Can I watch Uncut Gems, the Netflix original movie on Amazon Prime?

In the world of streaming services, it can sometimes be confusing to understand what can be streamed on which platforms? What is the reality when it comes to Uncut Gems? Can you stream the Adam Sandler movie on Amazon Prime?

Uncut Gems on Amazon

Uncut Gems is a masterpiece by Adam Sandler. I know, those words don’t normally fit into the same sentence, because Adam Sandler isn’t really known to be a guy for the masterpieces. He is the funny clown who takes part in low-budget comedies that make half the population laugh, while the rest just sits annoyed in front of their screens. But, when we start to write about Uncut Gems, it is time to forget about his past, and actually focus on the awesome job he did in the movie. Many people shouted Oscar when they considered the job he did in the movie, but the majority says that Adam Sandler has done so many lousy movies, that he cannot really be considered for an Oscar, simply because of his past. I hope that is just crap, because who cares about his past. If it is good, then it is good! Give the man an Oscar if he deserves one!

But, is Uncut Gems on Amazon Prime?

Now, in the middle of the streaming wars, one would believe that Uncut Gems would remain on Netflix alone as a Netflix original movie. But, this movie can actually be streamed on as well. It isn’t included with your Amazon Prime subscription, but if you are willing to pay, then you can both rent the movie or purchase the movie. How come?

This is not originally a Netflix original movie. It was shown in theaters in a few places, and it is an A24 movie (actually their highest-grossing movie ever). They might have sold it to Netflix so that they could make it available to their customers worldwide really quickly, but I guess it wasn’t really an “all-alone” Netflix deal.

Because, most other Netflix original movies like Birdbox, Murder Mystery, and A Marriage Story, cannot be found on Amazon at all. But, that is when we can see that Uncut Gems is an exception, making it not an entirely 100% pure Netflix production.

As a result, you can watch Uncut Gems on Amazon if you want to. It isn’t included in your Prime subscription, but you can purchase the movie or rent it!

What else to stream on Amazon?

Amazon is getting more and more about their very own original productions as well, just like Netflix. The content from other big providers is getting more and more limited, while the original stuff, that is what makes the platform interesting. There are some exceptions, but in general, look for those Amazon original productions like Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, Jack Ryan, Hanna, and other similar productions!

Have you seen Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler? How did you enjoy the movie? Would he have deserved an Oscar for his role as Howard Ratner, a Jewish jeweler and gambling addict in New York City? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Where can I buy a US Amazon Gift card abroad?

Are you in the mood for surprising someone with a gift card that can be redeemed and used at Is there an easy way to buy an Amazon gift card for the USA without owning an account, and without any sort of American payment card available?

A gift-card is one of the nicest gifts you can give. It might not feel very personal, but it is still a practical and nice gift to give. Once a person has a gift card, they can use it on whatever they want to. And even better, sometimes a gift card can be used to pay for services you cannot pay for in the United States. For example, if you want to subscribe to CBS All Access, you need to have an American PayPal account or an American payment card. So, what can those living in Europe and on other continents do? They can buy a gift card and redeem it, and thus they can sign up and create a CBS All Access account.

Now, you can actually create an Amazon Prime account without an American payment card, but there are times when you still want to buy a gift card from without actually visiting the site. So, where can you easily buy a US Amazon Gift Card online?

Buy a US Amazon Gift Card online

Buy a US Amazon Gift Card online easily

If you visit the website of the Gift Card Store, you will be able to buy such a gift card. You do not need any kind of American payment card, in fact, you can pay with all sorts of cards. If you want to, you can even pay for your Amazon gift card using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and Bitcoin Cash!

Once you have visited the Gift Card Store, select the Amazon gift card and the value you are interested in. You can then go ahead and pay, and the gift card will be sent to your email address quickly afterward.

Now it is up to you… will you spend the value of the US Amazon Gift Card yourself, or will you give it to someone else? I would have no problem spending a 100 USD gift card on Amazon to buy some books, making a computer game, or some electronic device. But, I guess I have many friends who would love to get such a gift card as well. In other words, make up your mind… and once you are at it, maybe you should buy two gift cards instead?

Can I use the gift card to pay for Amazon Instant videos?

