Can I watch Uncut Gems, the Netflix original movie on Amazon Prime?

In the world of streaming services, it can sometimes be confusing to understand what can be streamed on which platforms? What is the reality when it comes to Uncut Gems? Can you stream the Adam Sandler movie on Amazon Prime?

Uncut Gems on Amazon

Uncut Gems is a masterpiece by Adam Sandler. I know, those words don’t normally fit into the same sentence, because Adam Sandler isn’t really known to be a guy for the masterpieces. He is the funny clown who takes part in low-budget comedies that make half the population laugh, while the rest just sits annoyed in front of their screens. But, when we start to write about Uncut Gems, it is time to forget about his past, and actually focus on the awesome job he did in the movie. Many people shouted Oscar when they considered the job he did in the movie, but the majority says that Adam Sandler has done so many lousy movies, that he cannot really be considered for an Oscar, simply because of his past. I hope that is just crap, because who cares about his past. If it is good, then it is good! Give the man an Oscar if he deserves one!

But, is Uncut Gems on Amazon Prime?

Now, in the middle of the streaming wars, one would believe that Uncut Gems would remain on Netflix alone as a Netflix original movie. But, this movie can actually be streamed on as well. It isn’t included with your Amazon Prime subscription, but if you are willing to pay, then you can both rent the movie or purchase the movie. How come?

This is not originally a Netflix original movie. It was shown in theaters in a few places, and it is an A24 movie (actually their highest-grossing movie ever). They might have sold it to Netflix so that they could make it available to their customers worldwide really quickly, but I guess it wasn’t really an “all-alone” Netflix deal.

Because, most other Netflix original movies like Birdbox, Murder Mystery, and A Marriage Story, cannot be found on Amazon at all. But, that is when we can see that Uncut Gems is an exception, making it not an entirely 100% pure Netflix production.

As a result, you can watch Uncut Gems on Amazon if you want to. It isn’t included in your Prime subscription, but you can purchase the movie or rent it!

What else to stream on Amazon?

Amazon is getting more and more about their very own original productions as well, just like Netflix. The content from other big providers is getting more and more limited, while the original stuff, that is what makes the platform interesting. There are some exceptions, but in general, look for those Amazon original productions like Transparent, Mozart in the Jungle, Jack Ryan, Hanna, and other similar productions!

Have you seen Uncut Gems with Adam Sandler? How did you enjoy the movie? Would he have deserved an Oscar for his role as Howard Ratner, a Jewish jeweler and gambling addict in New York City? I would love to hear your thoughts!

What’s up with the Amazon commercials in Murder Mystery, a Netflix original movie?

Yesterday, I got to watch the movie Murder Mystery on Netflix. It is a brand new Netflix original movie starring Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston. I have got to admit that I had a great time watching it. That might disturb you or make you judgmental considering me and my feelings about movies, but I don’t really care. I had a great time stream Murder Mystery on Netflix, and the movie gave me some great laughs, especially the very last scene of the movie.

So, I enjoyed the humor and the movie itself. But, one thing that amazed me twice during the movie was the attention that was given to Amazon Gift Cards. In my mind, Amazon and Netflix are major competitors, and that is why Netflix would stay clear away from anything that would give any attention to their dear opponent. So, how come Adam Sandler walks around in a store to buy a present for his wife, only to zoom in on the Amazon Gift card several times, ending up buying one, and then later even discussing the Amazon Gift Card during the dinner at which he plans to hand over the present.

What's up with the Amazon Gift Cards in Murder Mystery on Netflix?
What’s up with the Amazon Gift Cards in Murder Mystery on Netflix?

I haven’t given away and big points of the movie by writing about this (so no worries), but I just remained amazed at this. Aren’t Netflix and Amazon opponents anymore? I don’t really understand this and have no clue as to how come this happened.

How did Amazon end up so clearly in a Netflix original movie?

It just had to be that way to make the joke come true…

You might say that it was just an important part of the movie and that it had to be this way for the intended joke to work out? Maybe that is so, but it still sounds strange to me. However, it might be a part of the freedom given to the director of the movie and the story writer, even though it is a Netflix original creation.

