Best VPN for Amazon Prime Germany

Do you have an Amazon Prime subscription in Germany, but you are unable to enjoy it? How can you get access to Amazon Prime Germany and all its video content if you travel outside Germany?

Due to the new EU regulations, you can easily watch and enjoy the content of your Amazon Prime content in Germany as you travel within the EU. But, if you leave the EU, you will start getting messages like this one instead, telling you that the content is not available.

This title isn't available in your location - Amazon Prime
This title isn’t available in your location – Amazon Prime

You get this message because you are located outside the EU, and you do not have the rights to watch the content included with your Amazon Prime subscription in Germany outside the European Union. But, what can you do if you are really eager to enjoy the benefits of your Amazon Prime subscription still? Is there a way to watch Amazon Prime Germany content, also outside the EU and outside Germany?

Which VPN to use to unblock German Amazon Prime?

Maybe you thought a VPN was the solution to unblock German Amazon Prime abroad? That is reasonable, because we also thought so. But, if you use a VPN as you try to visit Amazon Prime Germany from abroad, or if you just surf the internet in Germany with a VPN, you will get a message like this.

your device is connected to the internet using a vpn or proxy service
your device is connected to the internet using a vpn or proxy service

Amazon seems to be really good at recognizing people using VPN providers, and they seem to have a giant database of IP adresses used by the biggest and most popular VPN providers. I have tested lots of VPN providers with servers in Germany and within the EU (as finding a VPN provider with an IP address within the EU that works with would be enough), but I have had a hard time finding one.

In other words, I cannot help you unblock Amazon Prime in Germany like this at the moment. If you want to get access to Amazon Prime in the USA using a VPN, that is much easier. Click the link for more information on how that can be done.

How can I access Amazon Prime Germany abroad then?

I have done some testing, and I found a solution that will help you solve the problem. It is a very easy solution, but it might still require some work and some failing from your side.

The solution is called IPSX, and it is an IP Address exchange working with proxy servers all across the world. This is a small service (yet), meaning that they have loads of IP addresses in their catalog that isn’t discovered and recognized by the big streaming services yet, and thus you can unblock Amazon Prime in Germany with lots of the IP addresses they provide in Germany.

Some of their IP addresses will for sure be blocked as well, but lots of them work. And, it is really cheap, as you can rent an IP address in Germany for as little as 0,2 USD for a couple of hours or for a day, so you can easily try a couple of IP addresses without much risk or without spending a lot of money.

You can read more about how to use the IP Exchange in this tutorial, or you can visit their website right away and give it a try.

I was successful in bypassing the geo-blocks on Amazon Prime Germany at my first try (with a 0,2 USD proxy server in Germany), so go ahead and give it a try. You can later use the same system to unblock lots of other streaming sites all across the world.

Here I am watching Amazon Prime in Germany without any error message
Here I am watching Amazon Prime in Germany without any error message

As you can see above, it is possible to stream Amazon Prime in Germany from abroad without any error message.

Do you know of a VPN that works with Amazon Prime in Germany?

I would love to hear about VPN providers that work with Amazon Prime videos in Germany. I haven’t managed to find one during my testing, but if you know of any, please let me know. They will all cost more than an IPSX proxy, but some people do feel more comfortable using a VPN instead of a platform they haven’t heard about before.

But, while waiting for a VPN solution, let me tell you that the IPSX platform is really easy to use, it is cheap, and just as quick (maybe quicker) than a VPN. And you do not even have to install any single VPN application, as the only requirement is to copy the address to a proxy setup file into your Windows settings (or on the proxy settings on your mobile device), and you will be good to go and ready to stream.

But still, please tell me if you know about VPN providers that work with Amazon Germany, and I will update this article later with such information as well!

If you have any other comments or question, write them beneath, and I will do my best to answer as quickly as possible!

HTTP proxies and VPN connections not allowed – Amazon error!

Yesterday I wanted to stream some content on, but I got the following error message: “HTTP proxies and VPN connections not allowed.