If you want to watch Amazon Prime abroad and if you want to watch Amazon Instant videos abroad, you will need to use a VPN. But, while you can pay for most goods on using your gift card balance, you CANNOT pay for the Amazon Instant Videos (based on my experience). For this, you actually need an American payment card, and a gift card balance with money on it will not help you get the job done.

October 3rd test
I just tried to buy an Amazon Instant Video without an American payment card, using my Gift Card balance and it worked. That looks promising! Give it a try yourself, it might actually work by now!

Enjoy buying your US Amazon Gift Card online. If you have any further comments or questions, use the comment field and share what’s on your mind.

What are the differences between the Fire TV Stick generations?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a brilliant tool for those who want to transform their boring TV into a streaming platform with all sorts of opportunities. But, there has happened quite a lot with the Amazon Fire TV Sticks throughout the years, and since the 1st generation was released in 2014, until the 3rd generation was released in October 2018, quite a lot has happened. What are the main differences between the different Amazon Fire TV Sticks?

First of all, how can you find out what Fire TV Stick you have in your possession? You can most likely do the dating job yourself, because if you bought it between the autumn of 2014 and 2016, you probably have a Generation 1 Fire TV Stick. If you bought it between the autumn of 2016 and the autumn of 2018, you probably have a 2nd Generation Fire TV Stick, and if you have bought it late in 2018 or in 2019, you have a 3rd generation stick.

But, there is another way to find the version of your Fire TV Stick, and that is to read the following article in the IP Address Guide. There you can see pictures of the different controllers, and the remote is actually the key to identifying the generation of your Fire TV Stick.

An Amazon Fire TV Stick (First generation)
An Amazon Fire TV Stick (First generation)

What are the main differences between the Fire TV Stick generations?

If we want to make it short, there is the normal evolution of computer technology that is also taking place in the world of the Fire TV Sticks.

As a result, the processor is getting better and better (faster and faster) with the never generations of the Fire TV Stick. Not only is it getting faster, but the remote itself is also getting better. In the first generation the amount of buttons were limited. In the 2nd generation, you got the chance to use the Alexa Voice Remote, and in the third generation, you can turn on your TV with the remote and also control the volume. That is actually quite useful, so I am happy about the upgrade to the latest Fire TV Stick remote.

The most recent generation also has support for 4K (if you buy the more expensive version of the Fire TV Stick).

There are even more differences worth noticing.

The first generation of the Fire TV Stick had 8GB of space for internal storage (whereof 4,5 GB could be used by the user) and 1 GB of memory. It also had support for Bluetooth 3.0.

The second generation of the Fire TV Stick had exactly the same size of internal storage space, and it also came with 1 GB of memory. But, it came with support for Bluetooth 4.0.

The third generation didn’t come with more storage space, but the most important upgrade was the fact that it came with 1,5 GB of memory, something that can clearly be felt as you use the device. It is much faster than its predecessors.

These are some of the differences between the different generations of the Fire TV Stick.

Which generation is your Fire TV Stick? Are you satisfied with the Fire TV Stick? Or would you rather use a Google Chromecast or some other smart-device? Or maybe just buy a Smart TV right away instead of trying to transform your TV into a smart TV using a Fire TV Stick?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

Can I buy US Google Play gift cards on Amazon with a non-American issued card?

A few days ago, I wrote an asking whether it is possible to buy Amazon Instant Videos with your Amazon Gift Card balance. The article was an interesting one, and I have to say, it took an interesting turn if you read through all the content. What was the interesting part? The conclusion!

Maybe you have read it on some blogs out there, or maybe you have even seen it mentioned here at that you can buy and rent Amazon Instant Videos using your Amazon Gift Card balance. In other words, if you do not have a payment card issued in the USA, simply buy an Amazon Gift Card, and use that balance to pay for your Instant Video purchases… Well, if you have read it here, or maybe elsewhere – it doesn’t work!

So, let’s move on and ask the next question:

Buy a Google Play Gift Code on Netflix USA
Buy a Google Play Gift Code on Netflix USA

Can I buy a Google Play Store gift card on Amazon without an American Issued payment card?