Amazon paid a lot to get featured in the movie…

We all know that companies pay to get featured in TV series and movies. We have often seen the Nintendo featured in The Big Bang Theory, we all know that the talk show host and his guests often will be served drinks where you can see the bottle clearly (working as a commercial) and people drinking a certain kind of bear on a warm summer day before getting into action.

The same might have happened with Murder Mystery on Netflix? Maybe Amazon used this to give their gift card’s some attention to Netflix viewers?

Maybe this was meant as a way to look down on those buying Amazon gift cards?

This is a third option that came to my mind. During the dinner in which the gift card came into discussion, the lady says that she clearly consider Adam Sandler to be the “Amazon Gift Card kind of guy.” That doesn’t exactly come as a compliment, meaning that it was a way of calling him a boring guy with no color or creativity. Was that the intention when they decided

What are your thoughts? Did you like the movie?

Have you seen Murder Mystery on Netflix? Did you like the movie? Why do you think the Amazon Gift Cards were given so much attention in the start of the movie? Was it a coincidence to get the point through, or was this a paid for commercial by Amazon?

I would love to hear your thoughts about this!

Can I stream Murder Mystery on

You cannot stream the movie on at all currently. Since this is a Netflix original, I do not expect it to come very soon. Half a year ago, Netflix released Birdbox, and this movie still cannot be bought or streamed on, with or without an Amazon Prime subscription.

In other words, you better get yourself a Netflix subscription if you intend to stream this movie online sometime soon!

What’s up on Amazon Prime?

Are you in the mood for doing something fun? Are you looking for a good game to play with your family, or maybe you would rather watch a good movie? Amazon Prime might have the answer!

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you are entitled to the 2-day delivery. That might be fast, but if you want a program for tonight, you will not get the board game that fast… and if you want something to do tonight, two days from now seems like an eternity to wait. So, even though you could order Settlers, Alhambra, or some other cool board game, it will not solve your problems for tonight.

on amazon prime

So, what should you do then? You could visit and buy or rent the movie Game Night. It is a very fun movie, and it includes both board games, fun, and a movie. It was in the theaters recently, but it should be out on Amazon already. You can not watch it with your Amazon Prime subscription, which means that you will have to buy it or at least rent it.

Unfortunately, Amazon Prime might not be the solution if you are bored and want a great program for tonight. But, if you are really desperate, then one of the following movies, included with your Prime suggestion, could be the solution: Valerian and the City of Thousand Planets, Mothers Day, Arrival, Creed, Me Before You, Spectre, Spaceballs, Click, and quite some other movies. If you are tired and like Star Wars, watch Spaceballs. It is a crazy old parody, but so cool to watch. Want to have a lot of fun, but at the same time learn to appreciate the small joys and sorrows in the everyday life? Watch Click!

Want to know more about how you can enjoy your Amazon Prime subscription abroad? Click the link.

Watch Pixels online on Amazon

Pixels onlineIt feels like only a few weeks since I saw this film in the cinema and now I can watch it online (legally) already on Pixels was a film I did not know to much about, but then I got it recommended from some friends and I went to see it, and I did not regret it at all!

Pixels is a film starring Adam Sandler, and that is always a sign that this is most likely to become a funny film with good jokes. And even though Pixels is not the traditional romantic comedy with Adam Sandler, there is still lots of jokes and also romance in this film.

Pixels is the story about how some aliens have gotten hold of some old games, as we played them back in the 80s. Now they have returned to earth and they want to destroy the earth, unless the people on earth manage to beat them in those old games like PacMan, Space Invaders and so on. This might sound hilarious and it truly is, but it is so cool to watch those old games coming alive in this film and if you have some remembrance of those old times and those games, you will for sure want to watch Pixels online right away.

If you have no remembrance of games in that period at all this is still a comedy worth watching, so a brilliant family film for the evening.

You can also get hold of Pixels and watch it online or buy it as a DVD in the UK Amazon Store.

To watch Instant Videos online you will need to follow these instructions in case you are located outside the United Kingdom or outside the United States.