Can I watch the same content on Amazon Prime Video and Prime Video?

Have you heard about Prime Video? Have you heard of Amazon Prime Video? Are these products the same product, or are there differences? If yes, what are the differences?

If you live in the United States and have an Amazon Prime membership, you will get access to a lot of movies and TV shows, and in addition, to Amazon Prime music, faster shipping as you shop, and several other products including Prime Reading, free photo storage and more. But, are the movies and TV shows available with the Amazon Prime membership in the United States the same as the movies and TV series you can watch with a Prime Video subscription in Europe or somewhere else?

Which is the best, Prime Video or Amazon Prime Video?

Prime Video vs Amazon Prime Video?

First of all, it is important to notice that what you can stream with an Amazon Prime subscription will differ greatly between the countries in which such a subscription is available. In other words, the movies and TV shows available on Amazon Prime in the United States are not necessarily the same as those that you can stream with an Amazon Prime subscription in Germany or in the United Kingdom.

While you can use the same Netflix subscription all across the world, an Amazon Prime subscription can only be enjoyed in the actual country of your subscription. So, if you have an Amazon Prime subscription in the United States and go to the United Kingdom, you will not be able to stream the content available on Amazon Prime in the UK (like you would with Netflix). As a result, you will have to buy an Amazon Prime subscription in the UK to stream the content available there.

So, if you want to stream your Amazon Prime content in the United States while abroad, follow these instructions.

But, what will happen if you buy a Prime Video subscription in the Czech Republic? What will you be able to stream there?

What can you stream with a Prime Video subscription?

You will at all times be able to stream the original Amazon content with any Prime Video subscription. That is the main profile of Prime Video, meaning that it is, first of all, a platform for streaming the original Amazon content. This can also be streamed with any Amazon Prime subscription.

But, what about all the other movies and TV series available on Amazon Prime?

Based on my experience, you will only find a very small amount of movies and TV series available with a Prime Video subscription. There are some great movies and TV shows available, but in general, this is a platform all about the original Amazon content. That is also why the subscription price is much lower. Currently, you can buy a subscription with a locked price of 3 Euro per month for six months if you sign up for this service. That is less than half the price of an Amazon Prime subscription in Germany (currently costing 7,99 Euro per month).

As you probably understand, this also has to do with the limited amount of movies and TV shows actually available with the service, and also because there are no other “offers” coming together with the Prime Video subscription. This is all about streaming and nothing else!

Is Prime Video worth the money?

If your goal is to stream Amazon Original content, the answer is yes. In fact, it might be even better than an Amazon Prime subscription since the price is much lower. But, if you want to stream much more than just original Amazon content, you will probably end up disappointed at the poor variety of content available on Prime Video!

If you end up buying a Prime Video subscription, make sure to watch the popular and very good Amazon series The Boys, Jack Ryan, Hanna, and all the others!

What is your experience? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Can I stream to Chromecast with the Prime Video app on Android?

A few days ago, I bought myself a Prime Video subscription in Hungary in order to watch some original Prime videos. That was all fine and nice and I was preparing to cast the content to my Chromecast so that I could watch the TV series and movies on my TV. But, the Chromecast symbol never showed up…

If you have used a Chromecast before, you probably know how easy and convenient it is simply to cast the movie or the TV show or the YouTube content to your TV, and a few seconds later, you can watch the content on your TV instead of on your little Android screen. So, why isn’t the icon showing up in your Prime Video application? But, let me first answer and tell you how you might be able to stream the Prime Video content on your TV with Chromecast, even though it isn’t supposed to be possible.

No Chromecast symbol in the Prime Video app for Android.
No Chromecast symbol in the Prime Video app for Android.

How to stream Prime Video content on your TV with a Chromecast

It is way more complicated than it should be, but it can be done. First, you can simply mirror the screen of your Android device, but this is a really lousy solution considering the low resolution used on your Android phone or tablet. As a result, the content you will see on your TV will be impossible to enjoy.

But, a way better method is to open Prime Video in your Chrome browser on your computer. Now, there you can stream with a much better resolution, and if you have a Chromecast running, you will actually be able to cast the content from your browser to your TV.

