An Upload review – is the new Amazon series worth watching?

Upload is the name of a brand new Amazon original series. This is an entertaining story about a man who is sent into a virtual reality based on a decision made by him and his girlfriends a few minutes before his death (or what would have been his death).

I watched the Upload trailer, and I actually considered the show to be quite promising. That is why I quickly got started with the show after its release. I still haven’t finished the show entirely, but with two episodes left to go, I still feel like I am ready to write my short and concise Upload review to share my thoughts with my readers.

Upload review
Nathan in the Amazon Original series Upload

What is Upload all about?

A man is about to die, at least so he believes. He is taken to the hospital, and there is one option to do an upload. If you decide to upload, you will live on in a virtual reality, but if you die, then it is too late. As a result, you will have to make your decision before you die. So, our new hero is there in the hospital, and a decision needs to be made quickly.

All sorts of messages are given to him by the people at the hospital, and also by his girlfriend. So, what is he to do? If he dies, then it will be too late. But, what if he would survive the event? In the end, he goes for the upload and lives on in Lakeview, the perfect place to spend eternity.

The new virtual home is like a game. You live on and everything is possible. But you will have to pay for certain extras. This is a service provided by a company, and in the company, they do all they can for their uploads to be happy. That is why they have agents working and helping their uploads. And guess what, our new hero has an agent (angel) watching out for him that he ends up liking a lot.

But, what’s going on? Is it possible with a romantic relationship as an upload? Would our guy have died? Why did his car really break down? There are lots of questions, making this into a little bit more than just a pure comedy.

Upload Amazon
Nora and Nathan in Upload on Amazon

What makes Upload worth watching?

I have enjoyed the eight episodes I have seen so far, and I look forward to watch the last two episodes. I have a feeling that the series will be continued, but no matter what, this is a story that makes fun of many of the virtual reality ideas we have today, and it shares with us a funny way to think about eternity, that is, a life after our eventual death.

Upload is created by Greg Daniels, the man behind The Office (with Steve Carell), and also the man who is behind the upcoming Netflix original series named Space Force (with Steve Carell). In other words, this is a guy who knows how to make funny TV series, and I have got to say that he has been successful once again with Upload.

Nathan Brown, the main character in the story (the guy who is uploaded in the start of episode 1), is played by Robbie Amell. Maybe you haven’t heard about him before, and that is actually not so strange. He has had some smaller and bigger roles in other shows, but I guess this is his international breakthrough to many of us.

Nora, the angel (agent) who takes care of Nathan is played by Andy Allo. You have maybe seen her earlier in Chicago Fire, and she also had a part in Pitch Perfect 3. But, once again, this is probably her big breakthrough as a main role character in a TV series or in a movie.

Even though the series is led by two characters without a long history, it makes them credible and enjoyable to watch, and Amazon didn’t have to pay as much as if they would have had to if they chose some hot star from the top list in Hollywood. But, I don’t really miss those big names, because Andy Allo and Robbie Amell do a very good job playing their characters.

All in all, Upload is amusing…

This might not be my favorite show of all time, but Upload does a great job entertaining me with its 10 episodes. If you haven’t seen it yet, give it a try for two episodes. You will quickly notice if this is something for you or not.

Where to watch Upload?

Upload is an Amazon Original series. In other words, you can watch it with your Amazon Prime subscription and with your Prime Video subscription. If you don’t have any of those, you will not be able to stream Upload. After all, you cannot find this series on Netflix, nor on Hulu, nor on HBO Now.

In other words, get yourself a Prime Video or an Amazon Prime subscription if you do not have such a subscription yet.

How did you like Upload?

Have you seen Upload? How did you like the series? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Should I stream Hanna on Amazon Prime?

Hanna is the name of an Amazon Original series that I have been wanting to watch for quite some months. This weekend, I finally got the chance to get started, and I watched 4 out of 8 episodes in season 1. And yes, based on that I would like to answer in the best possible way whether or not it is worth to watch Hanna on Amazon Prime or not.

