night Of The Living Dead: Resurrection (2013)
Richard The Lionheart (2014)
Ricochet (2011)
Route 9 (1998)
Silent Tongue (1993)
Silent Witness (2011)
The Skull (1965)
Spinning Into Butter (2007)
Standing In The Shadows Of Motown (2002)
Tenderness (2009)
Wayne’s World 2 (1993)
Patrick Melrose: Season 1

March 6

ZeroZeroZero: Season 1 – Amazon Original series

March 8

Show Dogs (2018)

March 11

The Test: A New Era for Australia’s Team: Season 1 – Amazon Original series

March 13

Jay and Silent Bob Reboot (2019)
Agatha Christie’s The Pale Horse: Season 1 – Amazon Original series
Jessy & Nessy: Season 1A – Amazon Original series

March 19

Pet Sematary (2019)

March 20

Blow the Man Down (2020) – Amazon Original movie

March 21

I See You (2019)

March 23

A Good Old Fashioned Orgy (2011)
Luther: Season 5

March 27

Making the Cut: Season 1 – Amazon Original Series

March 30

Santee (1973)

What’s coming to Amazon Prime in February 2020?

Are you depressed because February is a dark winter month and it comes with cold weather outside? Are you looking for something to watch while sitting with a blanket? What is Amazon Prime bringing to you in February 2020 to help you out?

To be honest, I am not that enthusiastic about Amazon Prime and what it has to offer in February 2020. But, there are still quite a lot of movies and TV shows from earlier months that I haven’t seen yet, so I would probably consider some of those if you don’t feel happy about what’s actually coming to Amazon Prime in February.

Hunters on Amazon Prime

If you haven’t seen TV shows such as Jack Ryan (season 1&2), The Boys, or maybe Brittany Runs a Marathon, you still have some nice stuff left waiting for you. If you are really depressed and want to feel even worse, watch the Oscar awarded movie Manchester by the Sea… a totally depressing movie!

But, let us take a look at the list of what’s coming to Amazon Prime in February!

Coming to Amazon Prime February 2020

February 1
Beat the Devil
Bridget Jones’s Diary
Buffalo ’66
Captain Kronos—Vampire Hunter
Cheech & Chong’s Still Smokin’
Counterpart—Seasons 1 and 2
Crashing Through Danger
Dick Tracy
Earth Girls Are Easy
Emergency Landing
Escape at Dannemora—Season 1
Father Steps Out
Guess What We Learned in School Today?
High Voltage
Judgment Day
Little Tough Guy
Lord of War
Magic Mike
National Lampoon’s Dirty Movie
National Lampoon’s Dorm Daze 2
North of The Border
People Are Funny
Posledniy Bogatyr
Taken Heart
The Big Lift
The Fabulous Dorseys
The Last Stand
The Little Princess
The Man Who Could Cheat Death
The Spy Next Door
Touched with Fire

February 2
Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral

February 3
The Cabin in the Woods

February 4

February 5

February 6
Disaster Movie

February 7
All or Nothing: The Philadelphia Eagles (Amazon Original series)
Clifford—Season 1B (Amazon Original series)
Honey Boy (Amazon Original movie)
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie Valentine’s Day Special (Amazon Original series)
Pete the Cat Valentine’s Day Special (Amazon Original series)

February 9

February 12
The Farewell

February 15
American Ultra
Danger Close

February 16
47 Meters Down: Uncaged

February 18
Super 8

February 21
Hunters (Amazon Original series)
Ice Princess Lily

February 25
Grantchester—Season 4
Run the Race

The most anticipated show on Amazon Prime is Hunters. It stars Al Pacino and deals with an interesting group of people hunting down nazis who have hurt them and their families. They all have special skills that make them suitable for the job.

The movie HoneyBoy is also worth mentioning, a story about a family in which the kids do better than the dad. That isn’t always easy to digest for the older gal, and it is a brave and somewhat different movie.

Which VPN to use with Amazon Prime in 2020?

A new is upon us, but which VPN can you use with Amazon Prime in 2020? Maybe you live abroad and want to stream your favorite Amazon Prime content? Maybe you live in the United States, but want to visit and enjoy its content without jeopardizing your security and confidential data? But, which VPN can you use for this purpose?