Now, why is that interesting? Because – I’m afraid you might have to give up on buying Instant videos on, but that doesn’t mean it is the end of the story. Instead, create an American Google account, top it up with an American Google Play gift card, and at once, you will be able to purchase and rent videos and watch them online right away. It is way easier than the Amazon procedure, and it works perfectly.

But, can you buy American Google Play Gift Cards on Amazon easily?

And yes, you can! It is so easy. You can just use your existing payment card (no matter where it is issued in the world), or you can use your Amazon Gift Card balance. What does this mean? You can simply purchase it on Amazon, open a US Google account, and start renting and buying movies right away.

I cannot guarantee that you will be able to buy the Google Play Gift Card with all sorts of payment cards (all I know is that it worked with my European issued card), but please write a comment if you should have trouble with your card to let me know about it. But again, if it doesn’t work with your payment card, buy an Amazon Gift Card instead, redeem your gift card, and use that amount to pay for the Google Play Store gift card (I have tried it and it works smoothly).

How does this entire American Google Play Store account thing work?

If you want to know more about how this works and how you can use it to get access to and enjoy a US Google Play account, read the following article in the IP Address Guide.

Can I stream Google Play Movies on US Google abroad?

That is a natural question to ask after all this, and the answer is yes! Imagine buying a DVD in the United States during your holiday. It is now yours, and you can bring it with you and watch it wherever you might be in the world – after all, it is yours. In the same way, you can use your US Google Play Store account all across the world, and you do not even need a VPN.

The only time you need a VPN in this process is when you create your US Google Play account in the first place. To make Google connect your Google account to the USA, you will need to use a VPN to get an American IP address. You should then create a brand new Google account, and at once redeem your US Google Play gift card. Your Google account is then forever and ever connected to the USA, and you can just disconnect the VPN and watch the Google content online without a VPN.

As a result, I have totally given up on buying and renting Instant Videos on Amazon. It is so complicated, and I would actually say almost impossible, unless you have an American issued payment card. You cannot use your Gift Card balance, nor nothing. So, I guess Amazon might lose some customers and some money in this way, but I honestly don’t think Jeff Bezos will worry to much about that!

Which VPN to use in the first place?

If you need a VPN subscription in order to get your American IP address, which again will make you able to create a US Google Account, my recommendation is that you use the VPN services of ExpressVPN.

There is several reasons why I recommend their services, but first of all, they will help you get a local US IP address which will make you able to create a Google account in the USA. Secondly, they will also help you stream Amazon Prime content from abroad, which is very important and decisive if you live outside the USA and want to enjoy your US Amazon Prime subscription.

These are the main reasons, but there are lots of others as well. For example, with ExpressVPN you can purchase safely and enjoy their 30-day money back guarantee. You can also use your existing subscription at three devices simultaneously. This means that you can split the cost in three (if you want to) and let two others use the same subscription and account, and you can all use it at the same time.

You should also notice that if you sign up for ExpressVPN using this link you will get three months for free if you decide to subscribe for 12 months.

If these things doesn’t convince you, visit their website and read more about them. Do not forget that a VPN subscription will come really useful if you ever surf the net and stream online content using open WiFi networks, and with ExpressVPN you can surf safely and unblock several Netflix regions at the same time, for example, UK Netflix, Canadian Netflix, Dutch Netflix, American Netflix, and some more regions. That is really useful!

Buy your Google Play Store gift card on Amazon today

Go ahead and buy your Google Play Store gift card on Amazon, and buy your favorite movies or rent them in the US Google Play store (instead of buying them at Amazon).

If you have any comments or questions, write them down, and I will do my best to answer if you need any help!

You Were Never Really Here – do not watch it, unless you really like strange movies!

Recently I was so lucky to get a spot in a cinema in which they showed You Were Never Really Here, before it was released in theaters worldwide. I called myself lucky, but after watching the movie, I would have been much luckier if I had watched something else instead.

You Were NEver Really Here

You Were Never Really Here is a movie showing us a former FBI agent, played by Joaquin Phoenix. If there is one thing I should have known it is that Joaquin Phoenix means a strange movie. He is a great actor, for sure, but he is normally playing in movies that I do not like. I am not the kind of “culture movie” person, I am much more of a Hollywood movie person. That is, I like the story to be quite plain and pure. It can, of course, be twists and surprises, but as I left the theater after watching You Were Never Really Here, I had a feeling that I had just watched pure depression and boredom for the last 90 minutes of my life.