I started watching Hanna on Amazon Prime without any special knowledge about the character or the plot. In fact, I didn’t even know that there was a movie named Hanna from 2011 telling almost the same story starring Cate Blanchett in the role as Marissa Wiegler. It was very interesting to watch the trailer of the Hanna movie from 2011 after watching four episodes of Hanne, because there are so many scenes and things that simply seem to have been copied. Now, that is probably what the plot is all about, but considering how Hanna has been renewed for a second season, the series will take you much further than the movie did.

Hanna (2011) movie trailer

Take a look at the trailer of the Hanna movie above to see the introduction to the movie. And when that is done, take a look at the trailer of the Amazon original series.

Hanna season 1 (2019) trailer

And here you can see the trailer of the TV series. In the TV series, there is much more time for showing us Hanna and her personality, and even though the trailers might be very different, the actual content and plot of the TV series and the movie is very similar.

So, is Hanna worth streaming on Amazon Prime?

I have watched the first four episodes and I am planning to watch the upcoming four episodes. But, there are a few questions marks I have that I keep on asking myself. When I watch action-based TV series, I normally have a very hard time stopping. I just want to get to the end, and I am willing to do almost anything just to be able to see what will happen. That is why I was able to stream a season of 24 in three days (back in the days when I had a lot of spare-time). But, after watching four episodes of Hanna, I do not sit with the same feeling. It is interesting and I enjoy watching it, but it doesn’t catch a hold of me and makes me sucked into the story.

Is Hanna worth watching on
Is Hanna worth watching on

The acting of the characters are fine, but none of the characters make me feel as if they are making it worth watching. It isn’t always the lack of big stars that cause this problem. For example, Big Little Lies season 2 on HBO is packed with stars, but the one that makes the second season worth watching is Meryl Streep all by herself. She is the one carrying the season on her shoulders, and even though Nicole Kidman, Reese Witherspoon and the others are fantastic actors, they are nothing compared to Meryl Streep in the second season of Big Little Lies.

But, in Hanna, there are no characters that hits me and makes me love the series. So, the story itself is what makes me interested and curious about what is going to happen, but it hasn’t made me addicted.

I feel like Sheldon currently…

What is special about Sheldon in Big Bang Theory? He has to finish whatever he starts. And yes, that is how I feel with Hanna. I want to know what will happen and how it is going to end. Not because it is so interesting, but simply because I want to know how a story ends, even if it is boring.

I wouldn’t give Hanna a poor score, but I guess I would say something like a 6/10 if I had to. There are other action series on Amazon Prime that I enjoyed more than Hanna, for example, Jack Ryan. That is also a basic story, but somehow, that made me much more excited and gave a more addictive feeling compared to Hanna.

How to watch Hanna on Amazon Prime?

If you have an Amazon Prime subscription, you can easily go ahead and watch Hanna straight away. If you are on a summer holiday, you will most likely be able to stream Hanna even so. How come? Much of the content on Amazon Prime is blocked by geo-regulations, meaning that you cannot stream Amazon Prime content abroad. But, most of the Amazon Original content can be streamed also outside the United States, simply because Amazon is the copyright holder of the series all across the world, and thus, you can stream it also when you go abroad.

If you want to know more about streaming Amazon Prime abroad and how it works, make sure to read more at

For those who do not have an Amazon Prime subscription at all, you could visit and sign up for the streaming service of Amazon Prime, available in those nations without an actual Amazon store. There you can stream all the Amazon Original content, and some other series and movies as well.

What are your thoughts about Hanna?

I have tried to share my thoughts about Hanna in this short article. Have you seen Hanna yourself? How did you like it? Have you seen the full season? Maybe my thoughts will change as I approach the eight and final episode of Hanna season 1? I don’t know yet, but if I change my mind or want to share even more thoughts based on the coming episodes, I will update the article or write a comment beneath.

But, now it is time for you to share your thoughts about Hanna. Write a comment beneath and let me know whatever might be on your heart!