You are not casting the content itself (like you would with other streaming services), but you are casting all the activities on your computer and what is seen in your Chrome browser. As a result, you will still see the actual video on your computer as well, but at the same time, you can see it on your TV in an acceptable resolution and quality.

So, the second option is by far the best if you are eager to stream Prime Video content to your TV with a Chromecast.

Prime Video is made for Amazon Fire TV’s

If you have an Amazon Fire TV (Stick), you will have a much easier job. Since Prime Video is made for this Amazon service, you can simply run the app and start whatever content you are interested in streaming. But, if you have signed up for Prime Video because there is no Amazon store in your country, you will most likely not have access to the Amazon Fire TV either, making this a lousy option.

The battle between Google and Amazon

What is causing this stupidity and hardship? Well, there is a battle between Google and Amazon, meaning that you cannot buy the Chromecast on This is because Amazon would much rather have you use their very own Fire Stick. So, why would they add support for the Chromecast in their own streaming app if they do not support it in their very own store?

I find this to be childish behavior, and it makes Prime Video hard to use if you are a Chromecast fan. In fact, it is so hard to use that I believe many people will cancel their subscription (or never sign up in the first place due to this).

Would you like to stream Prime Video content using Chromecast as well? Have you found some better solution to get it done? Or will you cancel your subscription unless Amazon comes up with a Chromecast solution? I would love to hear your thoughts!

Node error 202099750 on Amazon

Recently, as I wanted to watch Jack Ryan on Amazon Prime Video, I got an error message. It said “We’re experiencing a problem playing this video. For assistance, please go to

So, I did as I was told, and visited the article. In the article, I was told that it is probably an old version of my browser or some sort of plugin/extension that makes this error come forth. I follow the instructions, I updated my browser, and I silenced the extensions of my browser. But, even if I did, I still got the error message. I even tried opening Amazon Prime Video in so-called private mode/incognito mode, but it didn’t help me either.

Maybe you follow these steps, and you will be able to stream at once, but I wasn’t.

Do you get the following node error message on Prime Video?
Do you get the following node error message on Prime Video?

What did I do to fix the node ID error?

This was probably just a problem for me, but I use a so-called SmartDNS service on my network called Unlocator. This is perfect for streaming content online, and I use it frequently. But, right now I had a feeling that might have caused the trouble for me. So, I used another WiFi network I have available (not using any VPN service, nor SmartDNS service), and that fixed the error for me.

  • Are you using a SmartDNS or a VPN service? That might cause the trouble!

If you don’t know what’s happening, but it still doesn’t work, you might actually consider using a VPN service to get rid of the problem. Connect to a server in another nation in Europe (or around the world), and give it a try. If it doesn’t work at first, try a server somewhere completely elsewhere in the world.

There are lots of ways to solve this problem, and most importantly, it is possible to fix!

I hope these instructions will help you get rid of the node ID errorĀ 202099750!

Prime Video vs Amazon Prime?

Amazon Prime vs Prime VideoWhat is the difference between Prime Video and Amazon Prime? Which service is the best for you? Everything there is to know about Prime Video vs Amazon Prime?

If you have a lot of insight on the topic of Amazon Prime vs Prime Video, then you might know already that there are some big differences. The biggest difference is the fact that Prime Video is supposed to be a service to be available to people in countries where Amazon Prime is unavailable. Let us take a country like Romania for example. There is not Amazon store in the country and there is no change of signing up for Amazon Prime (of course there is, and you can read more about how to do so here), but in general Amazon Prime is unavailable in Romania. But, if a user in Romania decides to visit he will at once be able to sign up and watch the content available on Prime Video.

Prime Video vs Amazon Prime – where do you live?

The basic question that needs to be answered is therefore – where do you live? If you live in a country where Amazon Prime is unavailable, then Prime Video is probably the right service to choose for you.

Prime Video vs Amazon Prime – the content question

Now there is a big difference between Amazon Prime and Prime Video. First of all, Amazon Prime is much more than just a streaming service. Amazon Prime is a service that will give you access to lots of other services in addition, like faster shipping, free photo storage, music streaming, free Kindle books and much more. Comparing the two services are therefore quite hard. But, there is a service in the USA named the Prime Video subscription which is fairly similar to the Prime Video known all around the globe. There is however way more content available with Amazon Prime Video in the USA than you will experience with Prime Video elsewhere, so if you have the chance of signing up in the USA that is way better considering the content available.