If you have tried to find a VPN that works with Amazon Prime in the latter years, you have most likely also seen error messages in which Amazon has discovered that you are actually using a VPN. That is very possible, simply because Amazon is working their butts off to hinder people from remaining “hidden” and encrypted as they use the service. Maybe they want to know more about their users, but most likely, they are blocking VPN providers to stop people from accessing and enjoying their content in countries where Amazon doesn’t have the right to broadcast the content. What do I mean?

The best VPN providers for Amazon Prime in 2020

Maybe you have noticed that a lot of Amazon content can be streamed abroad as well. This is, in general, the Amazon original content to which Amazon owns all the rights, and they can, therefore, let you stream it abroad as well (even without a VPN). But, then you have a lot of content for which Amazon only has rights in the United States. Whenever you go abroad, you will be blocked from this content. And this is most likely why Amazon is blocking so many VPN providers.

However, this is causing suffering to people in the United States as well. What can you do if you sit in Starbucks enjoying a cup of coffee, and while you do so, you want to watch a James Bond movie included with your Amazon Prime subscription? Do you have to risk your data and private information in order to stream James Bond, or are there any VPN services you can use that will protect you while streaming Prime videos?

The best VPNs for Amazon Prime in 2020

Do not forget, you can always find the most updated information about how to watch Amazon Prime abroad at, but this article is also up to date, so keep on reading!

A VPN that has been working with Amazon Prime in the USA without stopping!

If I had to write about one VPN provider that you should use for Amazon Prime in 2020, it would for sure be ExpressVPN. It is a quite expensive provider, but they are probably the only provider that has worked without stop with Amazon Prime since they ever started to block VPN providers. Not only do they work perfectly, but they also have the best speeds among all the VPN providers on the market, and they work with lots of other streaming services and TV networks as well.

Visit the ExpressVPN website(and watch Amazon Videos online)

Click the button above to get 3 extra months for free if you purchase a 12-months subscription. Besides this, you will always be protected by their 30-day full refund policy. One more bonus is that you can use one subscription on five devices simultaneously. This makes one subscription enough for the entire family!

ExpressVPN has servers in more than 60 countries worldwide, and they support the super 256-bit AES encryption. Not all of their servers in the United States will work with Amazon Prime, but they always have servers working, meaning that you can either try a couple of servers (if it doesn’t work upon the first try), or you can contact their live support to find out exactly which server you should use.

Would you like to know even more about ExpressVPN before you move on? Take a look at this ExpressVPN review to learn more about this VPN provider seated in the British Virgin Islands.

Error 4601 Amazon
Get rid of this error message on

A solid VPN provider with better prices

Don’t you want to spend a lot of money on your VPN subscription? There is a VPN provider that will give you access to Amazon Prime while using a VPN that is easy to use, and that comes with quite a lot lower prices than ExpressVPN. This VPN provider is PureVPN. This is a Hong Kong-based VPN provider, and it is making it really easy to stream Amazon Prime while using a VPN. Inside the application, simply choose Amazon Prime from their list of popular websites, and you will automatically connect to a US VPN server that works with Amazon Prime.

Visit the PureVPN website(great discounts available right now)

PureVPN comes with a 31-day full refund policy. One subscription can be used on five devices, and they support most popular streaming sites and big TV networks in addition to Amazon Prime. As a result, this is a perfect solution when you need a VPN service that works with Amazon Prime.

For a long time, PureVPN had a bad reputation, but they have improved a lot in the most recent years. Now their refund policy is solid, and it has turned into a trustworthy VPN provider. If you want to know more about PureVPN, take a look at the following PureVPN review.

  • Purchase a PureVPN subscription clicking the button above.
  • Download the VPN application after signing up.
  • Open the application, look for Amazon Prime in the list of popular websites.
  • Connect to the server.
  • Visit or use the Amazon Video application and stream on!

Wasn’t that easy? Get ready to watch Amazon Prime videos without trouble and without risking your private information.

Do you need help finding a VPN that works with Amazon Prime in 2020?

This article should have given you all the answers you need in order to stream Amazon Prime using a VPN. Maybe you are abroad, or maybe you are in the United States. No matter what, the two mentioned VPN providers will help you safe securely and watch all your favorite content without limitations online.

If you still need help or further advice, write a comment and let me know whats on your heart!