Here you can see the full error message.

video error amazon
Your device is connected to the Internet using an HTTP proxy or a Virtual Private Network (VPN) connection. Please close or disable any proxy programs or VPN connections and try again. For more details, please refer to

I am not a big fan of such messages, and especially not if you just want to watch a video on Amazon, but you do not want to jeopardize the safety of your computer or Internet device. After all, hackers can easily find passwords and confidential information on your device if you surf using an unprotected WiFi network.

What to do about the HTTP proxies and VPN connections not allowed message?

It all depends on if you want to access German Amazon content, English Amazon content, or American Amazon content. If you want to get access to and watch videos on Amazon Prime (or Amazon Instant videos) in the USA, follow the instructions at

If your goal is to watch content on German Amazon, it is way harder. I tried lots of different VPN providers yesterday, but all of them were blocked and I didn’t find a way of fixing it at once. But, today I found a solution, and it was using a brand new service from IPSX, the IP Exchange. It is a cryptocurrency based service in which you can rent an IP address for a while. You can read more about IPSX right here. If you want to give it a try at once, visit

You might also see the following error message if you try to watch Amazon videos using a VPN, or from abroad.

video unavailable amazon de

Thanks a lot for reading, and I hope this article will help you get rid of the HTTP proxy and VPN error on Amazon.

You can also use IPSX to access English Prime videos. It might be that not all proxies provided by IPSX will work, but some of them do. And do not forget that you can also use these to access Netflix in other nations at times.

Do you also get the error messages mentioned earlier in this article? Do you need help to find a solution that will help you watch the videos on Amazon without the error messages? Write a comment, and I will do my best to help you out!

Get ready for Prime Day 2018

Every year, in the middle of the summer, Amazon is arranging their so-called Prime Day. On this day Prime members get access to fantastic offers, and of course, not so fantastic offers.

In China, November 11th is the date of the so-called Singles Day. On this day enormous bargains can be made, and it might be the biggest shopping day in the world every year. But, Amazon is doing their best to compete with this, and their annual Prime Day is their biggest attempt.

On Prime Day, people with an Amazon Prime membership in a nation with a registered Amazon store can get access to all sorts of offers. Some of the offers are extremely good, and you can save a lot of money if you know what you want and how much it is supposed to cost, and therefore discover a great discount when you see it.

But, on such discount days there are always people buying all sorts of products, simply because they believe them to be cheap, and then later discover that they weren’t discounted at all.

One of the best offers on Prime Day 2018
One of the best offers on Prime Day 2018


Some pieces of advice before Prime Day 2018

Visit,, or your designated Prime store already to check the prices of the products that you might be interested in. That is a good way of preparing yourself for the day.

On Prime day 2018, visit your local Amazon store again to check if you can get the same product or a similar product at a discounted price. If it is available cheaper, go ahead and buy it. If you do not have a Prime subscription, you can normally sign up on Prime day, and cancel later. You will only pay for the number of days you actually had an active subscription, meaning that you will get most of your money back.

Some of the best products to purchase on Prime day are Amazon’s very own products, like the different Kindle models, the Fire TV Stick and the Fire TV products, and one of the best offers this year, the Amazon Echo brand.

Do you want to know more about how to get Amazon products delivered to countries without an Amazon store? Click the link for more information.

Fun fact about Prime Day 2017

  • One of the most popular products in the USA was a DNA test, in which people can get lots of information about themselves, their genes, their ancestry and more through their own saliva.
  • The people of Mexico were really excited about the Nintendo Switch, making it their most popular product on Prime day in 2017.
  • In the UK people seem to suffer from a bad WiFi signal because the most popular product in the UK was a TP-Link WiFi smart plug.

most popular amazon products

I wish you a great Amazon Prime Day 2018!

Good news to Prime subscribers in England and Germany

Do you have an Amazon Prime subscription in England or in Germany? Have you ever experienced the annoying fact that you couldn’t enjoy your subscription during your holiday (abroad)? That has just changed!