The amount of Amazon Original content is mostly the same, but the big difference comes to the amount of non Amazon productions available.

Prime Video vs Amazon Prime – the price question

Currently it is possible to sign up for Prime Video and only pay 3 USD per month. The real price will be 6 USD per month and that you will have to pay after six months. For Amazon Prime in the United States you will have to pay 10 USD per month or 100 USD per year. If you subscribe at good days then you will get the annual subscription for around 80 USD (around Black Friday etc). The price is therefore not very big, considering all the extra services you will get included if you sign up for Amazon Prime in the United States.

Prime Video vs Amazon Prime – conclusion

The way I see it there is little doubt about the fact that Amazon Prime in the United States is way better than Prime Video elsewhere. You get much more, and most importantly, the content made available to stream is also way bigger. You have to pay a little bit more, but it is for sure worth it considering the product you get.

Prime Video just went global – What is it about?

2016 is the year of globalization when it comes to online streaming. It started on January 6th with Netflix going global, and on December 14th Amazon Prime went global as well!

I must admit that it came as a big surprise as Netflix launched in more than 100 new countries simultaneously in January. But, when the news was released yesterday that Amazon Prime (Prime Video) were to go global as well, I was for sure just as surprised.

Prime Video is here
Prime Video is here. You can find it at

What is Global Prime Video about?

Prime Video is a mini version of what we know as Amazon Prime in the United States. Amazon Prime in the United States is a large amount of services in which Prime Video is included. In addition to Prime Video your Amazon Prime subscription in the United States will give you access to Prime Photos, Free Delivery, Prime Music, Prime Reading and so much more.

When it comes to Prime Video it is as the title suggests about video. It is in fact a service very similar to Netflix, so Prime Video will be the biggest competitor for Netflix in all countries in which they are present. The biggest different between Prime Video and Netflix is that Prime Video is quite a lot cheaper. Starting now you only have to pay 3 USD per month for the first six months and after that you will return to the standard price which is 6 USD a month. That is quite a lot cheaper than Netflix. The amount of TV series and movies available ain’t as big as with Netflix, but it is growing and there are lots of Prime original TV series that you will be happy to watch with your Prime Video subscription.

Once you sign up for Prime Video you will be able to enjoy a 7 day free trial and after those seven days you will be charged 3 USD for the first month afterwards. You should be aware of the fact that movies are only available in English with English subtitles (there are of course some exceptions). Amazon has promised to develop this and hopefully get audio and texts in other languages with time, but to start with this is what you will get as you sign up for Prime Video.

Can I watch Prime Video abroad?

Prime Video as presented here is brand new as of December 14th in 2016. I have therefore not been able to do lots of testing, but when it comes to watching Prime Video and signing up for it, this is what I can say for sure:

  • You can sign up for Prime Video in almost all nations of the world (with China and some others as exceptions).
  • You can watch Amazon Originals wherever you might be, there are no geo-blocks attached to those. You can in other words sign up for Prime Video in Poland, watch it there, and when you go on a summer holiday to Spain you can still use your Prime Video subscription to watch Mozart in the Jungle, Transparent or some other of your favorite Amazon Original Series.
  • It is important to register your Prime Video account with a payment card using the same billing address as your actual address, and you need to be present at the same place. If this fail you will error 7035 from Amazon and you will only get access to Amazon Original series and no other Prime Video content.
  • I am not 100% sure of this yet, but it seems to me as if you can only watch the Amazon Original content as you travel abroad. Other TV series and movies will be “locked” as you travel abroad. As I said I am not 100% sure of this yet, but I believe that is the way it works.
  • You can download much of the Prime Video content to watch it offline!

Have you tested Prime Video?

Have you tested Prime Video yourself? Did you like the service? Do you find it to be just as good as Netflix?

I will update this article once I know more about the service and after testing it for a couple of weeks. Have you got any comments or questions? Use the comment field beneath!