Can I stream to Chromecast with the Prime Video app on Android?

A few days ago, I bought myself a Prime Video subscription in Hungary in order to watch some original Prime videos. That was all fine and nice and I was preparing to cast the content to my Chromecast so that I could watch the TV series and movies on my TV. But, the Chromecast symbol never showed up…

If you have used a Chromecast before, you probably know how easy and convenient it is simply to cast the movie or the TV show or the YouTube content to your TV, and a few seconds later, you can watch the content on your TV instead of on your little Android screen. So, why isn’t the icon showing up in your Prime Video application? But, let me first answer and tell you how you might be able to stream the Prime Video content on your TV with Chromecast, even though it isn’t supposed to be possible.

No Chromecast symbol in the Prime Video app for Android.
No Chromecast symbol in the Prime Video app for Android.

How to stream Prime Video content on your TV with a Chromecast

It is way more complicated than it should be, but it can be done. First, you can simply mirror the screen of your Android device, but this is a really lousy solution considering the low resolution used on your Android phone or tablet. As a result, the content you will see on your TV will be impossible to enjoy.

But, a way better method is to open Prime Video in your Chrome browser on your computer. Now, there you can stream with a much better resolution, and if you have a Chromecast running, you will actually be able to cast the content from your browser to your TV.

You are not casting the content itself (like you would with other streaming services), but you are casting all the activities on your computer and what is seen in your Chrome browser. As a result, you will still see the actual video on your computer as well, but at the same time, you can see it on your TV in an acceptable resolution and quality.

So, the second option is by far the best if you are eager to stream Prime Video content to your TV with a Chromecast.

Prime Video is made for Amazon Fire TV’s

If you have an Amazon Fire TV (Stick), you will have a much easier job. Since Prime Video is made for this Amazon service, you can simply run the app and start whatever content you are interested in streaming. But, if you have signed up for Prime Video because there is no Amazon store in your country, you will most likely not have access to the Amazon Fire TV either, making this a lousy option.

The battle between Google and Amazon

What is causing this stupidity and hardship? Well, there is a battle between Google and Amazon, meaning that you cannot buy the Chromecast on This is because Amazon would much rather have you use their very own Fire Stick. So, why would they add support for the Chromecast in their own streaming app if they do not support it in their very own store?

I find this to be childish behavior, and it makes Prime Video hard to use if you are a Chromecast fan. In fact, it is so hard to use that I believe many people will cancel their subscription (or never sign up in the first place due to this).

Would you like to stream Prime Video content using Chromecast as well? Have you found some better solution to get it done? Or will you cancel your subscription unless Amazon comes up with a Chromecast solution? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Can I watch Amazon Videos offline in Windows?

I have earlier written articles on the fact that you can now watch Amazon Instant Videos purchased and Prime videos offline using the Android application for Amazon Videos. But, what is up with Windows? Can I watch Amazon Videos offline in Windows as well?

The answer to that question is really a no, because there is no such application available for Windows in which you can download Prime and Instant Videos and watch them offline. But, there is a small way in which you can fix this anyway and that is by downloading the Amazon Videos application to your Windows computer. But, to download the Amazon Videos application to your Windows computer you will first need to download an Android emulator for Windows and for that purpose BlueStacks is the best program.

  • First visit
  • Download the program and install it.
  • Register your Google account, enter Google Play and download the Amazon application.
  • With this done visit and install the Amazon Video application.
  • Now you have the video application and you can start downloading videos and watch them offline, also in Windows.

Notice that the offline videos are not made for big displays, only for small mobile phones and tablets, meaning that once you see them on bigger screen the quality is quite poor. Here you can see a screenshot made by me as I downloaded and started to watch Selma offline in Windows.

Amazon Video application in Windows
Can I use the Amazon Video application in Windows? Yes, but you need an Android emulator first!

How to sideload Android apps to Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Sideload Android appsDo you want to sideload some good Android apps to your Amazon Fire TV Stick? It is very easy, so just follow these steps and you will be ready to enjoy your sideloaded Android apps on your Fire TV Stick in a few minutes.

  • First of all you will need to download Apps2Fire application to your Android device.
  • Start your Amazon Fire TV Stick and go to System – Settings – Developer Options.
  • Enable ADB Debugging and enable Apps from unknown sources.
  • Visit System – Settings – About – Network.
  • Write down the IP address of the Fire TV Stick.
  • Open Apps2Fire on your Android device and enter the IP address of the Fire TV Stick.
  • You can now choose which applications you want to upload to the Fire TV Stick.
  • Once uploaded you will find these applications under Settings – Applications – Manage uploaded applications.

You might get some trouble running these applications, as they are not really made for Amazon Fire TV Stick. Since your TV is not using a touch screen, but Android apps are made for touch screens, you will not be able to use the menu system in a convenient way. There are different ways to fix this problem, but the quickest and maybe easiest is to use a Bluetooth mouse which can be connected to your Amazon Fire TV Stick easily. If you would rather just use your mobile device as a mouse then you can install Wukong Remote on your Android device and then you should have this working much better at once. It is still not perfect, but you will be able to move around inside the applications and start whatever function you are looking for!

Considering becoming an Amazon Prime member to enjoy your Amazon Fire TV Stick even more? Read more about watching Amazon Prime from outside US here!

Working for you as well? Write a comment to let us know you are grateful for these instructions. Not working? Ask your question, and maybe we can help!

Amazon Instant Video on Android abroad

Do you have a Prime subscription or maybe just want to watch an Amazon Instant Video film but can not do so because you get an error message as you try to watch it? If you are located outside the United States that is the problem, because you are not allowed to enjoy Amazon Instant Video and Amazon Prime outside the United States.

I have an Amazon Prime subscription myself, but since I am located outside the United States I am not really allowed to watch from abroad. This is true not only for watching it on my Windows computer, but also as I try to watch Amazon Videos on my Android device I need to bypass this problem. Because, if I simply use the Amazon application for Android which can be downloaded from I will get the following error message as I try to watch the films available.

Error message watching Amazon Instant Video on Android
Player error – We’ve encountered a problem with this video. Please try again. If this problem continues, please contact Amazon Customer Service.

This is the error message I get as I open the Amazon application for my Android device and try to watch a film from Instant videos. So, what can I do to get to see the following instead of the error message above?

Watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on Android
Watching Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit on Android

Both screenshots were made with my Android device, and the difference is big. What did I do to fix the problem? I used my HideMyAss subscription (a VPN provider with IP addresses in the United States and a brilliant 30 day money back guarantee) and downloaded their VPN client to my Android device. I then opened the program and entered my username and password and connected to a server in the United States. With this done I opened the Amazon application again for Android and found the video that I wanted to watch (in this case that was Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit) and then I started to watch and had a good time watching!

That is what you need to do for this to work. It is quite easy in fact, and the principle is the same as whenever you want to watch and enjoy Amazon Prime from abroad, which is the topic of this entire website. Hope you have liked the article, and if you should have any other problem or question, just write a comment and I will do my best to answer and to help out!