Watch Mr. Robot season 2 on Amazon Prime (in the UK)

I am not a big Mr. Robot fan, but if you are, you  are for sure eager to watch Mr. Robot season 2. You can now watch it on Amazon Prime the in the UK.

If you remember then it took ages for Mr. Robot season 1 to become available to Prime members in the USA. Amazon Prime in both Germany and in the United Kingdom had the first season available for almost half a year before it became available finally on US Amazon Prime. Currently the second season of Mr. Robot is airing, and this time UK Prime has done something terrific… they give you access to the ongoing season of Mr. Robot as the episodes have been aired. That is totally strange looking at if from a Netflix and Amazon Prime perspective, after all they only give access to full seasons and only after the seasons are finished. But, with UK Prime taking this step, they are in fact behaving in a similar way to Hulu.

You can now watch Mr Robot season 2 on Amazon Prime in the UK
You can now watch Mr Robot season 2 on Amazon Prime in the UK

Now, this seems to be a one time event on UK Prime, but if in the future this should become a habit with Amazon Prime, and not only in the UK but also in the US, then that will for sure intimidate Hulu and its leader.

If you should want to watch Mr. Robot season 2 on UK Prime while abroad then you will need to get an English IP address and you will need a UK Prime subscription. In other words Amazon Prime is not like with Netflix, that one subscription is enough to gain access to all Netflix regions in the world. One subscription is enough to give you access to Amazon Prime in that given nation, and that’s it!

You can read more about how you can access your UK Prime account from abroad in this article.

Best films on UK Prime right now

Would you like to enjoy your UK Prime Video membership and watch a film tonight? Here are some suggestions as to what you should watch that is included with your UK Prime membership.

Best on UK PrimeThere are of course lots of great TV series that you can watch, but in this article I would just like to highlight a few films that I believe you will have a great time watching which you can watch for free with your UK Prime membership.

First of all you are given a chance to follow two of London’s biggest gangsters, both played by Tom Hardy in the film named Legend from 2015. For the younger audience the Lego Movie from 2014 might be a hit, while the older audience might enjoy Mr. Holmes played by Ian McKellen.

For those who like action and films like the Hunger Games and Maze Runner the first two films in the Insurgent series can be watch on Amazon Prime in the UK. Personally I liked the first film a lot, the second was a bit worse, and the third which was in cinemas a few months ago I haven’t been able to watch yet.

If you want some more comedy then the youngest ones will want to watch Paddington, while the older ones will enjoy We’re The Millers and Brides Maids. If you have a crazy humor then Johnny English might be after your taste.

And then for the serious Prime members in the UK the film named The Book Thief which tells the story about a girl adopted in Germany during the Second World War and narrated by death will be a real winner, and if that wasn’t enough then The Imitation Game should make up for that.

So, these were a few suggestions for fantastic films which you can watch for free with your Prime membership in the UK. If you are abroad and want to watch your UK Prime membership still you simply need to follow these instructions.

Do you have some other favorite film available on UK Prime that you would like to recommend? Write a comment and let me now!

UK Prime abroad?

Do you have an Amazon Prime account in the United Kingdom? Are you currently out traveling and had planned to watch an episode of Transparent or maybe a good film included in your Amazon Prime subscription, but now you are not allowed because you are abroad. Or maybe you live outside the UK and want to gain access to UK Prime for the first time? What can be done?

Service Area Restriction
This video isn’t available due to geographical licensing restrictions.

The problem described is a very general problem, because you are not allowed to watch UK Amazon Prime from outside England. In other words, if you try to watch and enjoy your current Prime subscription from abroad you will not be allowed, even if you have payed for your subscription. If you do not even have an Amazon Prime subscription in England yet, then you will have problems signing up for one as well. What can be done?

The same is true if you have a Prime subscription in the United States (or in Germany), meaning that you are only allowed to watch it inside the United States (or in Germany).

Why is that?

UK Prime is only available to UK Prime members located in the United Kingdom. Because, UK Prime is only allowed to stream the content to members located in the United Kingdom, so even if you have a valid membership you will not be allowed to enjoy it if your IP address tells that you are located somewhere else. What is your IP address? Where are you located according to it? Check it out here! If you there will see that you are located outside the United Kingdom that is the problem and that is the reason why you are not allowed to watch your Amazon Prime subscription.

What is the solution?

If you want to bypass this problem and enjoy your current Prime membership (or if you do not have one sign up for one), then you will simply need to get yourself an IP address in the United Kingdom. This can be done in several ways, but a brilliant way of doing so is by using the VPN services of PureVPN. If you click the button beneath you will visit their website and if you sign up for their services you can at once download their VPN application and connect to a server in the UK. You will then have an IP address in England and you will again be able to enjoy your UK Prime subscription no matter where you might be located in the world. And, you can in the same way use PureVPN to enjoy your US Prime subscription or German Prime subscription, but you will then need to connect to a server in the US or in Germany.

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Get yourself a UK Prime subscription abroad

If you do not even have an Amazon Prime subscription in the UK yet, but would like to get one, then you will need to do as follows.

  1. You will need to have a PureVPN subscription (click the button above). This is needed to get a local IP address in England. Connect to a server in England using PureVPN (can also be used on iOS and Android systems).
  2. You will need to create an Amazon account with an address located in the United Kingdom (or change the address of your current account).
  3. With your Amazon account in the UK you can sign up for Amazon Prime (first 30 days are free).
  4. Now you can watch Amazon Prime in England from outside England.

Have fun watching your UK Prime account from wherever you might be located in the world. If you have further questions or comments, just write here, or read more about watching Amazon Prime from abroad here at