Politicians in the EU fight hard for EU citizens to be able to enjoy their home conditions when traveling. For that reason, roaming fees were mostly removed last year, and this year the same team came with another big news. You can now enjoy your home streaming experience, also when abroad in the EU. Until now, you could only enjoy and stream your German Prime subscription while in Germany. But, isn’t that kind of unfair that you cannot use the service you pay for when you visit Italy? The EU calls this unfair, and therefore they introduced new regulations from April 1st. If you have a streaming subscription to Netflix or Amazon Prime, you should be able to use it when you travel to another EU country.

new regulations amazon prime abroad

That is revolutionary for Amazon Prime, while Netflix subscribers have lived with this without to much trouble for years. While you will not get access to any Prime videos or content as you travel abroad, Netflix has always given you access to the content available in the EU country you visit. So, it never stopped working, you only got access to different content. But, now that will change, and you should be entitled to stream all your home content on Amazon Prime and Netflix as you visit other EU countries.

I have already written an article on how this will impact Netflix, and you can read it here. For Prime members, this is 100% wonderful news, but for Netflix subscribers, this might cause trouble. There are thousands of Netflix members in EU countries using a VPN to gain access to other regions/countries. But, with the new regulations, a VPN might not help you anymore, because you will get access to your home region in all cases, no matter which VPN you use.

This will, however, not impact American Netflix or Amazon Prime in any way. For more information on how you can access American Netflix and American Amazon Prime from abroad, press the links.

Quick delivery to Europe from

Last week I decided to order some books from I live in Europe, and normally I do all my orders on, but as I had some money on my account, I decided to place my order there instead.

amazon quick delivery

If you order products from, you might have to wait for a long time for the products to arrive. But, last week I ordered some books, and upon checkout I noticed that the difference between the slowest and the second best delivery method was only 2 Dollar. So, I decided to upgrade the delivery, and guess what? I ordered my books on April 5th, and I now expect the books to arrive on April 12th. And what makes this even better, is that the package was sent by Amazon only on April 7th. If I take that into consideration, then this is almost just as fast as a delivery from Germany would take. If I was an Amazon Prime member I would get the order sent even faster, but since I do not have a Prime subscription at the moment, it took Amazon three days to send my order.

I am quite curious at the moment, because if I remember correct, there is no VAT on book orders from Amazon, but if you order cameras, laptops and other electronic┬ádevices, you will have to pay VAT as they are delivered to an address in Europe. So, I am will wait and see, but I am quite sure that there will be no VAT on this order, meaning that it will only be 7 days from the day my order was placed on, until I get the package delivered to my home address in Europe. Great stuff’

Want to find out more about Amazon Prime? Is it possible to get an Amazon Prime subscription in the USA while living in Europe? Check out the link for more information. Or would you like to know more about how to forward packages bought on to a European address? Check out the article for more information.

Prime Reading expands to Germany and England

Prime Reading was first available in the USA only, but recently Amazon expanded and made their book lending service available in the UK and in Germany as well.

When I first read about Prime Reading I was really enthusiastic about the service, and for that reason I wrote several articles about the service. I have even written some articles on books I have read borrowed from Amazon with Amazon Prime. But, unfortunately Prime Reading was only available in the USA from the first moment. I expected Prime Reading to come to the other Amazon stores as well, but it has taken quite a lot of months. The waiting time is however over by now, because Prime Reading can now be enjoyed in Germany and in England as well. If you want to know more about Prime Reading and what it is, check out this blog and article.

Primeday coming up
Primeday coming up in the US, in Germany and in the UK

You do need an Amazon Prime subscription in order to enjoy Prime Reading, but with Prime Day coming up on July 11th, this is the perfect time to sign up for Amazon Prime. While I am not the biggest fan of Prime day myself, there are lots of great offers coming up every fifth minute on that day. Some offers are fantastic, while most of the offers look very similar to the “Daily Deals” on Amazon, meaning that you get the same as you would on all other days of the year on Amazon.