The mood you have entering a cinema will often influence the way you think about the movie you watch. A few years ago I watched Gravity in the cinema, and I had a really bad day. I strongly disliked the movie, while my companion loved it! It might be that I would have enjoyed Gravity more on a better day (but, I am not sure about that), but maybe. Well, as I watched You Were Never Really Here in the cinema, an Amazon original production, I was completely bored. It might have been influenced by bad mood, but the two other people I went to the cinema with left the cinema even more critical and sad about the movie than I did, so I don’t think I was the only obstacle for success on that day.

Who will enjoy You Were Never Really Here?

There will be people who love the movie. It currently has a 7/10 score on IMDb, and that isn’t a very bad score. The audience score at Rotten Tomatoes is 70%, while the critics’ score is 86%. What is the conclusion? If you look for movies with great acting, and a special story, this might be something for you. If you look at the effects and try to sniff in of the atmosphere, this might be something for you.

This is a typical movie loved by the critics, while the common audience (like me), will feel bored and dislike the entire thing… almost like with La La Land.

What do you think? Do you agree with me?

The movie is not yet available on Amazon Prime, but I will try to write a new article here after the movie has been published and made available to Amazon Prime subscribers. For more information on how to watch Amazon Prime from abroad, click the link!

Can I watch The Affair on Amazon Prime?

The Affair is a TV series produced by Showtime. It will soon enter into its fourth season, but if you haven’t seen it at all yet, can you stream it with¬†Amazon Prime?

Someone recently recommended The Affair to me, and for that reason, I watched some episodes in the first season. I checked it out, and I must admit that it is a nice TV series, even though I find it a bit boring. I am curious to see where it will go from here, but the fact that there are several seasons to watch, makes me feel as if the misery from the first season will just go on and on for lots of seasons, and that makes me depressed. If that is so, I would rather waste my time on something else. But, maybe things are about to change?

The affair on amazon prime

To watch The Affair it is not enough to have an Amazon Prime subscription. You will also need a Showtime subscription, meaning that it quite expensive. But, if you have a Netflix subscription, you can find The Affair in quite a lot of Netflix regions, so I recommend that you visit Netflix before buying a Showtime subscription on Amazon Prime.

You can buy one and one episode on, or buy an entire season and watch it as an instant video, but that will cost you a lot, so you should rather watch it on Netflix as I have already recommended.


Watch Going in Style on Amazon

Last night I watched Going in Style. It is a movie suitable for all audiences, and it will most likely bring a smile to your face several times.

Going in Style is a film quite similar to Last Vegas. The topic is about growing old, and what to do about it. The story is however different because here we meet three friends who grow old with a total lack of money. Their pensions have just been lost, one guy is about to lose his house, and everything points towards a disastrous future. What is the solution? Rob a bank!

Going in Style

In Going in Style, we meet Morgan Freeman, Michael Caine, and Alan Arkin. These are the three old guys who decide to rob a bank. Matt Dillon is the FBI agent trying to solve this and a former bank robbery, and Christopher Lloyd, who you might remember as Doc from Back to the Future, is just one another crazy, old guy who is very loveable in his role.

Watch Going in Style on Amazon

I just did a quick check, and you cannot stream Going in Style at Netflix yet. You can not watch it on HBO Now either, meaning that the only way to watch it online, is buying or renting the movie at a site like Amazon. It is worth it, and I believe that most people will like watching this one. It is harmless but has good humor and great actors.

I can warmly recommend Going in Style. At IMDb, the movie has a 6,6/10 score, while Rotten Tomatoes gives it a critics score of 44%, while the audience score is 55%. Not the best overall scores, but still a nice movie to watch.

Have you seen Going in Style? Did you enjoy it? Write a comment and let me know!

Can I watch War Machine on Amazon?

War Machine on AmazonWar Machine is the name of the brand new war movie with Brad Pitt. It is a Netflix original production and was released on Netflix all around the world in May 2017. Can it be streamed on as well?

The answer at the moment is NO. You can not stream War Machine on Amazon, and if I am right, then you will not be able to do so in the near future either. Now you should not be to sad, after all War Machine isn’t a very good movie so you will not loose out on much if you skip watching it, but if you really want to stream War Machine online, then you better get your Netflix subscription in order instead.

