Can I sideload BBC and other UK apps to US registered Fire TV Stick?

BBC newsIf you have a Fire TV Stick which is registered to your American Amazon account, you will also see apps related to the United States available inside the Fire TV Stick menu system. But, we all know that if you have the Fire TV Stick and the user registered in the UK, then you will see different apps connected to the UK available (such as BBC and more). But, if I want to get UK applications to my Fire TV Stick (sideload them) while using all the American applications as well, can that be done?

Based on my own testing the answer is that you can sideload for example the BBC iPlayer app from your Android device to the Fire TV Stick, but it will not work well, because this is not the app really made for the Fire TV Stick, but for Android devices. So, it will work and you can read more about sideloading Android apps to your Fire TV Stick here, but it will not work as good as the real Fire TV Stick applications do.

Another option could be to create a brand new user and register this with a UK address and so, and then use this user with your Fire TV Stick. But do not forget that you will need a UK IP address for this to work well with the UK apps. I have not tested this myself yet, but it sounds like something that will work, so I will test it and write more on this topic in the future!

How to sideload Android apps to Amazon Fire TV Stick?

Sideload Android appsDo you want to sideload some good Android apps to your Amazon Fire TV Stick? It is very easy, so just follow these steps and you will be ready to enjoy your sideloaded Android apps on your Fire TV Stick in a few minutes.

  • First of all you will need to download Apps2Fire application to your Android device.
  • Start your Amazon Fire TV Stick and go to System – Settings – Developer Options.
  • Enable ADB Debugging and enable Apps from unknown sources.
  • Visit System – Settings – About – Network.
  • Write down the IP address of the Fire TV Stick.
  • Open Apps2Fire on your Android device and enter the IP address of the Fire TV Stick.
  • You can now choose which applications you want to upload to the Fire TV Stick.
  • Once uploaded you will find these applications under Settings – Applications – Manage uploaded applications.

You might get some trouble running these applications, as they are not really made for Amazon Fire TV Stick. Since your TV is not using a touch screen, but Android apps are made for touch screens, you will not be able to use the menu system in a convenient way. There are different ways to fix this problem, but the quickest and maybe easiest is to use a Bluetooth mouse which can be connected to your Amazon Fire TV Stick easily. If you would rather just use your mobile device as a mouse then you can install Wukong Remote on your Android device and then you should have this working much better at once. It is still not perfect, but you will be able to move around inside the applications and start whatever function you are looking for!

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Working for you as well? Write a comment to let us know you are grateful for these instructions. Not working? Ask your question, and maybe we can help!