In the United States Prime Day is the biggest shopping day of the year, and on world basis it is fighting with the Chinese Single’s Day on being the biggest shopping day of the year in the world. It might be that I am missing out on something, but I have still not found lots of products worth buying on Prime Day. But, if you are planning on buying a new TV within shortly, a vacuum cleaner or maybe a computer screen, why don’t you wait till July 11th and maybe you will be able to buy such a product at a very discounted price?

Amazon are really nice with the Prime subscription

Did you know that you can sign up for Amazon Prime, but cancel it anytime and get money back? I am not sure if this is available everywhere, but last year I signed up for a Prime subscription in Germany to buy something on Prime Day. I used the subscription a bit, but then I decided to cancel my subscription after a while. I did not know about it then, but as I cancelled my subscription with immediate effect, Amazon gave me my money back. They did not give the full amount, but the amount in Euro which equaled the time I had left with my subscription.

In Germany the subscription cost 60 Euro per year. When I cancelled my subscription after a month or two I receive a bit more than 50 Euro back, which means that I actually only paid for the time I had an active Prime subscription. I find that to be a brilliant customer service, so thank you Amazon for that!



Is it worth shopping from in Europe?

If you are living in a European country with no present Amazon store, then you might consider shopping from Is it worth doing so? Will you save money shopping from

I am speaking out of experience when it comes to shopping from and other Amazon stores around the world. I am living in a European country without an Amazon store, and for that reason I have ordered lots of different products from But, there is one giant problem when it comes to ordering goods and products from to Europe, and that is VAT. Recently I ordered a mini-projector from to Europe, simply for the sake of trying it and to test how it works with shipping, VAT and everything. Well, this is what the math looked like:

Now, this was just a test for me, but considering the fact that I could have bought the same projector in Germany, from and have it shipped to me for free and no VAT needed, I must say that I could have bought two mini-projectors for the same total price as I paid to get one delivered to me from the United States.

This is just one example. If you order for amounts beneath the VAT limit, then you will be able to save money on that. You will also save money if the size of the package to be delivered is smaller. There are in other words ways to get things cheaper, but in general it can be said that shopping from to have goods delivered to Europe is an expensive way to do shopping.

ordering from to Europe

Where should you shop then?

Since shopping from is so expensive, then there is little doubt about the fact that shopping from Amazon in the UK or Amazon in Germany are the best options. The German Amazon store is in general a bit cheaper than the UK store, and they have way better prices on shipping to abroad. And, if you order something that these stores will not forward to your country, then you can read my instructions telling about package forwarding companies in Europe that will help you with that.

You might say that the German Amazon store only is available in German, and that it is a big disadvantage, but it shouldn’t be that for you anymore. For a long while it has been possible to access the German Amazon store in English, so just click the link to find out more about how it can be done.

So, go ahead and do your Amazon shopping, but if you listen to me, shop from one of the European Amazon stores instead of the American Amazon store.

It might be that shopping is better from if you live in Europe. But, the Amazon Prime available in the USA is far better and bigger than the Prime subscriptions available in Germany and England. So, if you are looking for an Amazon Prime subscription in Europe, then I can warmly recommend getting access to US Amazon Prime in Europe. Click the link to find out more about how it can be done.


Amazon Germany is now available in Polish and Turkish

Just like I discovered the chance to visit in English a few months ago, I just discovered how you can visit Amazon Germany in Polish or in Turkish!

Do you think it sounds cool to shop from the German Amazon store in your own language? Most likely your native tongue is German, or at least you live in Germany at the moment. The German Amazon store is the preferred store for those in Germany, especially considering that the neighboring nations like Austria, the Netherlands, France and Italy all have their own dedicated Amazon stores. But, there seems to be something about that makes them the leading provider in this territory. For that very reason they have now made it possible for their customers to shop at the German Amazon store in Turkish or in Polish. This is a small language setting that needs to be changed, and once it has been made, you can read about products and find information in Turkish, Polish, English and Dutch (in addition to German).

