Are there commercials on Amazon Prime?

I would like to get myself an Amazon Prime subscription, but I really hate commercials? Will I be forced to watch commercials as I watch films and TV series with my Amazon Prime subscription?

ads on Amazon PrimeAs we watch TV stations and TV series on our normal stationary TV’s we are very much used to watch commercials. They give us a nice toilet break and time to refill our glasses with something to drink. But, as we watch TV series and films on our computers, tablets, or phones we do not like those commercials. They are annoying and make our favorite programs last much longer.

On Hulu you get lots of commercials if you sign up for 8 USD a month. You can buy an extra subscription which will remove the ads, but few people want to pay an extra 4 USD a month because of this. At Netflix there are no commercials, so you can watch your favorite show without commercials all the time. At CBS All Access you are bombarded by ads, meaning that your TV show will be stopped several times where you will have to watch ads. So, what’s up with Amazon Prime? Are there ads on Amazon Prime?

Are there ads on Amazon Prime? The answer is 98% no!

As you watch a TV series on Amazon Prime you will never be interrupted by ads. That is simply amazing and really nice. So in general you will never meet or see ads during your TV shows on Amazon Prime. There is a minor exception, and that is the following.

Sometimes before the start of the actual TV show Amazon will show you a short teaser to one of their other TV shows. This will last for about 15 seconds and will be shown before the start of what you actually want to see. But, to be honest… this teaser is so short that I do not even care about it. And once it is over you never see an ad again. And such teasers will not be shown before all TV series or films, they just show up before some of the TV shows or films. It is therefore nothing to fear as you sign up for Amazon Prime. This is what I would call a 98% ad-free territory.


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  • (@tonyr951) says:

    Hate the stupid ads the play on Prime. Just let me watch a show in peace and stop pushing shows I have no interest in.

  • As of today Sep 1 there are now commercials thru out the shows I’m watching on Amazon Prime. Midsomer Murders. What the heck is going on

  • We are also seeing them. We paid for a show, now are watching commercials with it. Complete turnoff. Will be choosing Amazon less.

  • i too will be cancelling my prime membership. Bezos doesnt have enough money to maintain quality service? i mean you really need more money from commercials? really? if he wants to water down his product for more money, it will not be with my money. i can live without amazon.

  • I received two ads 15 minutes into watching Star Trek: Beyond. I immediately contacted them an cancelled my Prime membership.

  • I received two commercials 15 minutes into the movie Star Trek: Beyond. I immediately contacted Prime and cancelled my membership. This is unacceptable.

  • Never had commercials on prime until last Friday night. There were 5 commercial breaks, which is very annoying, considering you’re pay a subscription to watch. I can watch commercials on reg tv if I chose to. So Amazon, your lying when say there aren’t any!

  • Ads on Prime TV through the shows now. It just started in the last week. Ready to dump prime. Deliveries are alway late now. It’s all changing.

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