Does PrivateVPN work on Fire TV?

Are you thinking about whether or not PrivateVPN is the VPN provider you are going to use on your Fire TV? Or have you bought a VPN subscription with PrivateVPN, and now you wonder if you can use it on your Fire TV or on your Fire TV Stick as well?

Last week, I wanted to give PrivateVPN a try on my Fire TV Stick. It was really easy to install their application, and I quickly got it up and running. But, as I tried to log in with my username and password, I got this error message about an error. I had no clue what to do, so I contacted their support.

I got a very quick answer, and I discovered that I had a different VPN connection running. As a result, I couldn’t log in with PrivateVPN while I had a different VPN connection running. I quickly disconnected from the ExpressVPN server, logged in with PrivateVPN and connected.

PrivateVPN and Fire TV Stick

Did PrivateVPN work well on the Fire TV?

To be honest, it worked perfectly. I could easily connect to any of their servers, and if I connected to a Netflix friendly server in Canada, I could just open the Netflix application and stream all the available content on Canadian Netflix.

In the same way, I could connect to an Amazon Prime friendly server in the USA and stream Amazon Prime content, and I could let the list go on.

PrivateVPN has good speeds on their servers, meaning that I didn’t experience much latency either using the service.

CyberghostVPN is another VPN that I have used with the Fire TV. They have a function that automatically connects to one of their VPN servers as the Fire TV comes to life and uses certain WiFi networks. This is useful if you always want to use a VPN, but to be honest, it isn’t really needed. At first, I thought I missed this function with PrivateVPN, but I really don’t. After all, I change VPN servers frequently (as I want to access different Netflix regions and so), and that is why I can just as well connect manually to a server in the country I am interested in.

Visit the PrivateVPN website(working very well with Fire TV)

In other words, I am very satisfied with my testing of the PrivateVPN service on my Amazon Fire TV Stick. I have also used it to watch FuboTV, Hulu, and some more services, and I didn’t have trouble at all.

If you want to give it a try, click the button above. If you have any PrivateVPN experience that you want to share, write a comment. You can also read a PrivateVPN review in the IP Address Guide.

Do not forget that PrivateVPN also can be used as you try to stream Amazon Prime on your laptop, your computer, your tablet or your phone while abroad. You can simply pick Amazon Prime as your requested service, and the application will automatically connect you to a server in the United States working with Amazon Prime. It is really smooth and easy.

One could say that the application isn’t the nicest out there. A lot could be done with it to make it look nicer. But, I would much rather have an ugly application that is working well, than a beautiful application that doesn’t really do the job.

I hope some of your questions have been answered in this article. If you have any further questions or comments, write them in the comment field. I will do my best to answer within 12 hours, at most 24 hours.

Have a wonderful day and enjoying watching content online on your Fire TV using the VPN services of PrivateVPN!

PrivateVPN and Amazon streaming – does it work?

Are you looking for that brilliant VPN service that will make you able to unblock Amazon Prime videos and Amazon Instant videos? Will PrivateVPN do the job?

Not long ago I was introduced to PrivateVPN for the first time. It is the product of a Swedish company, and they seem to be doing a very good job. Their application isn’t the most glorious on the market, but it is easy to use, and that is the most important of it all.

I signed up for their VPN service recently in order to check whether I could use PrivateVPN to unblock different Netflix regions. To make a long story short, based on my tests, PrivateVPN is by far the best VPN provider on the market as of December 2018 if you want to unblock different Netflix regions across the globe. But, I totally forgot to check whether I could use PrivateVPN to unblock Amazon Prime as well. Luckily, I have my subscription in order, and thus I could give it a try today!

I am watching Escape Plan 2 on Amazon Prime using the VPN services of PrivateVPN
I am watching Escape Plan 2 on Amazon Prime using the VPN services of PrivateVPN

Amazon Prime and PrivateVPN

At the moment, there is a total of 14 PrivateVPN servers to which you can connect that will give you an American IP address. I have connected to several of these and based on my tests you get the expected results. Some of them do work with Amazon Prime, while others are blocked. That is the way it is for most other providers, only that most other providers do not have any servers working at all. Based on that, PrivateVPN is among the leading VPN providers on the market for those who want to unblock Amazon Prime and thus stream Amazon videos when abroad.

Visit the PrivateVPN website(and watch Amazon videos online)

If you want to give PrivateVPN a try, visit their website by clicking the website above. They have a 30-day full refund policy, so if you do not like the product or if you have any trouble, you can simply ask for a refund, and you will get your money back!

Are you ready to stream Amazon videos abroad? I hope you are.

Should you have any further comments or questions, please write a comment beneath and I will do my best to help you out!