You can read more about how to actually access Amazon in Turkish or Polish in this article.

Shop from Amazon in German

This upgrade came together with another upgrade that made Amazon Germany even more popular in the central European region. What they just did was to introduce free shipping on orders above 39 Euro on products shipped by themselves to the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Sweden, Denmark and Finland. That was one giant upgrade, and I have personally tried this and enjoyed it myself several times already.

It seems in other words as if Amazon Germany wants to become the leading Amazon store across Europe, and considering their prices (which are fairly better than, that should be possible!

Do some Habit Stacking with Amazon Prime Reading

Recently I downloaded and read the book “Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less” from It came for free as a part of Prime Reading, so why not?

I always enjoy a good book, and the book about habit stacking easily caught my attention. It sounded like an easy book to read and since it was for free, why not? It was a real quick read, so if you are a quick reader then you can get through the book in like an hour or so. But, we are not really reading books for the purpose of just reading through the book, are we? When we read a book we hope that it will have some sort of an effect on us, and that was at least why I decided to read “Habit Stacking: 97 Small Life Changes That Take Five Minutes or Less.” The book was written by S.J. Scott and he tries to teach us how to change the quality of our lives with small habits.


What is habit stacking about?

Habit stacking as described my S. J. Scott is not about getting a good habit of going for a 30 minute run every day. Habit stacking is about stacking lots of small habits together and turn them into a daily routine. In that way you can get much more efficient, get more stuff done and be more happy with yourself. Most habits as described in this book for the purpose of stacking them together take from 1 to 5 minutes and that is why you can add several together and turn them into a daily routine. Such a routine should take at most 15 minutes, but can thus consist of 3-8 different habits.

I read some reviews of the book on habit stacking, and some critizised the author for writing to easy stuff. The first habit described in the book is “drink a glass of water.” Well, that is truly easy, but for some that is a lethal point. I have friends who have a really hard time drinking even 1 liter of water every day, and for them to create a habit of drinking would be so important.

Lots of the other habits described are obvious for some, while they might make a big difference for others. As I read through the first chapter which dealt with habits dealing with productivity I felt quite good. From the first 17 steps I felt as if I already do 16 of those. Dealing with other subjects I did not really feel that good, but I wasn’t feeling as if those habits were habits I really need to implement in my life.

Summary of my short habit stacking review

This is an easy book to read. You might find it to be very basic and simple, but that is just good. Since it is so easy you can take your time to read it, and if this book and habit stacking will make you inspired to create one single routine it has already had a great impact on you. It doesn’t matter if you do not like the book itself. A good learner can learn from everything and anything, and thus this book will for sure be able to teach you and inspire you anyway!

I can not guarantee that the book will be available on Prime Reading for free forever, so make sure to read through the book while it is still there available!

Free Kindle book with Amazon Prime in October 2016

As always you can download a free book to your Kindle with your Prime subscription also in October 2016. Here are the books you can choose from.

I normally don’t use this great chance to download a free book. I guess time is the reason, because I would love to read some of these books. But, since I do not have much time I rather read a book that I for sure know that I want to read, instead of starting a brand new book written by an author I haven’t heard of yet. Maybe that is stupid, but that is the way it is for me.


Free Kindle books for Prime members in October 2016

If you have a Prime subscription you can download one of the mentioned books for free this month.

  • It is Well – James D. Shipman
  • Wake in Winter – Nadezhda Belenkaya, Andrea Gregovich
  • The Woman Who Breathed Two Worlds – Selina Siak Chin Yoke
  • Before You Leap – Keith Houghton
  • Venom & Vanilla – Shannon Meyer
  • Evelyn After – Victoria Helen Stone

If you have a Prime subscription visit to download your free book right away.

Do not forget to bookmark this site to get more news about Prime related topics. I frequently right about new movies and TV series on Prime, and also answer questions related to error messages people get on

I hope you will enjoy your free book in October as well!