What makes me believe that War Machine will not come to Amazon?

Netflix is producing more and more original content, and they are really getting bigger at creating original movies. Adam Sandler has so far produced two original Netflix movies, The Ridiculous 6 and Sandy Wexler. The latter was recently made available on Netflix, while The Ridiculous 6 was made available sometime early in 2016 if I remember correct. But, I then visited to check if The Ridiculous 6 could be found there, but the movie is still not available in any way on Amazon. That makes be believe that Netflix has no intention of making their own original movies available on other platforms, and thus I have a feeling that War Machine will not be released on in the future either.

I might be wrong, but time will show! But, maybe you could stream Manchester by the Sea instead, a movie that will not be made available on Netflix since it is an Amazon Original movie. That might give you more than War Machine will, even though I didn’t really appreciate that movie much either.

Are you ready to stream Logan?

Logan on AmazonDid you know that the movie Logan can already be bought and streamed online? I noticed it by coincidence a few days ago. If you don’t want to spend so much money, then you could also consider simply renting it.

Logan is a movie related to the X-Men movies, except from the fact that it is purely concentrating on Logan and not the rest of the X-Men crew. For some people that means that this movie ain’t that interesting, but if you want to get to know the character of Logan better, then this is for sure a movie worth watching.

I have of course not watched it yet since I just discovered it, but it is now on my list of movies to watch on Amazon in the near future, so I guess it is only a question of a few weeks and I will have a symbol next to the name, meaning that I have finished the task.

There are so many other great movies that I am planning to stream on Amazon in the near future as well. Well, the truth is that I might not stream them all on Amazon, because I often find it easier to stream them abroad as I purchase them from Google Play Store than purchasing them from Amazon, due to all the geo-restrictions used by Amazon.

Which other movies do I want to watch in the near future?

  • The Shack
  • XXX: Return of Xander
  • Hacksaw Ridge
  • Thor movies (they are old, but I want to watch them so that I am ready for the new movie).
  • The Lego Batman Movie
  • John Wick 2

What do you think? Have you already seen any of these movies? Are they worth watching, or should I skip one or more of these movies and watch something else instead?

When will Doctor Strange come to Amazon?

Last week I watched Doctor Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch in the cinemas. Now I want to watch it again. When will Doctor Strange come to Amazon?

Sometimes I have the feeling that everything Marvel touches turns into gold. All their crazy movies about superheroes of all kinds turn so popular. I do not like all of them, and earlier this year I also wrote about the fact that Deadpool never became a favorite of mine. So what’s up with Doctor Strange?

I remember when I first watch the Doctor Strange trailer. I said to myself, this is  a movie I am never going to watch. It looked terrible to me. But, then time went by and as Doctor Strange came to the cinema I read lots of great reviews. And since i love going to cinema that was a big enough excuse to check out Benedict Cumberbatch in his role as Doctor Strange.

How did I like Doctor Strange?

The movie surprised me in a positive way. It did not become a new super favorite as there are hundreds of movies I would rather watch one more time than Doctor Strange. But, since I went to the movies expecting 40%, it wasn’t very hard for the movie makers to surprise me in a positive way. So yes, I was positively surprised by Doctor Strange, but it still shouldn’t be counted as a new favorite of mine.


Why was I so critical to Doctor Strange?

The main reason is that this was a way to strange role for Benedict Cumberbatch. To me his character is typical for serious characters, and Doctor Strange is somehow the completely opposite. It therefore felt strange to follow Cumberbatch playing Doctor Strange throughout the movie. It did however pass by throughout the movie and in the end I had no problem with Cumberbatch in the role as Doctor Strange anymore.

When can I watch Doctor Strange on

That is a brilliant question. It would have been great if it arrived before Christmas, but that will for sure not happen.

Based on the latest news and articles Doctor Strange will come to as an Instant VIdeo in February 2017. You can then buy it as an Instant Video and stream it online straight away. This has been confirmed (January 2017) so it is just to be patient for a little while longer and the movie will be ready on Amazon and waiting for you to stream it.

Have you watched Doctor Strange as well? Did you like the movie?