Jumanji: The Next Level review

Jumanji: The Next Level is the name of the brand new Jumanji movie that was released around Christmas in 2019. It follows the success movie Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle in 2017 and the original movie named Jumanji from 1995. But, is Jumanji: The Next Level truly taking things to a new level? Or is this boring repetition of a success story?

I was not a big fan as I watched the original Jumanji movie back in 1995. But, then I was only a kid, and as a kid, I wasn’t enthusiastic about the movie at all. So, it was on a day in 2017 in which there was nothing to watch in the cinema that I ended up buying a ticket to Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle. To my surprise, I actually enjoyed the movie and had a way better time than expected. But, could the creators of Jumanji: The Next Level actually manage to take things to a new level, or would this just be another example of a super-boring and poor-quality successor made to bring more money from a cow that has already been emptied for milk?

Jumanji – Taking things to a new level!

I didn’t know what to expect from this movie, but I have got to admit that they managed to surprise me. The arrival of the characters of Danny de Vito and Danny Glover (as two really old fellows) makes it fun to watch the introduction. But, as they end up being sucked into the Jumanji game makes it all so much funnier. They bring a lot of fresh air and cool jokes to the movie, and they brought a smile on my face several times.

They have also mixed things up by changing the who plays the different characters as they are sucked into the game of Jumanji. This spices the story up and it gives us a lot of sweet moments and cool jokes.

Jumanji: The Next Level review
Danny de Vito is awesome in Jumanji: The Next Level

The implementation of the characters of Danny Glover and Danny de Vito might be the freshest and coolest updates to the story, but the actors themselves playing the roles in the Jumanji part of the game are all great. Even though Dwayne Johnson might be a rock and a tough guy, he actually manages to put on a funny face and make us laugh several times throughout the movie. Jack Black, whom someone might remember from The Holiday (one of the most popular Christmas movies out there), is great as well as the fat expert in animals. However, Kevin Hart is also cool with all his fast replicas and comments. The girl, however important she might be, is somehow ending up in the shadow of the three men.

Jumanji: The Next Level – a satisfying experience

After watching the movie for two hours, I have got to say that I left the cinema satisfied. Yesterday, I watched Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, and to be honest, I think I enjoyed Jumanji more than I enjoyed the ninth movie in the Star Wars series. Of course, the Star Wars movie was packed with special effects and had a much higher budget, but Jumanji: The Next Level, gave me way more funny moments and a funnier experience. It is impossible to compare the films, but if I were to do so, I would have a hard time deciding which movie I would watch over again (if I had to).

I left the cinema a bit disappointed in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker. I left the cinema surprised at Jumanji: The Next Level. While watching the movie, I imagined this to be a computer game, and every new scene worked as a level or a task in the computer game. It felt so real, and I actually admired the thought behind the movie in a more complex way than before. It has taken time for me to mature to this level, but I am starting to see the beauty of the Jumanji story.

Jumanji: The Next Level – the final judgment!

Dwayne Johnson, Danny de Vito, and all the others are great in this movie. It is packed with fun, with some great jokes, with action, with nice scenes, and even more jokes. As a result, a very refreshing and nice movie experience that can be warmly recommended to those who want a nice cinema-experience without sex, much violence, but instead with humor, jokes, and laidback acting!

Jumanji review

When will Jumanji: The Next Level come to Amazon Prime?

It is impossible to say anything about that yet. Considering the fact that none of the other Jumanji movies can be streamed on Amazon Prime at the moment, I wouldn’t predict anytime soon. But, following the arrivals on Amazon Prime from month to month, it is easy to imagine that one day (in the future), Amazon will suddenly add all three Jumanji movies at the same time, for later to remove them a few months later. This is what we have seen with lots of other movie series like Rocky, James Bond, Charlies Angels, and other movies.

It might not come to Amazon Prime in the near future, but it is much more likely to show up on HBO Now in the United States. Welcome to the Jungle, the previous Jumanji movie, got to HBO Now quite fast, so my guess is that Jumanji: The Next Level will come to HBO Now sometime before the end of 2020. More information and HBO New can be found at

Have you seen Jumanji: The Next Level? How did you enjoy the movie?

Write a comment to share your thoughts about the movie. I would give it a 7,5/10 score. What is your rating?